A Man’s Guide To Shorts – How To Wear Shorts – Wearing Men’s Shorts With Style

A Man’s Guide To Shorts – How To Wear Shorts – Wearing Men’s Shorts With Style

A Man’s Guide To Shorts – How To Wear Shorts
– Wearing Men’s Shorts With Style A Man’s Guide to Wearing Shorts presented
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button. Okay, what is the goal of this video? It’s
to prevent this. Yes, sir, if you don’t know how to wear shorts, this could be you. Let’s
jump into it. First, a bit of history. HISTORY Shorts, their origins are with children and
it was part of school prep, basically young men that went to prep schools. That was the
only time in their lives they really wore shorts outside of athletic events. And it
was simply many reasons for it, one of them, kids were just notorious for tearing holes
in their clothing, and this was great. It worked well for young men, but when you became
an adult, you did not wear shorts. That’s why actually there are quite a few men out
there who still feel shorts are not appropriate wear. A funny thing happened though in World War
I and World War II, is that shorts were brought into military uniforms and men became accustomed
and they enjoyed the benefits of wearing them. After that, Hollywood and fashion designers
grabbed a hold of shorts and they brought them to the masses soon afterwards. WHEN TO WEAR SHORTS There really two rules: 1. There should be a good reason, so the temperature
should be hot, you should be in the right environment, and your location plays into
that as well. So in areas like Bermuda, wearing shorts actually with a blazer jacket, that’s
pretty common. 2. When you’re not conducting business or
attending a formal ceremony/event. Now, there are some guys in the fashion industry that
I guess can get away with this, but if you are conducting business or you’re going to
be at a formal event, you need to wear trousers HOW LONG SHOULD SHORTS BE Okay, so we see three different lengths here.
I can tell you the guy over on the far left, those are too short in my opinion, but some
guys, they’re comfortable with that, but I would recommend not going beyond two to three
inches above the knee. Once you start going into that realm of shorts, they lose — at
least in North America, it’s not something we really want to see. Maybe over in Eastern
Europe, you can get away with a little bit shorter shorts, but I would love to hear from
you guys in the comments on that. Athletic shorts, they can always be shorter
because they serve a function. They allow you to move freely. Running shorts, I remember
running cross-country in college and those things were pretty short, but at the end,
they need not to restrict movement and as we were competing at a pretty high level,
it wasn’t an issue. FIT Better close than loose. The thing with shorts
is that they only add bulk to the top part of the hips and the top thighs. And you don’t
want to get the chicken leg look, and that will happen if your shorts are too baggy or
they billow out on the sides, so try to avoid pleats on shorts unless you have a large hip
area. COLOR It affects the mood and the formality, so
the short at the top left hand corner, those are the most common. Those are going to be
the easiest to match. Once we start bringing in reds, blues, greens, all of a sudden, it
adds a bit of — it makes them more informal, more fun. You’re going to stand out a bit
more. At the same time, by sticking with a solid and a traditional style, pretty much
any man can be able to pull this off. POCKETS, PATTERNS, STYLES This starts to dictate the formality and the
use of the shorts, and how often you can wear them. The shorts over to the right hand side,
obviously, they have a lot of pattern. They’ve got a cargo pocket. These are very casual
and they’re a bit memorable. So if you wear these to an event, let’s say a gathering,
you can’t really wear them the next day because people are going to remember. You could get
away with the shorts we’ve just shown, especially the more simple. The less flashy the shorts,
the more you’re going to be able to get out of it in terms of wear. Now, the shorts we have here, bottom left
hand corner, they’ve got zipper cargo pockets, deep pockets. They’ve got a sport belt. These
are made more for hiking and they serve a great purpose for that, but they should remain
in the hiking realm. So if you’re going to be attending a family get-together, you probably
don’t want to be wearing these shorts. WHAT TO AVOID All right, let’s look at these. They are too
long and those strings hanging near the ankles, unnecessary. These shorts, a bit too loud and too short,
they’re really drawing attention right to your crotch area and that’s really not where
a gentleman wants all of the eyes in the audience to be focused on. These shorts right here, they look like swim
shorts. I know that these are actually — they’re trying to sell them as casual shorts that
you can wear around town. I wouldn’t recommend it even if you were in the military. WHAT TO WEAR WITH SHORTS Let’s talk about shoes. By the way, this image
came over from Primer, and primer.com has a great tutorial. If you go back to the article,
I link you to it, but they’ve got a great visual on what to wear with shorts, but there
are a lot of options. A lot of the times, guys are just wearing
sandals, but sandals should only be worn in very casual situations such as the beach.
Otherwise, look to something like driving moccasins, boat shoes, casual penny loafers,
and leave the socks or wear hidden socks underneath. You don’t really want socks showing, and canvass
sneakers or any type of slip-on shoe. SHIRTS TO WEAR WITH SHORTS All right, one of the easiest ones to pull
off is the polo shirt. There are a lot of different brands, many colors as you can see,
a very easy match, and you don’t have to tuck it in, although you can tuck it in and it’ll
give it quite, I think, a smarter look. You can also wear colored shirts that button
up, and here to the left, we’ve got a classic shirt that we see in the summer, very lightweight
material. Over here to the right, we’ve got a chambray long sleeve. You’re wondering,
“Okay, how would I wear a long sleeve shirt with shorts?” Well, you would just roll it
up and it gives a much more refined look even when untucked. Now, these pictures come from
the company, STAG. They’re in Austin, Texas and they’ve got a great website, so go check
out stagaustin.com. Finally, top it off with a great pair of classic
sunglasses. I’m using a pair of Aviators here from Ray-Ban, but you can go with Wayfarers.
You’ve got to think in the summer you’re wearing less, so your accessories mean more. All right. That’s it. Thank you for paying
attention to this video. Again, if you haven’t subscribed, we’d appreciate it and that way,
these videos and more like this will come right to you.

