A TRIP TO BATU CAVES : KUALA LUMPUR (How to reach, dress code, entrance fee)

A TRIP TO BATU CAVES : KUALA LUMPUR (How to reach, dress code, entrance fee)

I’ve arrived at Batu Caves from KL Sentral in 2.60 Ringgit. And here the escalator isn’t working! This is a steep climb! And we meet again. Right now, I’m in the KTM. I’ll be reaching Batu Caves soon. This station’s name is Kampung Batu. You can find charging points in this train. I’m charging my phone here. And charging my GoPro from my laptop. The TV screen in the front displays the upcoming station, current time and other relevant information. The arrival and departure points of this train are also being displayed. Shall be reaching Batu Caves soon. It has been 20 to 25 minutes in the train so far. I’ve arrived at Batu Caves from KL Sentral in 2.60 Ringgit. A lot of Indian sweets! A gentleman me advised not to hang the shoulder bag only on one side. It could be snatched away. This is going to be a fruitful exercise! A lot of monkeys. People should not leave plastic bottles like this. This place is really big! Lord Kartikeya’s bodyguard, Idumban. I didn’t really like Maths and Science in school! A subscriber and a new friend from Amritsar, Punjab! It’s almost half past seven in the clock. There are about 272 steps here. From down to the top. I started descending at 7:35 PM. It will probably take 5 minutes to reach the bottom. The uphill ascent might take 20 to 25 minutes. It took exactly 5 minutes for the descent.

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  1. "eta hoche fountain, fountain r kache mandir, ami jni na " grt varun dada ☺❤❤ #bengali ab se aseh tora tora video main bengali dalte rahena, maja ata hain☺

  2. I really like watching your videos. I'll be waiting for your new videos. I am interested in traveling to other foreign countries like you and to know the culture and experience the new places like you. Thank you Sir.

  3. bhai i do not know where you are staying right now but if ppl randomly come and approach you then please runaway from them because there are alot of thieves roaming out there.
    and all these thefts happen only by evening. so please be alert. because i have had horrible experiences in kuala lumpur.

  4. कृपया हमें हिंदी उपशीर्षक भी दें, खासकर जब आप अन्य भाषाओं में बात कर रहे हों, ऐसे कई सदस्य हैं जो केवल हिंदी को जानते हैं

  5. from your experience which country is the best for someone traveling abroad first time.in terms of visa process to locality of the country

  6. very much disappeared that Varun didn't tell about Tamils and lord Murugan temple. he should have given a short explanation how Tamils settled in Malaysia from prehistoric period. BTW the word Batu (பத்து) means number 10 in Tamil. the caves are at the top of ten hills.

  7. Hello sir,

    How are you

    Sir main Delhi SE Hun mjhe apki help ki zarurat h Mera south Korea Ka tourist visa reject ho gya h plz guide kijiye kase main south Korea Ka visa le sakta hun

    If it's possible plz give me your whatsup number

  8. sir plz …..solo travel kariye …and sath me hitchhiking and couchsurfing bhi kariye ….becoz …..adventure or asali maja usi me h jo aap russiya trip me kar rhe the …….aise to bahut sare palned travellers or youtubers h jo places ko explore karte h ……but apke youtube me un sabse hat k kuch alag hi bat thi …jo shayed ab najar nhi aa rhi h …..mujhe lagta h ki apko apne pahle wale form me aa jana chahiye ….ho sake to aap apni hitch hike ko paid hitch hike bhi bana sakte ho or paid couchsurfing bhi kar sakte ho ….ya ho sake to full blog scripted hi banao per janab adventure ko wapis lao ……apne pahle bhi kiya hua h ..apme guts h aap kar sakte ho …,

  9. Hi….great videos as always. Can you please share what all photographic gear you use to make your videos. Thanks

  10. Bro ur video views r going down…reasons..u r not responsive to comments n suggestions. Quality of vlog is going a bit down not much and ur timings its alrdy 3 days.u suppose to upload a video today…very dissapointed again…

  11. Thanks to upload varun bhai..
    acutly am angry on u from 6 month becz u not upload my video in batucaves….. 😊

  12. hello sir yours all the videos are very nice and amazing.
    sir i want to know your video editior software please tell about your software

  13. You're doing a great job Varun! I so love the simplicity of your vlogs. 😍 Finally watching all the vlogs which I missed last month.

  14. Hum Hindustani hu. Lekhin yeh Malaysia hamara mulk… hamara mulk visit karne ke liye bahot bahot shukriya. Juk juk jiyo. Ainda mai awungga Hindustan main

  15. Hi how much is the entrance fee? Is there any dress code needed? I enjoyed your video. Thanks for sharing

  16. भाई मलेशिया में भारत कहा से आ गया, बहुत अच्छा लगा

  17. Awesome

    Aap bhagwaan ka dusra Roop ho sir ji apke Saath ek selfie mil jayega to Mera jiwan safal ho jaega

    I m Huge fan of yours

    You are awesome

    Bs ek reply de dijiye sir ji please
    Yahi ki Russia 10 days trips ka kitna budget aaega

    With Hostel, food, flight from Kolkata, local transportation,

    Please reply me my GOD

  18. Oh my gashh …now i know the name of this cave. I Only see it in pictures… i will list that in my note to visit next month

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