99 cent store halloween costume challenge

99 cent store halloween costume challenge

so it’s currently 7 p.m. you guys and as you guys can see daylight saving is over therefore that means that we’re gonna have to save on another scene which will be our makeup and that is why we’re heading to the 99-cent store thank me later hey guys so today we have this beautiful bag from the 99-cent store hashtag not sponsored just yet because one day I will be but anyways until then we have we have a foil paper that we’re gonna use later on for this custom today and of course I have to get each and every cream paint that I saw so we literally have any color possible I guess well at least the ones that I had and yeah so as you guys can see we have all these campaigns as I said and today we’re gonna try to make the best thing out of nothing I guess and yeah we should be making a Halloween look custom I should say because we also have these so yeah so without further ado let’s just move into these so Isaac as you can see I already have one contact in one eye and that’s because one side of my face is gonna be like a glamorous side kind of a thing so for that side I’m actually going to use this new palette this is the desi xkt from the dose of colors collaboration so actually what I’m gonna be doing right now it’s literally I’m just gonna do like a smoky Brown I just like very you know fashionable and all this kind of stuff and by the way just for the record I just want to say one thing while I’m doing my eye real quick we were supposed to be having like a very different video today like we were supposed to be having a storytime about how my wedding got canceled but guess what I couldn’t film that due to the fact that we had trucks outside of the house like all day long and I I wasn’t able to do it so that’s that and um yeah I thought I’m gonna let you guys all know about that because I know you guys want that storytime so bad but don’t worry it’s coming I promise you it is coming so right now as you guys can see there’s nothing new here basically what I do I just like you know just like a very natural in a way brown smokey eye but it won’t be that natural by the end of it so if you guys understand what I mean so the glam side is almost ready to go we still have a few finishes you know at the end of this video but for now we’re gonna go ahead and start with the paint cream paint time for them and with the hope that it’s good and our trash but I guess that’s why we’re doing this video you know to figure that out so anymore okay now I’m just gonna need brush and I’m not sure oh this is very creamy first of all so that’s the coverage although it says a buildable coverage so that should be very interesting it’s kind of feel like a toothpaste more of like a cream paint so I know but I could be wrong and actually it does looks pretty decent if you can see I mean coverage wise so I have a good feeling about this whole situation so what am I going to do right now basically I’m just gonna map out my face because if you guys oh I actually forgot to say what I’m doing so what I’m gonna do basically is just like have a fortune teller and half skull this was something that I saw online and I was like oh my god this is so beautiful I want to recreate that so there’s that so right now that’s all I’m gonna do I’m just gonna basically map out my face and we’re just gonna start with the eye obviously and if we are scald and we have a black eye so there is nothing new here just gonna cover that it is very oily I’m gonna tell you this much right now so if you have an oily skin then you might want to avoid these paints specifically I’m just gonna have to set it right away when it’s on my eyelids so that I won’t have any creasing just gonna be taking on the black eyeshadow and I do have a lot in here this is obviously not from the 99-cent store but right now we’re going to set wow this is so oily my brush is literally my brush is literally wet by the way you guys this doesn’t really have to be perfect because when was the last time that you saw a perfect skull I mean besides those Halloween tutorials so if you want a realistic look you know you might as well just want to make it very messy so now we’re gonna do this melting apart right over here I don’t know if you guys can actually see you know the drawing that I did over here because it’s like super thin so I don’t know if you guys can tell I can really see the monitor from here but what I’m gonna do right now basically once again I’m just gonna take the black paint and I’m just gonna cover that like so I’m actually not picking up any more product because honestly this one deep was just like way too much because as you guys can see it’s kind of good and it’s kind of like fading in so that is actually perfect for me and yeah so we’re gonna leave it at that [Music] flash news you guys I just like heat the pan I don’t know if you guys can see but let me just bring it really close to the camera can you guys see the pan already so oh no I just know I look crazy that’s fine it’s just for now you guys there’s nothing else to do but yeah so I think it’s gonna see I kind of did like some shading in here so that it looks as if you know the skull is like cracked or whatever something like that so yeah so we’re gonna do the blending ness some sort of something like that I’m just gonna tap it so that the black did you see that that’s what I did literally took my finger and I dab it that’s all you need to do because those paints are like so oily as I said so that’s all you need and if you’re gonna just drag it you know with a brush that’s just gonna ruin everything so these shading for as of right now it’s kind of like okay I’m just gonna do some more right over here [Music] besides the teeth that it was really hard for me to do because I normally do that with like aqua paint so that’s a lot easier this was a little bit tricky I must say but as you guys can see a girl have teeth so there is that and so from here what I’m gonna do I’m just gonna you know do this third eye or whatever [Music] so for these last party guys I’m actually gonna be using these gold leaf that I found on eBay for you get set $0.99 so I thought you know it will just be appropriate to use it for this makeup look so what I’m gonna be doing right now I’m just gonna take these lash glue I know I will be regretting that so bad and just like the moment I will want to take it off I’m just gonna be taking those gold leaf and I’m gonna create something that looks like a tear you know and yeah we’re gonna be finished with this look so that is the final look you guys as you guys can see we have these really cute top going on here something that is more appropriate for like you know a fortune-teller I would say we have the golden tier right up in here and we also have this really you know bold statement kind of an earrings we have this scarf going on and the skull obviously so everything is like good to go pretty much and one last thing before we finish this video if you guys remember we have this fall right over here and so you know a fortune-teller will always have her crystal ball in our hand so what are we gonna do basically it’s just gonna be like Sohni they would just imitate all these thing right over here I didn’t open it right this is always happening like y-yeah thank you okay so anyways it’s gonna take me a second you guys mm-hmm two thousand years later okay so that is my crystal ball on a budget ready to go once again if you guys have the time you can definitely go ahead and make like the foil really smooth one the one that looks more bougie if you will and I yeah that is pretty much it for this video guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please go ahead and make sure you give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel down below here also if you’re already here then might as well is already gonna click the bell right over there because we’re gonna have some more videos for Halloween and all that kind of jazz and yes that is pretty much it thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys on the next one that’s what the crystal ball just told me [Applause] [Music]

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  1. Love you so much!
    אין עלייך לירזוש! יש בך המון חן וקסם ייחודי 💗😘 תודה על הכל 🙂 תתחדשי

  2. מהממת!! האיפור יצא מושלםםםםםםםםםםםם wow❤️❤️
    לירזוש מאיפה העגילים הנדירים שלך? ועדיין אפשר לרכוש אותם?

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