100 Replies to “A Man’s Guide To Shorts – How To Wear Shorts – Wearing Men’s Shorts With Style”

  1. The length of the shorts really depends on the style of the shorts. Some shorts look ridiculous if they cover the knees. Some look ridiculous if they're like 3 inches above the knees, but some shorts look good with that much clearance.

  2. I look forward to wearing shorts this Summer. I just ordered a pair of Dark Purple and Mild Yellow Shorts. Hope they don't turn out looking too loud. I'm not accustom to wear shoes without socks. Normally have stuck to a sort of casual looking pair of sketchers. Wondering if you would have a recommendation for shoes that would be the most comfortable, but have the least chance of getting dirty. I live in Shanghai, and the streets can get kind of filthy in some areas.

  3. Please do some research, there are certain rules to follow for wearing shorts and your tastes can be terribly poor middle class American; rule number 1)Shorts are never to be worn in the city.

  4. a mans guide to shorts is if your over 35 years old and over your short days are over
    but if your in euro zone a speedo is good till 50 years old on beach and sexy

  5. short shorts look i can not find short shorts for i buy man swinsuits an i pull then up as far as i can an i rull then up too thy look like short shorts

  6. These look like white men styles, I have a brown skin color like a Mexican, would these styles look good on me? I have leg hair as well so. Please reply.

  7. This is definitely toward adults rather than average teenagers in the city. Because most encounters and events in everyday life is casual so I'll keep this in mind getting into my 30's

  8. In the article: "Shorts are casual, so the shirt should be too. Don’t wear a long-sleeved, button-fronted, collared shirt with shorts. Even with the sleeves rolled up it’s too much of a stylistic mix-and-match."

    What a ridiculous statement. Never wear short-sleeved button-ups EVER. A long-sleeved button-up in a casual weave with rolled up sleeves is a much, much better look. You state that "socks and sandals are a pairing for old German men on vacation and no one else", and yet you recommend short-sleeved shirts, which is exactly what that old german would be wearing. Yuck.

