$8000 Wedding Dress Budget – The Perfect Dress

$8000 Wedding Dress Budget – The Perfect Dress

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  1. I love Keasha.. I miss her on Kleinfeld's Say yest to the dress.., I love the blush dress with the big belt.. gorgeous

  2. none of those dresses look like they should be worth 8000 dollars. I've seen stuff for 1500 that look more wauw than anything she put on

  3. Did her mother really just say that the bride's her favourite daughter??!! OMG. Just… OMG. And no, it so obviously wasn't a joke, she absolutely meant it. Sorta pleased now that the bride bought the dress with the weird bow on it, that looked like my great-aunt'd stuck it on as a joke after-thought…

  4. Love the Mum “I am not meant to say it,but she is my favourite daughter!!”I have seen the second dress in the Blush colour, on Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta , and I always love it!!!!

  5. I am glad to see the sisters are 'adult friends' and support one another even though thery are opposing times in their lives without negative energy.

  6. what's with the bride's mother…what a cutting remark about her 1st daughter, so painful to hear that!!!

  7. I laugh at the fact that now hit key she doesn't work for Kleinfeld you hardly ever see her and all black. LOL. I work for a boutique and you have to wear black so I feel her pain. When I leave my job I'll probably burn every piece of black I have.

  8. What mother does that?! Obviously it wasn't that hard to say she's my favorite. Maybe that's one of the real reasons why they weren't close. Parents ruin children.

  9. That 1st dress is so boring. Looks like it could be bought for $1000 not $8000. Hate when they say “she wants a fashion forward dress” then put her in boring bland factory made dresses

  10. the dresses were not that beautiful at all… with 8000 being the budget i’d expect mORE ya knw? i dont even wanna talk abt the “family”

  11. Shame on your mother. Considering your sister is older she will more than likely be the one to have to take care of her if something happened. I did not even watch after that statement.

  12. I had a mother like that, with a favorite child. It doesn't make for a loving childhood. Shame on that woman! All children should be loved uniquely and individually. How hurt the other daughters must have felt after hearing and seeing that comment?? Though, I'm sure that they sensed it all along.

  13. Okay this sounds crazy but what if they tricked them into thinking he had cancer to get the money

  14. Omg 8,000.00 why? On a wedding dress that you are going to wear ONE time, and for a few hours. I don't understand how or why anyone would spend that kind of money on a wedding dress. I'm almost sick at my stomach. If I was young and getting married I would start a year in advance and I would look for a used dress or even go to the thrift stores. Have the dress dry clean. I've seen beautiful wedding dresses for 89.00 to 200.00 dollars. No one has to know where the dress came from. I guess the rich has it like that!!!p.s. you can have the dress altered to fit.

  15. First sister needs a better family or someone in her life,who will love her.She doesn't deserve this mother.

  16. Can't imagine what the older sisters childhood was like. Shame on the mom for saying that & Shame on the show for sharing that 🙁

  17. LMFAO..Mom nothing wrong with having a favorite I'm the youngest and I am also my mom's favorite😁😂😂😂😂😂

  18. If she would have gone to say Yes to the dress, she would get far more beautiful dresses for $8000🤷‍♀️

  19. Is it me.. but I'm so not a fan of the consultant.. 🤔 saw previous episodes and she didn't give me that vibes..

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