7 SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN Benefits of Dressing Well (Surprising Data) – Why You NEED to Dress BETTER

7 SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN Benefits of Dressing Well (Surprising Data) – Why You NEED to Dress BETTER

Gentlemen, this is Mantelligence,
today we’re showing you 7 powerful reasons why every man needs to dress well. Dressing well can have a huge positive influence on the opinions of the people that you want
to like, and in this video, we’re going to show you
7 reasons why you’re going to start dressing well,
all backed by research and studies. Let’s get into them: #7 LIFE WILL BE EASIER If you’re physically attractive, life will
be easier. Studies show that attractive people are more
successful, happier, more trustworthy, and more competent. This directly translates into them being more
likely to receive help from strangers, get a job after an interview,
and receive higher job performance ratings. Want an even greater incentive to look your
best? On average, attractive people make $230,000
more over the life of their careers. #6 INCREASED ATTRACTIVENESS For the most part, you can’t really change the looks you were born with. But one recent study showed that you can improve
your over-all attractiveness by dressing well. In the study, participants were asked to rate
the competence, work comfort, and sociability of six models, Three dressed in unattractive clothing and three in attractive clothing. When the rating results were analyzed, the
conclusion was clear: the models in attractive clothing were perceived
more positively than those in unattractive clothing. This led the researchers to conclude something
very interesting: “Clothing attractiveness” can have a very
similar positive effect to that of actual physical attractiveness. And as a matter of fact, a man’s sense of
style outranked muscle build, height, fitness, and even the perceived handsomeness of their
face! #5 INCREASED SEXUAL ATTRACTIVENESS In another study, a sample group of females viewed images of attractive male models
in clothing representative of three different socioeconomic levels: low, medium, and high. When polled, the females rated the best dressed
guys as the most sexually attractive, and even assumed they would be better relationship
material! #4 BETTER FIRST IMPRESSIONS A researcher conducted an experiment where HE HIMSELF was part of the equation. He went out conducting a survey (something
the public doesn’t normally respond enthusiastically to). Half the time, the survey taker was dressed
very casually, the other half, he was dressed fashionably. For the most part, this didn’t affect the
way men responded to our fearless survey taker, but the vast majority of women responded much
more positively to him when he was well dressed, with 98% of younger women having a favorable
impression of the better dressed him! #3 HIGHER JOB SUCCESS AND SATISFACTION Being well dressed makes you more likely to get a job, and more likely to get promoted! In a recent study, 3,000 hiring managers and
employers were asked whether clothing affected a hiring decision. And the vast majority said something you likely
can guess by now: Physical attractiveness and appropriate clothing
and fashion choices directly influenced their hiring decisions. The same study even showed that 41% of employers
were more likely to promote the men who took the time and effort to present themselves
in good looking, professional clothing. #2 INCREASED PERCEIVED INTELLIGENCE A study with over 900 participants, found that both students and teachers assumed
that students who wore dressier, nicer clothing had both a higher IQ, and better grades. What does this mean? By just dressing well, you’ll be perceived
as more intelligent to others. #1 POSITIVE SELF-PERCEPTION Possibly the most powerful benefit of all, being well dressed positively influences how
you think of yourself. In study, researchers gave the same basic
white coat to two groups of participants. One group was told that they were wearing
a classic doctors’ “lab” coat, while the other were told that they were wearing
a painter’s smock. The “doctor” group had “increased sustained
attention”, over those in the “painter” group. In a similar study, participants were dressed
in sharp business suits, then asked about their self-perception. Overwhelmingly, men in suits felt more authoritative,
more trustworthy, and more competent. That’s our 7 powerful reasons to dress well. If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs
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  1. Awesome video ! Very informative and motivational. One constructive comment though, if I may, enunciation could be a bit better. Anyway, liked and subscribed. Keep them coming !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hey, check these channels out.
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    -Real men real style

    Kind regards, Jasmin

  3. POSITIVE! -The more 'valuable' [benevolent, superior character, talented, intelligent, well-mannered, superior educated, experienced, WISE] the PERSONALITY Is, the better HIS/her clothes MUST BE (logical). -BUT: neither the 14th DALAI LAMA nor the TENN0 (beyond his dresses) are fulfilling this due to different reasons. -The SUNNAH is stating this already as well, that well dressed persons are promoting the positive view on Muslims and ISLAM. -I remember a short test with banks: the one more convincing in conversations did receive his desired bank loan while the less skilled man (simple and poor in conversation) in dress did not, he was refused the bank loan!

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