7 Summer Style Mistakes Every Man Makes | How To Dress In Hot Weather

7 Summer Style Mistakes Every Man Makes | How To Dress In Hot Weather

7 Things to STOP Wearing This Summer
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In today’s video, gents, we’re talking about things that men need to stop wearing
this summer. First up, that old rutty baseball cap. Now, I don’t have anything against you supporting
your favorite team, what I’m talking about is that rutty cap that you have worn for years
and it just looks bad, it looks worn out. It looks nasty. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of baseball
caps, but I do think the right one can look great on a guy especially the younger guy
that’s looking to add a bit of edge to his look. Now, if you’re used to wearing a cap and
you want to step it up, a fedora is a great option especially on a hot sunny day. And, that’s my recommendation for caps,
if you’re going to start to wear this, find a functional reason to wear them. What I really like about this hat right here
is I can basically fold it up, put it into my luggage, travel with it, and it’s going
to pop back to the same shape. So, it’s very functional, it gets the job
done. Now, a Panama requires confidence. Because of the size of the brim, we’re talking
over two and half inches there, that’s very functional. It’s going to keep the sun off your face,
but it does require basically a man who’s confident in his own skin to be able to pull
this off. Whatever hat style you go with, think crisp,
think clean, think confidence, and get rid of that rutty baseball cap. Next up, get rid of your jeans. I can see it now, people are about to turn
off this video, but hold up let me explain myself. I love jeans, but the issue with jeans is
they’re made from denim. Most of the denim out there is a very tight
weave that is not breathable is not going to allow air to circulate and this is going
to be hot during the summer. Now, I want you to be cool, I want you to
be comfortable, so don’t wear jeans. There are tons of other options out there. Personally, I love a great pair of chinos
cotton, they’re going to be a lot more breathable, oftentimes made from a wide range of lighter
weight materials. Again, this is going to allow the air to pass
through. It’s also going to just simply be cooler,
more comfortable, and it’s a great change up in your look. And, you don’t have to go with the bright
color, you can go with a classic khaki, you can go with the gray, but you can go with
fun colors like maybe a blue, a green, or even a red as I just showed you. Now, one of my favorite alternative to jeans
are performance pants. Performance pants are made from a synthetic
material and they are designed to breathe. They are woven in a way basically they look
solid, but you’re going to be surprised how lightweight they are and most importantly
how breathable these are. These oftentimes are going to wick away moisture
from the body and they are going to keep you cool, at the same time they’re almost going
to look like dress pants. That being said, I’ve yet to see a pair
of performance pants that have the same drape as tropical weight wool and this is the third
type of trouser I want to recommend instead of jeans. They’re going to be dressier, but here’s
the thing with tropical weight. It’s incredibly lightweight, it’s very
breathable, and this is going to be some of the coolest pants that you can wear out there. This is great if you’re going out on a summer
evening or if you’ve got a meeting on a hot summer day. Next up, get rid of the flip-flops, get rid
of the Crocs, get rid of the sandals. Now, I know that there are situations in which
you can wear these; flip-flops to the beach to the shower, sandals for when you’re walking
up and down the beach in Hawaii going in and out of the water, Crocs [sound effect] I’m
sorry, I can’t think of a single reason why to wear Crocs. The point is you wear those shoes because
they’re easy to slip on and slip off, they’re comfortable. Well, guys, there are many other options out
there when it comes to comfortable shoes you can slip on slip off and these are going to
look infinitely more stylish. You can dress them up, you can dress them
down. And, you have boat shoes out there, you have
driving shoes out there, you can take loafers and you can go with a little bit of suede,
all of a sudden you’ve stepped up your game, guys, and women notice, other men notice because
you’ve got style. You right here are instantly going to step
up your game. Next up, we’ve got heavy wax hair products. We’re talking about pomades, we’re talking
about wax-based products. Now, the issue here is a lot of guys they
just go a little bit overboard, they put a little way too much in their hair, they start
to sweat, it goes down, it gets in your eyes, and it burns and it stinks. Let’s try to change this up, look at other
options out there. I’m a huge fan of fibers. So fibers unlike gels or other ones, whenever
they get a bit wet, you don’t really have it going down into your eyes, it does a good
job of staying up in the hair and then when you hair dries up, guess what? You can instantly put it back in place, you
don’t also need to use as much because it’s going to adhere directly to the hair itself. So, the next item in my sights, gentlemen,
long socks. So, long socks, they’re great if you’re
going to the gym during the winter, but during the summer, let’s go for no-show socks. No-show socks are just going to cover the
base of your foot, they usually have a little bit of an adhesive that keeps them in place,
they’re very comfortable and what I love about these is that they just look a lot more
stylish, and they’re better than going barefoot. You know any type of shoe that you’re going
barefoot with basically the sock is there to absorb some of the bacteria and things
as you’re sweating and that’s, you know, kind of saves the shoe a bit longer. So, look for no-show socks, they’re easy
to find, just do a quick Google search, you’ll find them. The next item to avoid wearing this summer,
a jacket with a polyester lining. How do you know if a jacket has a polyester
lining? So, polyester is a very cheap form of silk. The issue with polyester though is it’s
not very breathable versus bemberg. Bemberg is going to be used in most higher-end
suits. It’s actually made from wood pulp, but the
key with a summer suit is actually it should also be unlined. [0:05:11]
So, right here you’re looking at the inside of a jacket. Now, notice how the lining right here does
not go all the way down on the back. This is a great thing. You want to also maybe look in the front,
you’re looking for little details that show you that this jacket basically they spend
a lot of time on the details. This unlined jacket is what you’re looking
for during the summer. What you want to avoid are cheap jackets. Again, when you look on the inside if they
say polyester, run, that is going to be like putting on a plastic bag and it’s just going
to cause you to sweat and it’s going to be a bad situation. Next up on the list wearing an undershirt
or a singlet aka the wifebeater. Do not wear this as an outer shirt. Seriously, I’ve never seen the situation
in which this looks good. The idea of an undershirt is it protects your
more expensive clothing from basically your own skin, from the sweat. It’s going to prevent you from having to
wash your shirt all the time. It’s not meant to be worn as outer wear. And, now, let’s talk about cargo shorts. So, shorts in general I don’t really have
an issue with, I do think that they’re overplayed that more guys should look at tropical weight
wool trousers, performance pants. But, when it comes down to cargo shorts, wouldn’t
those shorts look so much better if they didn’t have that cargo pocket on the side? So, when you’re looking at shorts, first
opt for plain simple shorts that have a streamlined look in a classic color that’s going to
be interchangeable with all the items in your wardrobe. Oftentimes this is the khaki, this is going
to be a gray maybe even a dark blue. But, the cargo shorts, yeah, there are certain
situations, and I talk about this in this video right here which I defend cargo shorts
and you can watch this video and figure out am I joking or am I not. A lot of people didn’t actually get this
video, so check it out right here if you’re curious about my true opinion of cargo shorts. And, if you just want to see more about how
guys are messing up their style, check out this video right here, mistakes that men make
when they’re getting dressed. This video right here has actually gotten
a lot of traffic. It’s a pretty funny video, so go check it
out right here. And, again, I’m linking to all these down
in the description. [0:07:08] End of audio

