Adley App Reviews | Dress Up & Makeup Barbie game | Princess Makeover Pretend Play with Dad

Adley App Reviews | Dress Up & Makeup Barbie game | Princess Makeover Pretend Play with Dad

– No – She can have a friend. – Yeah she can.
– A penguin. A bear. Do the baby bear. It’s like Niko baby bear. (bear growling) Come on Adley, get the Ipad. Come on, come on. You can do it! You’re getting so good! Good job baby! I was like, “Yo Adley how
should we start our app review?” And she said, “In Niko’s walker!” – Yeah – Was that a funny idea?
– Yeah, that was a funny idea! – [Both] Welcome to Adley’s App Review! – Guys guess what? – What? – The leprechaun came today and he went in the trap with the rope and then he climbed out of the rope. – Yeah, that was a funny video. We’ll link it after this one. – Which game should we play? I know! This one! – This one? I’ve never played, oh
this is the princess game. Dress up and makeup? – Yeah. – I’m not good at makeup! – Well we can both do it. – Okay, will you teach me? – Yeah. – Okay. – The Ice Queen. – The Ice Queen? Oo that looks like Elsa. Oo which one? – Ice. – Her face is all dirty? – Yeah we gotta put this. – What’s that? – It’s her face. – Oh, soap? – Look. – Oh, what’s that? – Purple and blueberry soap. – Purple blueberry soap? – Yeah. – Okay, can I wash it off? – Yeah. (imitates rinsing noises) – But maybe not on her nose? Because she’s gonna have a pink nose. (laughs) Hey! Next. Chips? Here eat the chips! – No! – Eat the chip! (imitates gobbling food) – You do this. – Oo, cleaning her eyebrows. You forgot one! Doop doop! What’s that do? – Makes her face more cleaner. – More cleaner? – Yeah. – Oh wow. This is the cleanest face I’ve ever seen. What’s that stuff? – It’s this. – Snowflake eyeballs? – See and it comes off. – Oo pretty! And what does that do? – I can put these on and then do this. – Oo you’re good at that! – Pretend they’re doing makeup! That’s pretty hair! – That is pretty. – A new eyeball. I want purple eyeball. – Purple eyes? – No, pink eyes. – Pink eyes? – Oo none of these are locked Dad. – Oh good, what colors should we do? – Gold. – Gold? – She looks like Space Station Gaming. – Oo it does. – Yeah. – I like that. – What does that makeup do? – I’ll show you what it does. See? – Oh her eyes? That’s so pretty. You’re really good at this. What does that do for skin? – Yes. – Awe cute, she has pink cheeks. – None of these are locked too! – Oo should we color her eyes? – It looks
– Purple? – This one looks like a nut! (imitates putting on mascara) – Lipstick? Oh she is so pretty! Earrings? I wanna put the earrings on. – I know let’s do the heart ones! They’re more pretty! – Those are pretty. What
necklace do you wanna do? Oh that one is very pretty. It looks like a snowflake. – I know. That looks pretty! – Oh that’s way pretty. Flowers in her hair? – I wanna move that. – You wanna move that? Okay. – Now we need to go to dress up. – Oo. – I can do it. Choose the dress. That looks like Belle! – Oh that does look like Belle! That one looks like Frozen. – That one looks like Cinderella. – Yeah. – That one looks like
– Sleeping Beauty! – Aurora.
– Aurora, yeah. – Merida. – Merida’s. – Oh, I know. Purple dress. – Oh that one looks like Princess Adley. Oh gloves so she doesn’t
shoot ice and snow everywhere. And purple shoes. – Her matching dress. – Yes, it’s very cute. A wand? – I love that one. – Oh, that is a cute one. She can have a friend? – Yeah, she can have a friend.
– A penguin? A bear. Do the baby bear. It’s like Niko baby bear. What’s next? – Then you can go everywhere. – Let’s go to the snowboard mountain. Yeah. That is so cool. – Look what we made! – Cool, huh? That’s our princess. Good job! – Should we play another game? – I got a game. Can I choose the next one? – Yeah. – I know one game that’s my favorite. The monkey game! (laughs) This one’s my favorite. Okay, let’s see who can
get the most stickers. Are you ready? – Yeah! Ready!
– Okay! – Count the fruit. – [Both] One, two, three, four, five – Good job! The different fruit, nope that one! Haha I got it. – I know. – The letter A. – That one!
– Apple! Awe you’re good at A’s. Wait, no, I wanna do the sticker! Let’s do the monkey! No, the monkey! (Adley laughs) Okay, match. Nope. That one. – No. – Yes! Yay! What?! You know all of them! Hey! That was a good one! The red. That one, that one! (both laughing) (groans) One, two, three. It’s a puzzle, okay. I’m
gonna do it super fast. (both laughing) I got it! – No! – Yeah. No, the unicorn,
the rocket, space station. H for honeydew. Touch the red ones. The smallest. That one. – You said I could do it! – Okay, the monkey? – It’s like (both laughing) – Circle! The star? – I forgot. – It’s okay. Kiwi. Hexagon. Hey! How are you so fast? (Adley laughs) The horse? Maybe the monkey’s riding up in the sky. Lemon. – Ah, I wanna do this! – Okay, yeah, last one. The hippo? Another star? They’re friends? – They’re friends. That one can be the baby
star and the mommy star. – Okay. Should we do one more sticker? Okay. – Cherry. Nope, your turn. – No. Yes! Where was the grape? Do you remember? I think it was this one. Yes! – Maybe if you don’t get
the right one it’s my turn. – Okay. Hmm. Agh, your turn. No. – My turn. – Hey! – My turn. – You got them all, good job! – I got the bananas! – Octopus, or a bird! – No, I will do that. – Oh, okay. Is it flying? That was fun. Good job! (slaps) Whoa! Guys, that was fun. We did a princess makeover and
we played with the stickers. Guys, what game do you
want us to play next on Adley’s App Review? – Toka Office! – Toka Office? – Maybe we will play that next time. – Thanks for watching, bye! – Bye! (whooshes) (music)

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  1. Adley your pigtails are so cute! We didnโ€™t have a Barbie app when I was younger but I had a lot of Barbies and a big Barbie head that I would do her hair and makeup on all the time!

  2. there are lepercon traps on the back of lucky charm cereal boxes think you should try it by the way love your Chanel๐Ÿ˜˜

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