80 Years Of Halloween Costumes

80 Years Of Halloween Costumes

(cackling laughter) – Witch. Man witch. Also known as a warlock. You could say it was popular in 1930, but baby, witches don’t go out of style. ‘Cause witches is bitches. (singing) Hail Satan! Hail Satan. The Prince of Darkness, Beelzebub, Satan, The Devil. Who’s the most badass of all the beasts? It’s gotta be Satan. Going to the moon, bitches. I’m Matt Damon’s stunt
double from ‘The Martian’. This was famous in the 60s. ‘Cause the 60s is when
we went to the moon. John F. Kennedy spearheaded
the NASA effort. And I was born in the 60s. 69. Sir Arthur Fonzarelli, played by Henry Winkler in the 70s. He could broken machinery
with a little pow. Henry Winkler was voted
sexiest man alive in 1978. Because of what? ‘Happy Days’. Ay. It’s really exhausting
doing Pee-Wee, I’ve noticed. He’s got three gears. There’s the weird giggle. (giggles) Then you got the kids, kinda really, really proud of his thing. And he’s got a thing and
no one can even touch it. ‘Cause he’s the best in the world. And then he’s got the other
thing where he’s like, (nonsense noises) Where have you gone Pee-Wee? Ninja. Impossible to detect. He hides in the shadows. He is one with his surroundings. (swishing noises) I’m a ninja. (sings) You know what I’m missing are those disgusting teeth. Does anybody have some gross teeth? It would really put the
finishing touch on this costume. Are those used? Let’s make shagadelic sex in my bed. So, I’ve never seen the
show ‘Jersey Shore’, but I think they are kinda like this, I’ll go down to the beach and the shore. I’m gonna go get some drinks and make love to ladies and Snooki get over here. I know Snooki. Snooki! Snooki! (upbeat music) (singing) Hail Satan! Hail Satan.

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  1. 0:01 when Jack started laughing he sounded like the laugh from the music feel good inc. then I said "feel good" after he laughed

  2. Jack black has that laugh that I can kinda do… I think he was a good roll for RL Stine in the movie Goose Bumps… Damn the Fliping slapy laugh!

  3. I clicked on a link because someone posting a casual comment about is Jack a satanist and this is the link he posted to “prove” it lol..well Yeah he is a satanist but that guy(who posted link) believes all white people worship the devil so this isn’t surprising ..what a douchebag (and so is Jack Black and ALL hollywierd mother fuckers)

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