AAT 501 CUTTING COMPOUND repair and restore your clear coat

AAT 501 CUTTING COMPOUND repair and restore your clear coat

[MUSIC] Appreciate you taking the time to come check out 3D Products. In this segment we’re gonna show you the AAT 501 cutting compound. 501 cutting compound paired with the AAT lambswool. It’s hundred percent lambs wool. It’s right off the hide. It’s the kww-8 8-inch lamb’s wool pad and a brand-new k99 flexible backing plate. A flexible backplate is extremely important as far as this is all paired together because most surfaces are not flat and we want to show you how quick the AAT 501 with the lamb’s wool pad the k-88 combined with the backing plate can remove these fifteen hundreds sand scratches. Okay we’re going to take our brand new lambs wool pad, when you do is one of the first things you want to notice as we start to work here is there won’t be any lint flying all over the place. Now we’ve had in previous segments, we showed some of the benefits of the lambs wool pad. As far as why we prefer to use it. First it cuts faster than a foam pad. Second it’s actually safer and reducing heat because the natural lambs wool it is not twisted. There’s no glue or any of that and the added abrasive to it that cuts even, cuts smooth cool and gives you that nice setup for the second set, for the 502 and the polishing pad. So first thing you want to do is take and put in basically four or five small size drops. Here get your pad ready. You then want to then take and setup the speed. I have it set here at level three which is 1200 RPM and you want to work with slow back and forth motions, making sure that you’re cutting out as quickly and as evenly as possible. now you don’t have to do a whole lot of pressure. It’s designed so for those that like to keep your pad nice and flat. You go ahead and do that if you want to take and bring it up on edge just a little bit you can do that too. Notice again there’s no lint flying all over the place and the product stays right in place, so you keep it within that nice working area. You don’t have to worry about the heat. The combination of the pad and the 501 abrasive because there’s no petroleum in it; creating an artificial heat which is what’s causing a lot of cutting with some other chemicals. This is not doing that the actual mechanical chemical abrasives the chemical part of it is something that just holds the abrasive together. We are pretty much already done here. I want to make sure that I get my area of work done. You can tell it’s actually pretty self cleaning. I’m not going to really worry about wiping it up when I want to go into the polishing segment of this. Now what you are going to expect you will have wool pad marks that’s perfectly normal to have wool pad marks and holograms. Noticed here all the sand marks are gone and all you have is these big long sweeping wool pad marks and that’s supposed to be there. So that was an in-depth look at how 501quickly works in one area. I’m going to go ahead and clean up half of this hood real quick to show you how quickly this abrasive works. Take a piece of tape draw lines then you can make sure you see the difference between the two sides. [Polisher sounds] Now you see we taking the time, short amount of time, to make quick work of these fifteen hundreds grit sand marks fairly clean notice there’s not a huge mess all over the place. It wipes off easy. Self-cleaning, I didn’t even have to wipe this down. The wool pads in good shape. The product is not caked up all over the place. Its not causing deeper issues. This allows for a more even cut. We used a very minimal amount of product and you’re able to do this in a shorter time than the compounds that are out there and this is true paint correction. All you have left to do is to look us up our next episode, where we will show you how to remove these wool pad marks and these holograms in one more step creating the true two-step paint correction process that you have come to learn about come to hear about and what we’re very excited and proud about. Until next time I’m Donald Williams with 3D International we’ll see you soon! [MUSIC]

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  1. Thanks for another great video. I have a question about the wool pad. Can it be use on a dual action polisher like the RUPES????

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