100 Replies to “7 Summer Style Mistakes Every Man Makes | How To Dress In Hot Weather”

  1. What clothing item men should NEVER wear in summer? Comment below!

    Other great videos? War On Cargo Short – https://youtu.be/s4pAkrinpDM?list=PLbAUemeg-KyeFiPygfaFMMkUePK-ooy8O

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  2. …I garden. Crocs are the absolute best for working in the dirt. I don’t wear them in public, but man, for yard work – they can’t be beat.

  3. I feel like these styles are only applicable in snowflake ruled cities. If you wore that s*** around here you'd either be laughed out of town or get your a** kicked. Douche style 101

  4. I always wear my cargo shorts in the summer, especially to put my wallet, phone, and my sunglass case. Just saves me carrying a bag with me.

  5. No show socks… lost me respect on that one that’s really faggy. Maybe ankle socks but no shoes really?

  6. UGGGHHH Antonio… rocking the crocs in my blue jeans and wearing a ball cap as I am watching this…just got done cutting the grass before the crowd shows for the holiday.. great shoes and comfortable. Flip flops are shower shoes and sandals are for hippies and ugh people see your ugly feet. But I do have a Panama hat for later, good pair of shorts one with out cargo pockets… and a pair of sneakers and no tuck button down short sleeved shirt…so that makes up for the work clothes I have on now lol… but don't knock the Crocs they rock and so does the ball cap… lol have a great holiday and Semper Fi…

  7. I understand the "No Sandals" but I'm not going to enter to the sand with my loafers and get ruined. Sandals, I can wash the sand off and nothing is ruined. Do that with some loafers…

  8. haha antonio, while you are at the point of crocs, i think that it is still a better option than slippers/flip flops/ leather sandals etc. crocs at least cover out feet and toes, which the rest don't. i don't think exposing toes are very nice to begin with, so i'd go for a pair of crocs over those options. but of course, best is to stay away from all of them lol

  9. Thanks for adding boats shoes to the list of shoes to wear in the summer. I've watch other videos wear the presenters dismiss the boat shoes as not a shoe to wear period. I own several pairs of boat shoes. I like the way they look and the comfort of the shoe. Keep up the good work.

  10. When it comes to fedoras, you're going to pay $100+ for a decent one. Don't go to Target or Walmart and expect to get a decent fedora. The brims are short and the crowns are ridiculously tapered. Those stores should give you $50 for taking their crappy hats, and give you a $100 bill every time you wear it.

  11. The problem for me with my hair is that it's thick, wavy and lays forward, and I want to have it slicked back slightly to the left. It just doesn't work. I just don't know what products to use!

