Affluent Men Love Seeing Women Wear This…

Affluent Men Love Seeing Women Wear This…

Before I start this video, I do want to
tell you that I have a free gift for you! It’s a free cheat sheet with 210 places
where you can find a rich men. I know it’s a big struggle for many, who do not
know where they can meet affluent men. But with this cheat sheet you will know
exactly where to go! download this freebie! Today’s video is about those things that rich men love when women wear. Number 1 Well, not necessarily the number 1 thing but we have to start with something. That is the color red! You see I’m wearing it,
just for the sake of it. Now men love the color red because subconsciously, they think about passion
and sex and lust when they see the color red. They might not even realize it. I remember I had this friend of mine and she had just bought a red Chanel bag and
she went for a stroll in London with it. And I remember she was telling me how
she has three men approaching her, asking for her number and actually even
complimenting her on her bag! It is funny! But you know, I keep hearing this over
and over and over again from women and also from students of mine who say that,
you know the tip you gave us about the color red, that really worked!
I did get a lot of attention and also a lot of positive male attention. And this is the thing ladies, red is a bold color, yet it’s a very classic color. It makes you stand out. So whenever you walk into a place, there’s not gonna be many people
wearing the color red. So you’re probably going to be alone,
so all eyes will be on you! Perfect for those who want to have a little bit of an attention-grabber. Wear a whole outfit in red and you will be seen, trust me! Number 2 a pair of well-tailored pants or trousers
if you are in the UK And the reason why I say
well-tailored is because rich men like all men enjoy when you can see
a nice bottom there behind. Let’s be honest. Men are men, okay? They have their instincts, they have their kind of sex alert thing
going on all the time. So if you can make your assets look absolutely amazing,
even maybe even better and close when they look in reality, then you have
a very good advantage and you should really use that advantage. What I also personally like with a pair of
well-tailored trousers, is that they really
can make your legs look really long. If you style it with some really nice heels
or if the trousers are long itself, you can wear very high heels underneath,
without actually showing the heel. But it will look like your legs are really
really long. One person who does that really well is Victoria Beckham. So if you need inspiration, you know where to look. Number 3 A well-fitted top Men don’t like bulkiness. Men don’t like when you wear something that makes you look like a mushroom or a cupcake. They like to see your shapes, okay? They love to see an hourglass if you have that. If you don’t have an hourglass, you can use some shapewear to try and get as much as possible there. But something that shows off your curves, okay? Men enjoy curves. Men enjoy seeing the bust. You don’t have to be too much. We don’t want to see any deep decolletage,
we don’t want to see everything on display here. But we want to see some sophistication,
some you know, we want to see a shape. That’s what men enjoy, that’s what gets them going. And you don’t have to wear something fancy.
It can be a simple top, as long as it’s well fitted. Number 4 Flirtatious dresses So what I mean by flirtatious dresses
is basically flowy materials. They can be long, they can be mini, they can be mid. It really depends.
They’re not vulgar because you know, I don’t believe in vulgar fashion. But they’re like,
they make you feel like a goddess when you wear them. And that is the secret to connect
with feminine energy in you, the feminine energy that will attract
any man in the room. But that you can only possess when you feel
like your best self, like you feel confident, you feel feminine. Like I said, you feel like a goddess. Try to find dresses that make you feel like a goddess. But I don’t mean necessarily you have to
go all over the top and now have these massive dresses,
this kind of you know what I mean. Anything that is maybe cute,
feminine, girly, flirty, flowy, whatever. Have a little think, because you can go
really far with the right dress and men do appreciate a nice dress on a woman. Now lastly, this is actually one of my favorite garments. That is because it gets out my little more sexy side and you know I don’t talk about sexiness that often. But for me sexiness equals femininity. And a pencil skirt makes a woman look incredibly feminine yet doesn’t show that much skin so that she looks vulgar. But it does make the man a tick. It definitely gets them going. Maybe they have their own little fantasies what does pencil skirt is all about. But actually, it’s a very sophisticated piece of garment. Women wear them in the boardroom. It depends how you style them, what’s kind of how tight they are and so on. You can actually have many variations
to a great pencil skirts. I have one in leather that I love, I have in all kinds of colors, in shapes and materials. But one that is a must, that is the simple black one. It will go with any top of yours and it will actually work on most occasions. So make sure you invest in one and you will be popular with affluent man, I can promise you that. Now that was it for me ladies! Don’t forget to download the free cheat sheet,
Where to actually meet these affluent men. 210 places that I’m listing for you Download your freebie today, ok? I will see you in the next video. Make sure you watch all the other videos on my channel because I have loads of free content just waiting for you!

