8 Actors Who Hated Their Superhero Costumes

8 Actors Who Hated Their Superhero Costumes

Superhero movies present us with larger-than-life
heroes who overcome impossible odds to save the day. The real heroes though are the actors
who don the outfits to bring these comic book legends to life… Because the experiences
aren’t always so pleasant. Here are some examples of actors who have put on the super-suits,
but didn’t particularly enjoy doing so. Andrew Garfield As the famous webhead in both Amazing Spider-Man
films, Garfield gave us a different look at Peter Parker. But what Garfield didn’t want
us to get a look at was his Spider-Man outfit and how uncomfortable and unflattering it
was. “I knew there were paparazzi taking terrible
unflattering shots of my, you know, everything,” said Garfield, according to Digital Spy. “The
whole point of wearing a mask is you feel free and you can be whatever you want and
you can be witty.” But then he was made uncomfortable by the
fact that onlookers were getting butt shots of him from many, many different angles. That’s
one way to get your Spider Sense tingling. Chadwick Boseman As the first, live-action version of Marvel’s
Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War, Chadwick Boseman had to squeeze into a black
catsuit in 90-degree weather. Boseman talked to Cinema Blend about how certain stunts would
be physically demanding because of the suit. “And every time they add a part, I’d be like
‘you mean…you just gonna cut off my air supply?’ Like ‘oh okay let me figure out how
to breath like that.'” He also talked about how he had to get into
a “Zen space” in order to get through the difficult stunts, since he’d have sweat rolling
down his body and was unable to scratch itches. You’d think it would have been easy for him,
especially with those Vibranium claws. Scarlett Johansson Black Widow might have had red in her ledger,
but Scarlett Johansson had sweat in her socks. Johansson said in an interview with Nightline
about the first Avengers movie, “It was so hot, I would wring out my socks at the end
of the day.” That’s gross, but also it’s understandable
considering the fact that her Black Widow costume was like a wetsuit and wasn’t pleasant
in the heat. In fact, it got so hot that she actually hallucinated for a bit while filming
a fight scene. Johannson also compared the multiple costumes she had to tires, because
her stunts would wear each one down until she needed to replace them. Pulling off all
of those hurricanranas couldn’t have been easy on those stitches. Malin Akerman As sweaty as some actors get in their costumes,
Malin Akerman’s experiences in the Silk Spectre costume for Watchmen were wholly different.
The skin-tight, black and yellow suit shows off her physique while looking pretty badass.
But, according to Maxim, Akerman said that the latex costume smelled terrible. “I thought it was really f***ing hot at first.
Then I tried it on, and I thought it was really f***ing uncomfortable. When you take it off,
it smells like a human condom,” said Akerman. And with those words, we can never see Watchmen
again without gagging just a little bit. Olivia Munn While donning costumes can empower superheroes,
it’s another thing altogether to actually get into them. Olivia Munn, who played Psylocke
in X-Men: Apocalypse, revealed on Conan that it took a bit of help to get her into the
character’s iconic purple costume. To be more specific, it took the help of two women and
a lot of lube to get the outfit on. You’d think that having to do that every time you
had to shoot a scene was embarrassing enough, but the first time she got on set with the
veteran X-Men actors, she actually popped the crotch on the suit—whoops. Rebecca Romijn In a 2003 interview with Entertainment Weekly,
Rebecca Romijn talked about how hard it was to get the Mystique makeup applied for the
filming of X2: X-Men United. The process involved four women and a little under eight hours,
effectively souring Romijn’s mood as time went on. “When I first took this on, they told me it
would take ten hours.” “Six hours.”
“Ten hours!” The worst part, however, was the fact that
she was naked under all of the makeup while everyone else got to wear outfits. At one
point, director Bryan Singer came into her tent while she was bent over a chair and getting
her “crack touched up.” She might been painted blue, but we’re willing to bet her face was
pretty red. Margot Robbie She may quite literally slay in her Suicide
Squad hot pants, but Margot Robbie was definitely not a fan of them. While a lot of folks are
making her Harley Quinn out to be an overtly sexual piece of eye candy, Robbie said that
Quinn likes the shorts “because they’re sparkly and fun” and not because she wants guys ogling
her. “What?” “As Margot, no, I don’t like wearing that.
I’m eating burgers at lunchtime, and then you go do a scene where you’re hosed down
and soaking wet in a white T-shirt, it’s so clingy and you’re self-conscious about it,”
Robbie told The New York Times. Ben Affleck Our newest Batman has made it known that he’s
not a huge fan of the Batsuit he wore in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While many a
fanboy would love to don the cape and cowl, Affleck called it “the most humiliating, ridiculous
thing in the world.” According to Total Film, this is because the Batsuit was really a motion
capture suit that allowed for greater range of movement. He even gave a nickname to the
suit and called it his “visual effects pajamas.” We understand that he might have felt it was
embarrassing to wear the outfit because it didn’t make him feel badass like Batman, but
at least there were no Bat-nipples. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube
channel to watch more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to let
us know which super-suit you think looks the most uncomfortable…

