what's good everybody it's Nadia and today I'm filming a video that I have literally wanted to film for about two years now ever since I bought my first William Wilde latex piece but I wanted to wait so I had a bit of a latex clothing collection that I could do a William Wilde latex clothing haul booyah i'ma show you how to look after it how to wear it and how not to tear it first things first give this video a thumbs up for William Wilde latex make sure you are subscribed to my channel and hit that bell so you get notifications when I upload so for those of you that didn't know latex is not just used for gloves condoms and balloons yes it is actually a piece of clothing sugar I know so William Wilde is a london-based designer who specializes in latex clothing and accessories and his designs are actually incredible so in this video I am going to be trying on quite a few latex outfits and just explaining to you guys how to wear latex how to look after it how to store it basically all your latex questions that you probably might have quick side note I got fake nails done dude for the first time in years I literally don't even recognize myself I have caused so I know a lot of people when they see latex clothing are a little bit you know scared to try it they're like oh my good what do I do with it what's it gonna look like can I wear this it's very swollen you would have seen people like Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift Rita Ora Rihanna and like a whole bunch of other celebrities are wearing it out to red-carpet events or in their video clips so before I get into the Tryon part of this video I am gonna go through a few commonly asked questions the first question is how do you know what size you are so if you hop on to the William Wilde website he has like small medium large and you can also send in your measurements alongside we'd like the size chart size that you think you're closest to and then you send in your measurements and then they put them together and they make you like a custom-made latex piece literally everything they do gives custom-made like how fun is that you be getting custom-made designer ish and no extra charge next question I always get asked is what does latex feel like to wear and is it comfortable personally for me I feel latex is a quite comfortable to wear it is quite fitted but it is made to fit to your body and it kind of feels like well what it is latex so it's very rubbery on the body next question I always get asked when I'm wearing a William while dress out or outfit is is it expensive how much does it cost if you do look and shop online to latex you'll see that traditionally it is quite expensive for good quality latex of this standard but the thing I love about william wild because it means i'm actually able to afford to buy something from there is the fact that his prices are so so good help me on paul so everything that you'll see in this video is from the basically wild collection and everything in that collection ranges from 18 pounds to 99 pounds which in Australian dollars is about $30 to a hundred and seventy five dollars next thing is how to look after your latex and how you store it so when you are wearing latex if you have nails which I never have except for today when I'm doing a latex video go figure when you are actually putting the latex on you want to be really really careful and like almost like have your hands like flat to the side as you're wriggling it on rather than like grabbing it with your nails because otherwise you can puncture a hole in the latex you can wear rings like the ones I am wearing today these are like very smooth on top so they don't catch on anything but I wouldn't be wearing any rings we'd like sharp points that catch on things because you do not want to rip your latex when you are out in terms of how to wash your latex once you have worn it do not I repeat do not put latex in the washing machine I don't know who would think to do it but there probably some people out there that would how you wanna wash it is just filling up your sink with lukewarm water and some soap and then just putting the latex straight into that and making sure that it's all wet and like you know spot cleaning it with your hand and then once you have done that you can rinse it off with a lukewarm that clean water as well so I will lay it flat on like a nice towel that is lint-free on the floor and just let it dry that way in terms of how I store my latex I like to store it as flat as possible to avoid creasing another question I always get asked is it does it make you sweat so I find that latex can make you sweat a little bit more than normal but nothing it too drastic like it's not enough to ever put you off wearing it you're not gonna be like crazy dripping sweating the only time where I've experienced extreme sweating with latex was when I used a lubricant to put it on instead of talcum powder on the inside and yeah it just didn't react well with my skin and I just became a super super sweaty and that is literally only time where I've experienced that so I don't use lubricant to get it on anymore you also want to make sure that in no way shape or form sunlight is hitting your latex so you want to keep it in a closed dark closet because if sunlight is hitting the latex it can discolor it and ruin it so now I'm going to show you guys how to apply it talcum powder to your latex which helps the latex slide on really easily and also how to shine your latex so that you get that really cool shine that you see so first up lay your latex nice and flat then you want to grab some talcum powder it doesn't have to match the dress but this one happens to do so then you want to just sprinkle that talcum powder all over the inside of the dress and using your hands you just want to spread it out and rub it in you want to do this on both sides so the inside is nicely lined and the reason why we do this first is because it can get a little bit messy on the outside as well with the residue then I just like to shake it off shake it up shake it up I then grab my William wild wonder shine liquid and I just put small amount of that onto a cloth making sure that that cloth is able into free cloth because we don't want bits all over the dress and then I just go around the dress and in circular like motions I basically just shine it with that liquid and a little bit of this liquid it goes a long way guys so you don't need much I do it both sides and then we're done there so now that we are all experts in how to wear latex it is time for our try on hole and I did a couple of different looks for this hole I did a more like funky vibe and then I did like my natural hair a bit more sophisticated so first up we have the latex star bra and the latex star pencil skirt both in the color flesh and the beauty of the top and skirt combos with it William Wilde is that you can mix and match them with other fabrics so in terms of the top like all the pieces that you'll see in this video you can choose the color that you get this made in so what this one has adjustable straps on it so you can loosen or tighten them and to get the top on at the back it does have the pop buttons they're nice and sturdy I do find with all of the latex clothing I have it is quite supportive on the bust and holds everything in which is really really good we then have the matching skirt and as you can see latex is quite stretchy like there's a lot of give there so when you are putting it on like the waist part when it gets past your hips is going to feel quite tight but it will stretch all the way over so literally the latex is like cut to your shape next up we have the latex virgin dress in white so this is more of an off-white I would say it's like a cream type color again this is very fitted I just feel like white latex is really different to the norm as well like I'm used to seeing a lot of black or pink so this one does have the adjustable strap so you can loosen or tighten them and it has like a v-neck finish as you can kind of see there again it is like cut to your actual body shapes next up we have probably my absolute favorite William Wilde a dress that I so much so I actually owned the stress in three different colors I'm only showing you guys the baby pink one today this color you guys this guy's so good and the top part of this dress is very fitted and very supportive around the bust as well it is a halter neck and then a MIDI length type dress next up I have another favor of mine it is the a latex justify dress in red ah this dress you guys this is a statement piece I did really want something in the latex that was red and I specifically chose it for this dress because while red is very you know in-your-face very bright I do feel like the cut of this dress is extremely classy if you've arrived you have arrived oh how long does it take to get on that's another question I'd say about five ish minutes to get latex on and last but definitely not least we have the latex groove halter top and the latex starlet circle skirt that's a hip hop for skirt skirt skirt this outfit you guys is just so dope from head to toe not only that but William wild actually made Nicki Minaj the same skirt so I'm basically Nicki Minaj's long-lost sister spot the difference in terms of the skirt it is fitted around the waist and there is no zip but it is a super duper easy to get on like this takes two seconds because it's a loose everywhere else so you just have to stretch the waistband pull it up and it sits nicely and I do find that when I get the skirts that sort of it go out they are quite short on me and you can see my bum from here to Mexico so I actually have like a few centimeters added on to the length of my skirt so in terms of the fit of this top you may be wondering how the hell did you get that latex around your neck I was – well it actually comes with the pop buttons as well and then the rest of it you just stretch over your head and that is it guys that is all the latex that we have at time for today that sounds really really weird and if you ever want to go somewhere and you're kind of afraid to talk to anybody it's definitely a conversation starter if you guys have any other latex related questions feel free to leave them in the comments down below as always thank you guys so much for watching this video if you liked it give it a thumbs up if you end you to my channel hit that subscribe button share this video if you can it always helps and I shall see you guys next time bye