  12. Oh man I couldn't do it… I ditched the button down for a long sleeve t , and grabbed my ball cap that says USMC. Slipped the Crocs back on, grabbed a cold beer from the cooler and when everyone showed up. The bottle rocket war was on. It's the 4th of July. Friends, family and great food and cold beer.

  13. There’s a time and place for crocs, it’s never and nowhere!
    Salt definition products works better during summertime. A more relaxed look witch goes well with summer outfits. Love the content you are putting out!

  14. Crocs are way better than his stupid folding Fedora. They serve a purpose. They get muddy? Hose them and you're set. You dont want to be in fucking flat uncomfortable flip flops? Get crocs that are comfortable to walk 10+km on. Just buy a brown with leather color for style points. Fedoras on the other hand are a silly excuse for a hat. They are useless. Just for style and they give off that weirdo neckbeard anime drawing mlady loser vibe. Or a fuckboy if you're like that model guy from a magazine.

  15. Crocs are great for tisha b'av which occurs in August and leather is not worn as a sign of mourning. If the weather is good, they work for yom Kippur and when sitting Shiva for a recently deceased relative. Better than laced canvas sneakers which is what most Modern Orthodox will wear on those occasions.

  16. I went back to look at the cargo shorts video. That was hilarious. 🙂 They do have their value though when you don't want to carry around your "Man Bag".

  17. My style sucks I guess, I wear squared toe cowboy boots or iron rangers any where I go. I love my wranglers and dickies.

  18. I've actually reverted back to cargo shorts this week, from the ones without pockets. So much better for my EDC, and my wife actually PREFERS me in cargo shorts! I know, I can't believe it either!

  19. I'm a bit disappointed you did not mention the option of summer weight jeans. I was able to get some summer weight and denim-linen blend jeans for this summer.

    As I was cleaning part of my wall closet I found four Wrangler denim shorts and four Route 66 cargo pocket patterned shorts I brought decades ago that have not been worn. I'm planning to have the cargo shorts tailored to remove the cargo pockets and shorten to be above the knees.

  20. I am one of those guys who can pull of a Panama, I have been wear cowboys hats for year, recently I moved to Fedora. It is all about Confidence just knowing you look good and own it. and yes guys an Undershirts is for "Under."

  21. As far as hair product goes, once the thermometer gets past 80° F for the day's high, I put away the Brylcreem and break out the Vitalis Hair Tonic.

  22. Ooof. I'm gonna have to say no on fedoras of any kind. I associate them with middle-aged white guys who play in blues bands. Haha.

  23. Love it. Btw gentlemen's gazette recently did a video on hair tips – maybe this channel could do a hair styling video (if you haven't already – I'm new here)?

  24. I disagree with the cargo shorts. I enjoy wearing them in the aummer and are very comfortable. Besides, summer is the only season i get to wear them.

  25. Sorry, only jeans are available in 36" inseam. I have jeans and shorts. And tailored suits.

    Crocs are great to bring the trash out. That's for people who don't wear their shoes in the house.

  26. I worked in the subtropics for years. Wife beaters as undershirts are useless there. Under the business shirt only 1/4 arm. V-neck if you go tie-less. And change undershirt and shirt every day.

  27. Okay I’m a woman of style over here and if your not wearing jeans and your wearing those two ugly things .. i ain’t gonna date you

  28. All men should wear a kilt in summer, they're more comfortable than shorts and trousers, not only that but sandals and a vest goes well with the kilt as well. No matter what the weather is rain, snow or boiling hot weather I always wear a kilt as they are more comfortable to wear. I'm just looking for some new walking boots that will go with the kilt when it comes to winter.

  29. Great recommendations. I hate crocs because my cousin wears it everywhere and it looks terrible on him.

  30. I only have one suit, and it’s a sports jacket from Salvation Army and hand-me-down women’s dress pants from my ma.

  31. I wear suits 6 days a week in a finance job. I always wear a base layer to protect the wool from needing to be washed frequently and works well in winter but Long Johns or UA merino wool base layers are challenging in 90+ degree weather. Any solutions? Many thanks in advance.

  32. this is "Semi-Ridiculous"…..sandals for men are nice and no they dont go with EVERY outfit which is true, but to not wear them during the summer months will not work for everyone….

  33. Hahaha when Antonio says 'most of the people are going to turn of the video' was the exact moment I was liking it, good advices btw, breathable performance pants are a must for me in Summer

  34. ‘Seriously, I’ve never seen a situation in which this looks good’ 5:57 So videographer inserts image of Enrique Iglesias. Antonio: ’Thanks.’ lol

  35. I wear Crocs…..at work, in the operating theatre only! I would NEVER wear them in public or anywhere else for that matter.

  36. My dad is a doctor and he loves crocs! He says they’re extremely comfortable to wear all day and you’d be surprised how many medical professionals wear crocs.

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