7 Reasons I Don’t Like Cloth Diapers|The Cons to Cloth Diapers

7 Reasons I Don’t Like Cloth Diapers|The Cons to Cloth Diapers

hello everyone welcome back to my channel so in this video I want to talk about the cons to qualify bring the reasons why I kind of have like a love-hate with cloth diapers so if you haven't watched my bros 2 cloth diaper the video yeah I'll link it down below or in wrap remember so with because they are sick its claw you have to absorb you have to buy your children's clothing like the size or two bigger because if you were to buy a child's place five month old you put this on them got three six months clothes probably won't fade especially those like real cute like jeans and overalls and stuff like that we headed by him like 12 month clothing which is fine just you need to be aware of that so another common cute soft egg thing is you can't just use any diaper cream like you can just like a couch on house it go really bad diaper rash you cannot just clean reader like Walgreens and just pick up any leg diaper rash cream because the diaper rash creams they'll like he'd like a film on the cloth so they will no longer absorb and it's gonna like wick away the moisture so for like regular use like we just used coconut oil otherwise for like really bad rashes I like the brand CJ's shea butter something Oh show you guys another huge con for me that no one talks about like something that I've experienced in the beginning of my culture plane journey I wish I knew about it basically like my son Hank got like a fungal like yeast infection and we had to buy disposables until I was able until the fungal infection went away and with that saw pretty bad and I had to like they washed these diapers like over and over and over again I used like borax and bleach and lye saw and grapefruit seed extract tea tree oil and every time I would try something new it wouldn't work out so that means that I wasn't cleaning them thoroughly and my studies I wasn't killing the yeast proper okay so my son just woke up she's lying inside but another thing that is kind of a pain you do laundry like every other day if not almost every day and this is because you can't just let them sit okay okay so another like huge con for me is I purchased all-in-one diapers all of my diapers besides one diaper my Jack Skellington diaper is an all-in-one diaper the other ones are all in one which means all the inserts the inserts are sewn together on mm here's the diaper and it's all in one no it's like you see I regret buying these because when I my son had was a yeast infection and like a fungal infection it was impossible to clean so like say I had like all in two if I had diapers with pre folds I could just like have boiled the prefold so titre grapefruit seed extract borax and bleach well sorry I had like spinach in my teeth so so yeah that's how you get through the yeast fungal infection if you guys experienced that with cloth diapers so what are the cons yeah so another con of cloth diapering is you have to use against specific detergent for the cloth diapers or you're gonna have like absorbing issues like over time the detergent if you use the wrong detergent it's going build up in the diaper so eventually after using the wrong detergent it's going to wick away moisture in the diaper so you have to use there's like a website you can like google it there's a website that tells you all the detergents and like which ones are best for clogged I think the most popular charging that everyone can find is tide so you have to use that you can just use like some cheap lake like fabuloso or something that you can't use that this is not appropriate for the cloth I'm sorry but yeah and so also I want to say that like don't think that you have to have a washing machine to to cloth diaper they sell like like it's like a plunger you can wash your cloth diapers by hand like this should not be a reason to stop you from cloth diapering like for me my first like five six months cloth diapering I watched my son's diapers by hand I lived in New York City at the time so I could just went to like a laundromat but I didn't want to spend like two dollars a load plus having to wash it like three times each time every other day a guy just wasn't with it so I just decided to wash my son Supper's in the bathtub that worked for us it was tiring and I spend most of my days washing all diapers by hand but for me it was worth it and I enjoyed every moment of it it gave me like a purpose it gave me like extra like purpose as a mom like I make sure my son snipers are clean every day it just made me feel good like it helped give me about a bag like oh man it's morning times better wash this diapers to the jar for the next day like it made me feel good that's just me what other cons are there oh yeah and I was saying before that like I regret buying all of my stash being owned when diapers I wish that I purchased like a variety of different times I found out about wool diapers like way later down the line and like those are so cute like look like look oh my god I wish I would have known about that so and I wish I would have bought pre folds instead of own ones because then you have an issue like you can't really do too much with that with those because if you ruin the the lining it's just gonna leak so yeah it's really careful with how you clean these how you dry these how you disinfect these if you need to be careful I'm gonna make another video about my wash routine currently Mike hunt my current wash routine because I was telling you how it used to hand wash but I'll just show you guys I kind of incorporated hand washing and machine washing into my routine because I'm in Eastern Europe right now and the washing machine that is available to me it's not like the finest quality so I find it it gets cleaner if I wash this way so stay tuned for that if you're in the future I'll link it down below okay so my son like just like on and off the tape so the last con I would today as to why I have like a love-hate relationship with the cloth diapers is because sometimes the cloth it like keeps the moisture it like keeps the moisture like on the babies like area so it's really important for you to like give the baby some diaper free time so they can like era they can get like airflow down there and so if you do not have like in if you don't live in a warm climate or if you don't have like an outdoor space or a place with no like rug or carpet it's gonna be hard for you to give you a baby that you're gonna have to sit there and watch and watch your child so if they decide they want to like pee everywhere and like poop everywhere you need to be on it so they don't ruin like the floor so if you I know like one youtuber i watch Ellen Fisher Alan Fisher does that with her son listening sandy and she has a daughter now Scout is that her name so I'm sorry if I didn't know her daughter's name but if you watched her she has a good video or so on like cloth diapering also and that's why I found her and instantly lets her children walk around without a diaper outside but she lives in Hawaii is just tropical so it's easier for her to just let her children walk around without a diaper because it's not cold it's not snowing there that's him alright so that being said I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope it was helpful and also I just wanna let you guys know like no hate to cloth diaper I don't want to discourage you from cloth I bring your child if I would do it all over again I would definitely like wish that I had bought different diapers like that's just all I would say I definitely think you should consider cloth diapering and also I have a video up about the pros of cloth diapering so if you're just in that I'll link it down below alright so I'll see you guys in the next video bye

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