7 Shirts Men Should NEVER Wear!

7 Shirts Men Should NEVER Wear!

what's up gentlemen so I'm gonna cut the crap there are seven shirts that you should never wear not sometimes not occasional it'd never wear under any circumstance in my opinion but my other opinion is that you are amazing you are badass your stylish your sexy if you agree truck drop me one of these and we can proceed thank you number one the homemade tank top the homemade tank top where you not only remove the sleeves you remove the sides because you're like yo I want all the ladies to know how sure whetted I am in my obliques and all that you know what the truth did you look skinny fat every single dude I've ever seen wearing one of these shirts look skinny fat because you can't help it every single one of you has a little bit of meat down here in the love-handle action it also makes everybody look like you got a little bit of boobies because you got fat right the majority of us dudes have a little bit of fat going on on the outer chest the other problem with the homemade tank top is that because you cut all the body out of it it's not snug around your midsection making you appear even smaller your shoulders more narrow than they actually are I'm not mad at you for one to show a little bit of your hard work right well if you want to do that just remove the sleeve sun's out guns out check it out I just removed the sleeves right I left all the material down around my side and what happens my shoulders appear mas grande my arms my guns even bigger and you can't see my fat love handles hanging out peaking of fat the second shirt no dude should ever wear ever tight ass performance shirts I'm looking at you Under Armour because honestly no dude in the history that's not true I've seen four dudes that actually looked good wearing a super tight spandex shirt every other dude in the history of dudes which probably includes you shouldn't wear why great question reason number one is that unless you are shredded Greek god like Adonis you typically will look a little bit chubby in like you have a dad bod if you are super lean skinny ratted you typically will look super skinny another reason manscape stubble and when you combine manscape stubble with a tight shiny Shirish like tight-ass shirt it doesn't mix it's like oil and water you try and you're like yo I look good and everybody else is like not really Brian you kind of look like a fat dad oh we're super skin tight shirt how will anybody know that I work out well gentlemen if that is the question then you need to work out more because if you are in good shape you don't need to rock something like this for everybody else to know that you are amazing the third shirt that no stylish man will wear I can help it is the oversized Henley as you know it is my humble opinion that the Henley is the most perfect casual shirt in the history of casual shirt unfortunately the Henley is way too big making me look dumpy it's making me look short it's making me look unsexy unsexy instead boom what time is it exactly it's time for today's video sponsor cuts in the greatest casual shirts in the history of casual shirts cuts makes two things and they have perfected these two things they are short sleeve shirts and long sleeve shirts the thing that you are going to freaking love about cuts is that not only is the fabric super buttery soft wrinkle resistant like this tri-blend amazingness the bit is absolutely flawless they've got three different collar options you've got Henley you've got V you've got crew but what everybody's freaking out about is the bottoms right they're cut you've got classic but you've got split you also have elongated check out the perfection of this Henley right the three-button Henley it's snug up in the chest the shoulders the arms are nice and fitted but it's loose in the body and then down here check it out a split head there's another one of their perfect Henley split hem down at the bottom bad ass black they also have some badass like colorful options as well cuts t-shirts are just as amazing as the Henley's the sleeves not super long so you get a little tricep exposure nice and snug up in the chest but not too it's super tight in the body this also has a splint has is one of cuts pocket tees it's got a wide neck but if you're not into the wide neck they also have B they've got standard crew cuts is in my opinion the best casual shirt company on the market if you're looking for super sexy amazing quality incredible fit in terms of t-shirts and long sleeve shirts guys there's a link down below go check out cuts that link is our custom landing page if you see any shirt that I was wearing that you want to check out guys you can find it there you also can see the various colors because they just launched a new collection with some super sick colors now the thing is you got to grab them if you see something that you like do not wait because they will sell out the other thing I've got for you is a discount code the code because cuts clothing isn't cheap but you're buying quality it's going to last it's not gonna fall apart it's not gonna shrink up because all cut shirts have been preshrunk guys they are amazing you are going to love these shirts the fourth shirt that no self-respecting stylish man should wear is what I call an IQ shirt dumbass grandpa t-shirts they'll let the world know that you've got a low IQ or at least it looks like you've got a low IQ because no smart or intelligent individual is gonna wear a shirt that is going to be ignorant it's gonna be rude or it's gonna make you look like a douche I get it right I know that pain is weakness leaving the body and it's time to get swole and operation gunshow and they'll all that amazing stuff but it just makes you look dumb in my opinion number five yellow pit stains gentlemen unfortunately white shirts are the biggest offenders when it comes to showing any purse print yellow nastiness underneath the armpit personally I love wearing white t-shirts they're one of my go-to s they match with everything and they look incredible in summer unfortunately it's almost impossible to wear them without getting that nasty yellowness underneath the pits from any purse print deodorant two options number one is don't wear any purse print uterine but unfortunately I'm a sweaty animal if I don't other option and the one that I choose is to replace my white t-shirts annually so once a year I'll buy like four white t-shirts typically from like the guy by next year typically the yellowness will start and that's when it's time to start the process over I never buy expensive white t-shirts because I know inevitably I'm gonna get the yellow number six is areola exposure gentlemen if you're a dude and you got a shirt and you put it on you're like can I see can you see my nipples like not like the fact that you've got them as in like the areola gentlemen you got to not wear that shirt because there are some fabrics a lot of times it happens with white a lot of times it happens with those like really soft linen t-shirts nipples are literally bringing us to the number seven which is you should never wear a shirt that you don't feel confident wearing you put on the shirt and you don't feel comfortable you don't feel confident wearing it you are not gonna be your best self this floral shirt I do not feel comfortable I do not feel confident wearing it now is it stylish possibly is it amaze maybe when I get a lot of compliments quite possibly but the fact is I don't feel comfortable I don't feel confident wearing it and so I shouldn't and neither should you

38 Replies to “7 Shirts Men Should NEVER Wear!”

  1. Yo, you can rock that flower shirt but it contrast too much with your look that you can't unless you do something. Just stay Alpha.

  2. thanks for telling me
    i had all those shirts except 2 i didn't have
    the adidas tight one
    the rude onevwith words on it

  3. I think that you kinda focused on bad graphic t's alpha. I rock graphics all the time and look good and feel confident. But, one has to fit that style/scene…

  4. Alpha in that oversized Henley was the first time I’ve ever seen him not look muscular…… take his advice everyone the proof is right in front of your eyes

  5. I personally like the graphic tees I have…but they have stuff like the Superman symbol on them or maybe tees I've bought to support some of my favorite YouTube channels…Idk if that makes me look dumb per say BUT…I can pretty much agree on why you shouldn't wear one. Loved this video too.

  6. Thanks for the advice and positive affirmation Alpham. Too many people in the world put people down but whenever I watch your videos, I feel like you are the only person who wants the best for other people, that’s the Alpha way.

  7. bro, when i‘m playin‘ football i wear a „home made“ tanktop all the time, it’s feels better under my shoulderpads🏈

  8. Great info Aaron!! I see guys at the grocery store wearing those open arm/rib shirts and they look ridiculous !! Yet they think they look macho!

  9. Sorry Alpha, but I gotta wear that underarmor shirt for when it comes to rolling on the mats. Generally speaking though, it’s unstylish for guys to wear any type of workout clothes in public unless they’re actually working out.

  10. Hey, Alpha. My friend is getting married in October. We might take a trip to Atlanta to the Indochino store. I'd love to meet you finally, after watching your videos for yearsssss. You could help us choose a suit!

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