#89: Iron Man Hand Part 1 – Cereal Box (free PDF) | Costume Prop How to DIY

#89: Iron Man Hand Part 1 – Cereal Box (free PDF) | Costume Prop How to DIY

cereal box check palm size, i’m building left hand if the cereal box is too thin, i glue 2 layers the next day… knuckles base fingers glue paper to hide seams cut small cereal box pieces as support cable organizer / wire loom cut into 15mm wide strip yes, sometime i heat hot glue with lighter trim cardboard to adjust the fingers length to be continued… links in the info box below & my blog

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  1. How do I make it so I can print the PDF to my size hand, I can't figure out how to move the picture sections onto four different pages

  2. A4 e uyumlu değil istesenizde yapamazsınız kağıt türünü söylememiş yapacağı işi ben …..

  3. Hello, im having a hard time finding ribbed tubing in any of my local stores, so im just curious, where did you get them?

  4. Hey 🙂
    I'm doing the gauntlet right now, and I don't see where you use the circle, the arc that is printed near the palm and the arc that is printed on the same page as the thumb's parts? Do you use them? Thanks 🙂

  5. Im finishing my Iron Man paper mache hand now. The only thing thats missing is the paint, repulser and the thumb!

  6. Hi, thanks for the template (free!) and this workthrough video! erm, but I wonder, I mean I check the video but still not sure there is one two head arrow on template, one is pointing at number 4, another is a band thing, I don't know where is this thing suppose to go? Sorry for trouble!

  7. Hey I want to print the template and scale it to my hand… what's the left hand scaled at? From watching your other video, am I right in gussing it's 180mm?

  8. Quite the legend you are mate. Pinterest wants 20-40 dollars depending on suit, and ALL I WANT IS THE HAND. THANKS. Now I just gotta find out how to turn your doc into 4 pieces

  9. the paper never would work with any of my printers 0 / 10, because i never was able to see it in person
    piece of shit printes

  10. Just a question, can you really clench your fist fully while wearing that? Or just partially? I'm from the past by the way…I just time travelled here in 2019..anyways please answer and find a solution to clench it fully without being uncomfortable

  11. Amigo. Sos un genio. Yo también hago este tipo de cosas. Me encanto. Veo si lo puedo hacer. Crack esta re bueno😎👌

  12. Dude this is so dope I couldn’t help subbing I look forward to more of you content keep up the great work

  13. I have the templates for the right hand and im also going to make his helmet. It will be a Dope cosplay but still thanks for the vid!

  14. I can’t get the template to print
    It just prints a blank page with writing in the bottom left
    Can anyone help?

  15. Could this be made of children's craft foam because I'd like to adapt this to the infinity stones iron man arm except I'm right handed lol

  16. When I print it out, it’s too small. Does anyone know any way to make it bigger? When I hit default, it makes one section bigger and that’s great, but it won’t let me move it around to the other sections? Some help would be greatly appreciated.

  17. I love the hand and really wanna make it but when I print it it only prints the one part set how do I print the rest? Pleae help ASAP please! Thanks!

  18. This is just incredible…You gave me a really big help to make an Iron man suit! 😉

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