19 Replies to “A day in the life of a British clothing factory”

  1. I use to work in a sewing factory loved it but was made redundant 🙁 was the best job ever making clothes for M&S

  2. I am from Egypt and I hope to work with you as the economic situation is very weak and you are very grateful

  3. We british were the first huge industrial country, we should get back to making on a huge scale, our tractors and cars are gladly seeing huge investment and are now increasing the output by hundreds of thousands a year, we need to do this with our clothing manufacturers, invest and buy.

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  5. what Made in UK represents is high quality and consistencies. the brits should show more support towards british made products as overseas customers has strong demand for a tag that says made in the UK. It is glad to see that the british garment industry is seeing a revival.

  6. I live in Nottinghamshire and it feels great to wear clothes made by the people in the place only a short bus journey away and they are paid living wage and don't live in shady sweatshop factory. Plus no transport cost. Keep British factories going please!

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