45 Replies to “a way too long haul of clothes i didn't need”

  1. a coincidence that ive been watching your old haul vids all day and then you post another one?
    i think not. you look happier recently 💖

  2. You're always so beautiful 😍 I watch every video you make an congrats on the sponsors you deserve it Danielle

  3. You really don’t know how excited I get when you release a video😭 also your makeup looks so good

  4. When I have an essay to finish but Danielle just uploaded so im here instead 😂

    ps small youtuber 😊

  5. I wanna wear clothes like this but I literally have no idea what bra I'm supposed to wear……like do I get nipple covers or do I just not wear one ?? idk

  6. her in her assumptions video
    "Do you get hoe vibes from me?"
    Also her
    You serve major side-boob, which I love"

  7. When you a boy but you still watch the whole video because we Stan a Queen 👑 🌈🙆🏼‍♂️

  8. I was looking back through your videos for concert outfit ideas for Monsta X and this popped up…girl is you psychic? 😂😂😂

  9. Nskkejs the speed I ran to my phone when I got this notification 🤧🤧 danni girl I love u 😭😂

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