100 Replies to “Affluent Men Love Seeing Women Wear This…”

  1. You are good but I will never go after rich men unless I am physically attracted to them , having said that, I had a few well-educated wealthy men asking me out but I refused to go out with them just because they weren’t my type plus the fact that it's very important for women to be self-sufficient otherwise, the rich guy 👦 will put her down because of her inferiority.

    My ugly bitch mom married my well-educated wealthy dad and then a few years later, their relationship fell apart.

    I do not want to go through the same thing as them and let a guy treat me like a total slave. It's better to have your own money and provide for yourself without stretching your hands to him like a beggar.

    I can't stress enough how important it is for women to have something going for them before she wants to snag affluent men.💕😼🧸

  2. Anna darling you looking good.what i find with online dating is that most of men are fantasist millionaires.take seeking arrangement most of men are not healthy but they put on their profine net worth 10m or more.i been on dates with few years ago.its all lies most times.

  3. I just want to say I don't watch your videos because I want to attract rich men but I still love the advice you give on how to be elegant and dress in sophisticated fashion. My one true desire is to become a boss lady and men come second to that I don't care if he's rich as long as he's financially stable but I prefer being able to be rich myself and be an independent ceo and become self supporting and affluent with or without a man

  4. Great video! Can you give references for these beautiful articles of clothing you gave examples of can be purchased? I fell in luv with them and would like to know where to get them. Thank you!

  5. PINK AND OLIVE GREEN AND BRIGHT GREEN will get YOU the BILLIONAIRE sometimes red is known for cheap and PORN these other 3 colors are known for Royal Colors also Royal Blue.

  6. Anna let's work together I want to start a program to help ladies to lift them up with their low self-esteem. 😁😁😁💞😘👑💎

  7. Well for what I know and I experienced I agree with Anna's advice. Red always catches business men's eye, even if it's only a red nail lacquer….About this, I had to change idea for what I knew about men, it's false they don't care about feminine details: a good manicure and pedicure with accurate nails with nail lacquer it always always always gives a very good impression…..and recently I rediscovered dresses generally speaking, it's not true that only pants are comfortable….

  8. Thank you so much for this. Now I finally can admit the fact that I want attention from other people. I want others to see me, want me, nice to me. Then I realized that I might try to give them what they want. Then that gives me what I want back to me. Thank you 💋

  9. A man approached me 5 years ago because of my knee length pensil shape long sleeved red dress .He is my husband now.

  10. Hi Anna, do you have any suggestions for where to get good quality fitted tops and flirty dresses? (The one you're wearing in the video is gorgeous!)

  11. I love those styles of dresses…It seems that a lot of women seem to think that a slutty dress looks classy….NO, it just looks slutty!! Leave something to the imagination, be feminine…

  12. The pencil skirt is DEFINITELY an eye catcher! I didn't FULLY understand until now. i LOOOOVEEE flowy, flirty dresses!

  13. Great advice!! I totally agree with Red tip!! Anything red from baseball caps to a simple red tank top, gets me allot of attention!! Works every time 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  14. Thank you Anna , I'm not looking for a man but since my husband and I like this discreet, flirty and classy style I can definetely use your tips because I sure don't really know what to wear sometimes.
    Edit: would you please do a video on perfumes? The way you smell is soooo important too 😉

  15. Hey Anna I work in central London. Where exactly should I position myself and what kind of times? It always feels like men look but don't approach or getting hit on by guys who've read a pick up book and decided to practice their skills in Oxford Circus 😂 I've been told for years now that I've got the look- multiple people comment that they see guys looking at me whenever I'm out and about. I'm commited to working on myself and take great pride in my self development but I never seem to meet men that are on a similar wavelength. Perhaps I mind my own business too much- I'm not the 'make the first move' kind of type.

