Abbie Goes Wedding Dress Shopping | Counting On

Abbie Goes Wedding Dress Shopping | Counting On

OK, you guys ready? She’s, like, really
giddy in this one, so I think she might like it. ABBIE: A Dress number
three was gorgeous. It had a portrait neckline. It had a beautiful
skirt, nice sleeves. All right, Miss Abbie– Is she crying yet? Oh. Oh, yes. ABBIE: The reaction in the room
when I came out in this dress, I could just hear, ooh,
all across the room. And I thought, wow,
they like this one. It’s so pretty. Oh, I love it. I love it. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Dress number three, you could
just tell when Abbie came out in that one that it
was definitely more of what she was looking for. That is really pretty. That is so pretty. I do love this one. I really loved this dress. But you need sparkle. Yeah. Where’s your bling? There was one thing– there was no sparkle, and I was
a little concerned about that. Yeah, there’s no bling. Just because it’s really
close to the wedding, what if it’s not
actually what I want? We don’t have enough
time to make another one. But it’s lace. So nice. Can we have a belt? Sparkle it up. We need some sparkle. Some sparkle! OK, let’s see. I’ve got some things that
I can add to this dress, and one of them is a
thin layer like this, but it is nothing but sparkle. OK, bring it on. Bring it on. The best thing
about Miss Rene is that if there’s one little
element you want changed or something you want
to look different, she can transform that,
and she can make it happen. It doesn’t matter if it’s three
weeks from your wedding day. – Oh, yeah.
– Oh, yes, Abbie. Oh, wow. That’s amazing. She’s like, I’ve got
to see, I’ve got to see. Oh, my goodness. I love it. It just shimmers. That’s so pretty. That is amazing. That’s perfect. That is so pretty. Wow. You look like somebody
dusted glitter all over you. Miss Rene fixed the
no-sparkle problem by putting a sparkle skirt over top of it. And the whole thing
just shimmered. It was gorgeous. – I like the.
– [INAUDIBLE] belt with it. Yeah. I love that. But there was no
sparkle to the top. I just want to make sure that
the top and the bottom match. This definitely is a
contender to be my dress.

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  1. I remember shopping for my wedding dress! It is an important decision .. but nothing as close to other decisions in your life that lead to greatness.

  2. If you have nice BODY, 🤗 every dress look good
    But if you are 🐧 penguins body ,sorry ,you have to try a lot 😞😔😞😔

  3. What I gotta wonder about this is that there's so many weddings one after another, how does it stay special? I mean, in typical families engagements and weddings are few and far between so when news of one comes up it's huge, it's a celebration, it's totally a special time not just in the bride and grooms' lives but in their families lives. Well, with one engagement reveal after another, one dress shopping session after another, one ceremony after another, and one reception after another, how does it not become 'just another day', how does it stay special when you're basically living, eating, and breathing weddings?

  4. I'm not going to lie…I'm jealous of these women. They get to have a ton of moments like this…shopping, picking out cute clothes for themselves and their children, hanging out together and sharing conversation. They are able to stay home with their kids…they don't have to leave their own families to go out into the world and work with everyone else's. They have husbands who love them, care for them, and provide for and protect them. Their children's fathers are all in the picture. They are beautiful and seem genuinely content. I wish I had chosen to live my life this way instead of following the world.

  5. It would be more appropriate to buy a ball and chain – which one of the uneducated cult is she signing her life away to?

  6. I wounder what happens to the dresses after ??
    They are so savee with money buying second hand ect these dresses ant cheap

  7. Abbie’s dress is very pretty: nice and simple, but with some snap. Given how many bridal appointments Jana has been on with her sisters and friends, I wonder what she will be looking for in a dress when she gets married… all I know is she will look *amazing*!

  8. What a wonderful way to welcome someone into the family. They set up an impromptu wedding dress salon for her. This was such a wonderful display of love

  9. Just curious to know if she minds his very small equipment. Surprised that anything works with that little worm

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