Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Totoro Costume!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Totoro Costume!

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  1. Watch Adam walk the New York Comic Con floor in his Totoro costume here:

  2. Hm, If you had added a 1-way see-through mouth, you maybe wouldn't have needed a camera sticking out of his head 😛 Still, just amazing at how this thing looks. It's so fluffy!

  3. One of the biggest things I've learned that has helped across multiple facets of my life is that people who do well at anything don't avoid making mistakes, they learn how to correct them. Seamstresses, model builders, and woodworkers know this better than most, but it's applicable to everything.

  4. I So Love this guy….You are living the life I Dreamed…. Please keep living the Dream… if you stop I die. Bless you and your madness ^__^

  5. I just wanna say! You are not only really adorable and super joyful -what made me smile and laugh along with you! But you are the type of sewer(?) and crafter I wanna be myself too! You draw around your arm and just sew it! And you just do it! You see something and your mind is working, I can see it through the screen. I just want to say, you are enlightening and encouraging me! You just became my personal rolemodel – for real! You are amazing!!! Thank you so so so much! ❤

  6. For future reference/any one who wants to make this: To make the change of fabric stretch easier to work with, sew a fabric with the same stretch as the least streachy fabric to the streachy fabric. In this case, felt under the cream fur. You can also use fusible interfacing if its similar if you dont want to sew. Also it was amazing to hear appreciation for seamstresses. I felt the exact same way for all my mentors

  7. … I just watched a 42 minute video about someone making a suit of something that I don't even know that much about.


  8. Adam should check out Annika Victoria here on YouTube. She's helped me figure things out about sewing that I never learned in what would be considered 'home ec' in high school.

  9. Mom comes into her son's room
    Mom: hi, what are you doing?
    Son: Am watching a man climb up totoro's ass

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