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  1. Ryan Reynolds hated being green lantern entirely nearly everything about it where is he on this list

  2. lol scarlett did nto do any of those fights and stunts lol it was all a double and they tried best to hide her face but failed

  3. Harley's pants DO have a sparkle! I couldn't notice that because of the focus on her ass. I think that's detrimental, I mean, sure show her ass, but if the outfit that was carefully designed is being too outshined by the actress, what's the point in having a costume department work so hard on it? Half a centimeter more of coverage would have been better, for the actress and to actually see the pants.

  4. with Andrew Garfield, it wasn't just unflattering pictures of his butt, but they were getting pictures of his crotch and it looked smaller in the paparazzi photos, than it did after they digitally enhanced it. also, where he isn't circumcised, you could follow the lines and see his penis better than you could with someone circumcised wearing the suit.

  5. You left out a biggie: Jennifer Lawrence: Mystique. Rebecca hated the makeup because it took so long and she had to be naked all the time. Jennifer had a bit of a different problem: she is very ticklish and applying the blue paint tickled like crazy. and she hates to be tickled. that's actually why she will not be blue again (could you blame her after three movies)

  6. The 90s Batmen had it way worse than most of these guys. Michael Keaton couldn't hear or move whilst wearing the suit, and suffered from claustrophobia.

  7. olivia munn had to fight for that costume. brian singer wanted to add pants he thought the classic costume is too revealing. moon said no. it was definetly uncomfortable tho.

  8. In another interview I believe Olivia Munn said that she loved her costume. So even though it was ridiculous, she was wholey supportive of the authenticity to the comic character and look they were going for in the film. I can't tell you which interview that was, but it's out there. It was around the time everyone was complaining about how you could see so much of her and being feminist about it.

  9. No Robocop? Guess only marvel can make bad enough movies people actually start wondering wether the suits are comfortable while watching.

  10. Ben Affleck described that outfit as humiliating? That outfit? They should have put him in Rebecca Romijn's outfit for a few days. Or one of the ones who had to be lubed and helped in by two or three people. What a drama queen he is. Ugh.

  11. i wanna smell Scarlett Johansson's soft smooth feet after her 2
    hour vigorous zumba workout run jog or hike in ugg boots with no socks
    on a hot 100 degree summer day, when I slide them boots off, i hope them
    feet are really hot steamy musty rank rancid sour pungent stinky &
    sweaty & ill rub her slimy icky sticky gooey moist buttery cheesy
    creamy clammy toe jammy gravy foot sweat all on my face while i smell
    her funky corn chippy smelly feet & suck her delicious salty toes

  12. looper, this dude that you hired to narrate this video speaks too fast. You d not ned that, as an world company… meaning english speaking, try to be as simple as you can. Simple sentences, skpeaks slow and try to be in somebody's else shoes. Thank you.

