nothing is worse than weeding too long to catch up with one of your best friends except embarrassing yourself with sweaty yellow pit stains yikes take a regular shawl or pashmina and put it over your head with both hands pull both corners under your arms and in front of your chest tie them together in a knot like so now here's the fun part take this knot and slide it over your head check it out you've got a new funky vest to hide those unsightly pit stains take that summer weather ever go from Netflix and chill to Netflix and clothing malfunction don't stress you can fix this just take a pair of scissors and a pinch of creativity it feels good being helpful doesn't it place the torn pair of pants on a table in front of you fold them in half so one leg is on top of the other find the corner sticking out that's the crotch of the pants that needs mending by making this rip even bigger you can now place your entire head through it now put your arms through what used to be the pant legs there now sleeves wow they actually fit pretty nicely and there you have it a cute new crop top you can wear to work out in or lounge around and watch more Netflix hey we don't judge you've been looking forward to this party for weeks oh hey girl wait a minute she's stole my look lucky for you you have a creative mind to back you up slide that skirt up over your chest snag a belt thin were thick and cinch it to accentuate your waistline top it off with a cute denim jacket and voila you've got an adorable party dress that no one else will have go on give us a twirl you know you want to see no need to fight here's to creativity Cheers ever wake up like this oversleeping is the worst will you have time to get ready time to turn those PJs into a look slip the pants off and put both legs into one side now pull them up over your chest take the unused pant leg scrunch it up and slide your head through well super stylish for PJs that's for sure hats sucker add a cute pair of heels and a bag and you're all set and the best dressed award goes to at work it's easy to get in the zone you totally forgot about happy hour with the girls don't stress take the straps off your cotton undershirt and slide them over your head to either side like so that's it who knew going from daytime to nighttime could be so effortlessly chic and it can be your little secret oh it's time to get dresses to go out what to wear what to wear this math to warm a sweater not quite right oh I totally forgot I had these cutoff shorts from last summer super cute yep we found a winner yep they totally fit wait oh man we entire butt is hanging out these are a lot shorter than I remember try this squeeze some glue along the backside of the edge of the shorts synaxis graphs of your favorite fabric lace is a great choice and press it firmly on the glue oops don't forget to wrap it around the front the same way glue then press guys what DIYs and Kratz would you like us to make leave a comment below don't forget to give a thumbs up if you want to see more of our videos soon who knew a pair of old shorts could look so cute Congrats you avoided an embarrassing booty slip well done ah nothing like spending your afternoon watching the same sitcom you've seen a hundred times hey um we have plans remember get it together Hailey's save time by wearing your oversized t-shirt in a new way slider arms through the neck and down to your waist now tuck those pesky arm holes in well what do you know cute pockets seriously easiest outfit change ever right let's go tap the notification belt in know when there are new videos from our Channel ah the old coffee dribble on the white shirt situation yikes lucky for heli all hopes not lost check it out take a marker or pen and outline the stains seriously stick with us here your clumsiness just turned into a fantasy coffee island pretty impressive is it just me or is this way cuter than the plain white t-shirt was before how do you like these clothing hacks pretty awesome right and if you don't get them right the first time don't worry it just takes a little bit of practice whether you're running late or in an outfit matching crisis all it takes is a little creativity and plenty of deep breaths you got this fashionista thanks for watching please subscribe to our Channel


  1. I know you all are complaining ar asking about the making the whole bigget in pants i think they nent at home you could just make it something diffrent

  2. With the vest hack when she puts her purse on you can see the yellow and on the coffee island on if you watch closely the spill has moved when she goes to outline it

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