  9. Long chino shorts that finish just below the knees, paired with some suede loafers (use liner socks).
    Complete the look with a polo t shirt or something like a military vintage shirt and you're good to go.
    Thank God I was born in London.
    This guy makes America sound like its a decade behind European fashion.

  10. Antonio love your videos! I have a question, maybe something you can make a video about. I wear glasses, and I love my glasses so I don't want to use contacts for the sole reason of being able to use sunglasses. so my question is, how should people with glasses dress in the summer?

  11. I have very built legs and large thighs from both lifting and birth. I have always found it hard to find a pair of comfortable jeans. I generally wear a nice pair of khaki shorts.

  12. Ignore the fashionistas and just wear shorts whenever you want to – you set your own rules and you make your own fashions. You can express your own identity and stand out from the crowd. Try out different colours and tops and don't be afraid to wear sandals if you find them comfortable. Please don't wear sunglasses if the sun isn't shining or on the tube/metro/underground – you won't be able to see where you are going!

  13. Please move your mouth further from your microphone on your future videos, the sound of your saliva made the video unwatchable for me

  14. What about athletic sneakers? I hate sandals and some of those shoes. They just look feminine and to me they just don't look right.

  15. this tips are good . forget what they think but i do agree sometime si do wera sloppy when i am going out a while

  16. Lmao. Gotta love the way how this guy calmly and seriously describes things like how long your shorts should be :D.

  17. I wear my shorts with only a 6-8 inch inseam and I've got nothing but compliments while wearing my shorts. You can definitely pull off short, flat-front chino shorts as long as the fit is right. Remember, the fit must be fairly close to your thighs even if it has to be elastic.

  18. Personally, I wear my clothes to look as average but as unpreppy as I can. For shorts this means slightly baggier but never sagging and just covering the knees while standing. Now trying to find shorts like that are a pain and I usually just get basketball shorts.

  19. coming from south Spain I've never been interested in matching shirt with shorts. I just wear long and I don't care about the heat. But as I went to Bratislava I saw two guys with really short shorts and shirt and it fitted them very much. watching your video I haven't learned rules but I've understood the motives thank you very much

  20. have 2 questions, how many shorts do you reccomend? and in what colors? if you can that you can combine them effectively to maybe keep the cost down

  21. Gosh, I really needed this. Singapore is hot ALL THE TIME. I actually don't like wearing shorts (my body frame is not conducive, I think). I'd wear long pants all the time but, its just too hot too often. My question Antonio:
    1. What are good lightweight pants to wear (casual, non-dress) and the best material to use?
    2. What are the best neutral colors for pants (summer weather of Asia) for most shirts?
    3. Since many pant-cuts are Asian-cut, here, can you recommend a reliable, trustworthy online site to order from?


  22. In south Italy where I live part time, shorts are worn about 2-3 inches above the knee when worn casually. However when you wear it with a tucked in white dress shirt they are worn about an inch above the knee. They love their playful color shorts too like salmon.

  23. I like the advice generally but disagree just a little on length. If you're going to wear shorts they should be shorts, not half pants. So, I'm comfortable with the 7 inch short which is the one criticized in the video, I also think 9 inches are a good length. My opinion – shorts should almost always be from 7 – 9 inches. I see some 5 inch shorts but it's not a good look and not for me, except perhaps at home on a really hot day, I can't imagine wearing them out. Nevertheless, some guys at Stanford started a company, Chubbies more for younger men that are all 5.5 inches. I agree with the history and the association with school boys. A lot of older men late 50's, like me, wouldn't be caught dead wearing shorts because that's something only children wear. On the other hand, at least here in Texas it's so damn hot that wearing shorts make a lot of sense. There doesn't seem to be the same kind of debate in the Southwest about this as perhaps in NY circles. Just my two cents worth. One last thing, generally speaking I like drab colors for men in shorts such as light grey, khaki's of two types, solid blue, etc.