  13. subtle clickbait for those of us who know that Jennifer Laurence plays Raven and that she was naked in one of the movies 😉

  14. These people are getting paid millions, & really believe they have it tough, let them try starving like so many children do on a daily basis, or work a hard manual job for peanuts. They make me sick.

  15. Look mate, to make one thing clear- A hero is someone who risks their life to save others! Actors, musicians and sports stars are not heroes! To refer to this collection of spoiled idiots as heroes is an insult. So they got all hot and sweaty..awwww poor diddums. I am sure soldiers, firefighters and the like are full of sympathy for some hollywood barbie doll having to be out of the air conditioning for five minutes.

  16. Maybe Bennifer should go back to doing the great roles that he did. If you don't like Batman suit Don't Take the Roll.If the girls don't want guys looking at them,put some clothes on or don't take the roles it ain't hard to figure out.

  17. In 2016, a costume like Mystique's can easily be animated in CGI without the need for uncomfortable wardrobe problems, and it would still look convincing as a realistic human actor speaking lines on-screen! Look at what CGI can do in The Jungle Book!

  18. 4:18 Ok, that Batfleck foam thing really makes him look totally embarrassingly stupid, it's great he suffered.

  19. The one of Margot Robbie is probably the most uncomfortable , she should take it off XD , If you get me.

  20. Hollywood, use more lycra and use fx to get the look. So actors and actresses can feel comfortable

  21. If they don't like the costumes, that they get millions for wearing for a few weeks, tell them to get real jobs. Try a 40+ hour week (if you're lucky, if you're not it's two or three jobs at 20 hours a week with no benefits) in a hot warehouse for low pay, that might let you retire after 40 YEARS. That sweaty suit and multi-million dollar paycheck will start looking pretty good.

  22. If you've had REAL manual labor jobs in incredibly unpleasant conditions, it's hard to feel sorry for actors getting paid exorbitant amounts to wear uncomfortable costumes.

  23. Paul Bettany (the vision) said it takes about two hours to set up and unable to do things whilst in costume.

  24. give me a break…they get to live out a fantasy most people who aren't considered good looking enough by some directors leading the projects don't get the chance to engage in because of experience alone. Complain all you need to but it's always the women. Adam West Never once complained about his Batman production and he had to do it dressed in a suit that was pretty much pyjamas. Actors these days

  25. It seems like most if not all the superhero costumes are uncomfortable. Even the 1960's Batman and Robin Burt Ward and Adam West had uncomfortable costumes.

  26. Is Hollywood costume design behind the times? They've come out with new tech, including cooling gel pack inserts and circulating liquid tubes. No reason to be drenched in sweat anymore, unless they're cheap, money-grubbing bastards.

  27. Wow, Scarlett Johansson peeling off her suit, soaking sweat after every scene? Gather that footage into a theatrical documentary and it'll make hundreds of millions, too, especially in DVD sales!!! 😍

  28. Well at least Rebecca Romaijn got in the costume. Jennifer Lawrence did nothing but cry whine and complain until they had to strip down the costume movie by movie to make it easier on her. She may not be returning for the next one. good riddance.

  29. And that is why girls fight in bikinis on comics, but modern knowledege says it's uncomfortable and impractical, and blah, blah, blah…

  30. Margot wouldn't have to go through that if they just gave her the original Harley Quinn Jester outfit

  31. Lol… but if all those acrobatic superheroes wore realistic costumes, they would all, essentially, just be wearing yoga pants, no? I mean peter parker would have had the perfect costume first time round in spiderman 1… sweats and a ski mask.

  32. So, Margot Robbie did a full frontal scene in Wolf of Wall Street, then complained about wearing sparkling shorts cause they were showing too much?! I'm confused…

  33. Jennifer Lawrence also hated the Blue Mystique costume, in fact even more so than Rebecca Romaijn. But at least Romaijn was a better sport about it, Lawrence ahted it so much that she even made the filmmakers to not make her wear it, the main reason why Mystique was in regular "white" skin in the new X-Men movies.

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