  16. Which colors, I do hope you say red, should a woman over 60 wear to look classy? I cannot wear a nude color lipstick as it makes me look dull. I am on the darker side of skin tone. Also, what heel height is good for this age? Thank you.

  17. In London, walking into a shop….a man way across the street at the famous hotel…bowed to me and tipped his hat…cool..i had on a long red coat

  18. So they're really women whose only goal is to find a rich man?
    Not a likable man with whom you can make good conversations and that supports you, but a rich one?
    God, this is so sad..

  19. 2:30 if this is nice looking to her I don’t think I should actually listen, and why is she dressing for men. Wear what you want and have the man come to you.

  20. I have red bag guess and nice ass, why nobody asks my mobile number? 😂🤔And I visited lounge in Kempinski Hotel in Dubai, this place is in top millioners visit, believe me, and nothing happened… They Just discuss bisness project and drink Sanpellegrino and no need you in panties or without….

  21. One time i wore tailored pants but i was wearing simple top, mid 30s and 50s men couldn't keep their eyes off me. When i saw this video, i finally understand. They are attracted to woman who is wearing tailored pants.

  22. You can meet affluent men at the hardware store on Saturday mornings. Even affluent man like to swing a hammer from time to time. (That might not be true.)

  23. I bet your subscribers have class and that is something that money can't buy. I love the way you speak. You are for a classy audience regardless of culture and race.

  24. Victoria Beckham looks like she didn’t bother to figure out how long her legs were and adjust her pants accordingly. I hate that look. But then again, she’s rich and I’m not. But at least I know how long my legs are.

  25. Anna, do you think a red lipstick matching to the dresscolor is good or should we use a neutral one if wearing red dress?

  26. You must be referring these videos to eastern European women who think the only way to become successful is to find themselves a rich man.

  27. I noticed that Victoria Beckham always always wears trousers that are 3 times too long to where she walks in her hems….c'mon now…TRASHY NOT CLASSY…

  28. I watched your segment on “this morning” and I think you answered it all very well, no it’s not a lifestyle choice for every woman but it is for some and it shouldn’t be frowned upon. Also I like how they were trying to put you down a lot for going backwards on equal rights but you aren’t, you are saying that women should not only rely on a man but also be independent financially, maybe not to the same extent as when you are with a wealthy man but not broke if anything should happen. You go girl, I know you have made me rethink my lifestyle,

  29. I agree with her about red I remember the first time I meat My Boyfriend I Was wearing a red dress open in the side
    And he looked at me and invited me to Dance And now we are together for 12 years I still buying red in my clothes but also black , blue but always Buy red

    Thank you for your advice 🙂

  30. I am not looking for a rich man, I am very happy with my husband, but I started to watching your videos, because I like elegant people and overall people educated and with good manners. I hope you inspire young women, because we are full of vulgarity and decadence imposed by the media. I have seen young girls dressing in a way that could get a lot of attention but for a wrong reason and I feel sad.I started watching you for fun, but I realised you are quite intelligent and I totally agree with you.

  31. I was really fond of this channel I loved the good advices she gave about style and elegance. Then I watched this video about what rich men want to see you in I mean that's toxic you shouldn't dress to please anyone ladies dress for yourselves

  32. great advice for how to attract man in general, thank you ❤️ and also to keep my 6 yo boyfriend interested lol, that IS hard work. I feel there is not much info online on how to keep a man interested, and I like how your videos, by showing us how to enhance ourselves, indirectly gear towards keeping him for the long haul. 💕

  33. Love you thank you for sharing goodness with us , love the way your presenting, your voice, vocal and thank you for bringing expamel photos appreciate your efforts ❤❤❤

  34. Pencil skirts have always been so much more classier than mini skirts nothing worse than seeing a woman wearing a short skirt that is two sizes too small

  35. Hats. Men love women in hats. I'm not talking the trendy tribly or baseball hats, but proper medium wide to wide brimmed hats. I am a hat wearer, everyday, and men stop me all…the…time and compliment me. More look twice, smile, but don't say anything. And I'm a rather zaftig woman (think a tall Ingrid Bergman in Rebel Wison's body) and men stop when I walk by in a hat. They love them.

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