  24. Go on any college campus in America [esp. in the South] and you're going to see frat stars and equivalents wearing shorts shorter than the guy on the left. The difference is, they often have the legs/body to pull it off and their shorts don't idiotically and unflatteringly flare as they go down. A short that length with a proper taper looks great on someone with the legs for it.

  25. key word you used in this vid is "gentlemen" Can you do a video on the modern def of a gentlemen ? Thx

  26. Shorts originally worn by boys? It depends how far back you go, Shorts or 'knee breeches' almost certainly go back further than trousers for men too. Until the late 18th century men wore knee breeches and hose (stockings). That's why, for example, in France at the time of the Revolution poorer men were known as 'sans culottes' (without breeches), because they wore coarse, badly cut trousers instead of knee breeches and hose.

  27. This video was helpful for me I did agree with it I do like my shorts up to the knee. In the summer I always wear either khaki or grey dress shorts in public as long as I'm not at work or a ceremony which I agree with also I do wear color dress shorts. In public I never like to wear sports shorts I just think of it as a "no! no!" for me. When I wear color dress shorts either red or blue which are my favorite colors it's not that I don't dress right I just only know how to wear a white shirt like a button up or a shirt with a collar but I think really it's my favorite color. I thought my white t-shirt with that American flag was perfect for my color shorts. The shoes were helpful for me but my favorite ones are sneakers and boat shoes. Oh also, really I'm saying "No" to Slip-on Plimsolls not my favorite type.

  28. Here in the UK we like to wear our short at least one inch above our knees and then we like to roll them up to add style.
    We either wear jean shorts or chinos.

    We wear slightly different shorts and different materials depending on what it is we are going to be doing such as; fitness or any sports or athletics and swimming.

  29. How to wear shorts with style?

    http://artofmanliness.com/2012/05/30/guide-to-shorts/ This video complements my article on shorts over at the Art of Manliness.

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  30. In Britain it’s the law, when you’re over 50 to wear over baggy long shorts and flip flops in the rain….

  31. Sweatshirts and shorts? I like my legs to be cool but my chest to be cozy and warm is that alright or if I do that am I a communism lol

  32. Why cant men show legs in an office context, while women can ? Why is the society so unfair, and bound to this unlogical traditions, transformed into law ?

  33. Not sure why but I hate you and your voice . It sounds like you’re have lot of clicking with your mouth . – also expensive leather flip flops are good with anything in Texas. GFYS

  34. If short shorts are good enough for boys fighting African communists out in the bush, they should be good enough for you at any occasion.

  35. Who made these rules ? Fashion changes constantly, and what is in fashion today will be laughed at tomorrow. I live in Texas, and only wear pants maybe three times a year .*
    Also, why do none of these people have hair on their legs ?

    I find it more and more difficult to find shorts that aren't super wide, and have an overabundance of puffy pockets.
    I have several of these ( khaki / cargo ) shorts like this, because it's what is allowed at work, but it really does make a person look like they have a dress on from certain angles.
    Especially with small legs that can't fill in the massive void.

    Anything you wear today, will be laughed at tomorrow.

    * I go naked the rest of the time
    ( sarcasm )

  36. This video covers entirely every aspect of shorts; only other than layering, I think it was avoided due reasons like high temperature but if possible why not layer with printed t-shirts and casual shirts, Ur view needed. Good video once again.

  37. Cargo shorts give me a place to put my iPhone, wallet, keys and know they won’t fall out and get lost !!

  38. Now just a minute please I’ve worn over the calf socks with shorts before and nobody has ever judged me.

  39. I disagree about the rules of whem. I wear mine all year. I have worn my shorts in formal meetings. The rules are wear what YOU feel and use Trial and error

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