700 Custom Color Gel Coat

700 Custom Color Gel Coat

big beam hi I’m Chris from Fibre Glast today we’re going to show you our number
700 colored gel coat that we carry on Fibre Glast dot com we offer both RAL and Instint color
selections both books are available for rental or
purchase so that you can choose exactly the color you want book rentals have to be ordered by phone
but book purchases and other color gel coats can be purchased online there over 900 colors to choose from
when you place your order either by phone or online by 2:30 we
mix your gel coat and ship the same day the preciseness of this technology
creates an exact match to your color book of course like all of our resins and
gel coat you can count on batch to batch first quality and perfect
color match our colored gel coats are weather UV and
blister resistant they’re suitable for the most demanding
underwater and industrial applications remember that color gel coat is typically
recommended for polyester parts in some applications you can use it
with vinyl ester but bonding to epoxy is not an option our color gel coats are exceptionally
application friendly easy to use and can be sprayed unthinned
with the gel coat cup gun if you choose to thin it be sure to use
Duractec Hi-Gloss or styrene thinner and never use acetone to thin gel
coat these are designed for in mold applications
if you’re making a repair you’ll need to add Duratec Clear Hi-Gloss Additive to permit open-air cure Duratec Hi-Gloss can also be used
in mold to improve surface gloss and reduce the
viscosity thanks for watching Fibre Glast on
YouTube be sure to check out our 700 and all of our gel coats on Fibre Glast dot com
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  1. I have a ski boat with a blue gel coat that has minor to fairly deep scratches….can I tape around the scratch and then fill it your product using a stiff putty knife or plastic putty knife in a lite skim and after curing come back and wet sand to level out and polish to a high gloss?

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