Abandoned Creepy Haunted House In New Jersey

Abandoned Creepy Haunted House In New Jersey

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  1. do you know if this place is still standing and where it is located? I'm a photographer that goes to abandoned places all over NJ and I'm looking for a new place to shoot

  2. you really shouldn't go into these old homes without proper breathing protection. There could be mold and other things in the air you cannot see with the naked eye that could be really harmful to your health. You should invest in a good respirator mask.

  3. I find the creepiest abandoned houses to be the ones that still look lived in. The old dilapidated places are eerie, but there's something really unnerving about an abandoned house that looks like a family lived there up until recently.

  4. Also, those were not court papers, and you should never show anyone's name or other personal information in your videos.

  5. People who do these vids love using the word "creepy". What the hell was so "creepy" about the table in the garage? ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  6. What a awesome place to pee! How very cool thanks for recording and sharing . How dangerous that could be for you for the drifter came back ugh. Stay safe!

  7. Why would you go into an unoccupid place by yourself? What if you run into a drug deal in progress?

  8. entering abandoned homes is dangerous. Spiritually! U may not see them because spirits we cannot see,but they are there,and U will make the mistake,because they will follow U home. check your mirror in the car when u drive…………

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