  1. Hi…. so what under things do you wear underneath…. would a bra show through. I guess you can wear pasties. And also, do the knee length skirts ride up? I love the plunge neck line dress! Thanks for the video!!!

  2. Hello pretty Nadia 😉
    check out:

    greetings from Klagenfurt/Austria/Europe,
    your's FunkyFlo

  3. That thing on top of your head looks like a dog came and took a fucking huge ass dump on it. Really!!!!! All it needs is flies all over it. 😂😂😂😂👎👎👎👎

  4. You look a lot better than Nicki Minaj. While that is a compliment, it wouldn't be difficult to look better – Nicki basically can't fit through a standard doorway in America.

  5. You look Amazing in latex. You may want to consider getting pieces that you can mix in with regular clothing too. Latex leggings or a latex shirt/top.

  6. Can you comment on the sizes you bought? Just made my first purchase on William Wilde! I am stoked but nervous about sizing.

  7. Thank you very much I really appreciate it. It is nice to know I can use bar soap. I didn't even know you could was in slurry warm water.

  8. I make my own latex never had so much fun wearing it it's wonderful … remember when I first see that I thought to myself that's for me I love wearing latex I love latex latex is me

  9. you are beutifull =) especially in latex look like a latex model, secound career? anyhow nice all around=)

  10. I love your accent, and I happen to be a cross dresser who loves latex. my favorite is of course the black out fit and thank you for the latex lesson.

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