Affordable GOTH Clothing Haul ❤ Hello Batty ❤

Affordable GOTH Clothing Haul ❤ Hello Batty ❤

so everyone chat here and today I have an affordable goth clothing haul video because after that the kill stars little mini haul video I realized that a lot of you guys are saying that you can't afford a lot of the clothes from various top goth brands and I found a few affordable things on Aliexpress that I was just going to check out and this is not a sponsored video at all I bought everything over like course of months I've bought different things and there are other stuff that I'm not gonna show be they don't think they fit into like just goth category but they're also affordable so I might be doing like if you want kawaii clothes or Harajuku J fashion style stuff I could do that in a separate video but these are just the goth items that I got through reasonable prices and by following sales one item is not from Aliexpress but it's like how I discount shop so I'm just going to show you guys that alright and Aliexpress is like kind of like Amazon or Ebay where it has different shops that they sell on so all these items are from different sellers and they're not all from the same one so don't like think Oh Ally Express is just one shop if you buy one good thing from there could be from a different shops that could be like horrible you could buy one good thing from a good shop and one bad thing a bad shop is like you know eBay you just never know what you're getting because you have to you know what I mean make sure that it has good reviews and stuff so I always check for photo review that's the thing I love about all expresses of there's photo reviews so you can see what the items look like on real people it's perfect so anyways the first item a lot of people have been asking about this it's a good way for you guys this collar that I've been wearing and where I got it and this one I got off Aliexpress was only $15 I think and I was free shipping a lot of the shops have free shipping which I really like and yeah it's a faux leather and it has a really nice thick buckle on it it's super nice quality like really nice and I've seen this on other stores that are retailers of Aliexpress items so they basically buy Aliexpress items and then mark them up and sell them for themselves I've seen them for like 45 or more there's a few shops that I was yeah I was like what the hell like you guys can go sign it for cheaper from the original source or you could buy it if you want it from an American seller who already has like a working relationship with the brand and the company so you know it's going to be better quality weather rather than like having to search through Aliexpress because I know that could be kind of complicated sometimes if you don't like that doesn't pay for that like markup because it helps out a small business but I really like this it's so cute it fits really well I thought it wasn't going to because my neck is really small but I can actually get it on into a tight position and I really like it and I think I'm going to order another one in gold that says like me out or something because I love gold and I love cats so this other thing is a harness and this was only like five bucks and it's because it's super super like cheap to make I was just lazy and don't make it myself and also wanted to check out this harness company so basically what it is is it's this elastic strap that has been sewn together so that when you put it on I'm like good not going to put it all the way but when you put it on it makes let me find which straps are which it's a little bit complicated putting it on but once you get it on it looks really good you find the correct straps and pull it down and it makes like see the pentacle on your boobs or your chest however you want it you want to wear it and it's actually really cute and really nice I liked it and it was like five bucks also into that it's really easy to make if you want to make it yourself I could do a tutorial on how to make these if you prefer that if you have like extra elastic laying around the house you want it in different colors but if you just want to buy for five bucks free shipping I will link that down below but now we're moving on to all the clothing items so I'm going to start first with this item because it's not from the same shop as all the other ones but this is actually from forever 21 and I got this on there summer sales they did on their website everything was super cheap I got a really cute like houndstooth pleated skirt that is kind of floppy a little bit like the craft like schoolgirl witchiness but I didn't think it was both enough to put this in the video so I didn't but I got also about this it was really cute like gray velvet kind of a 90s gaaah style dress that I really like so all of that was like $30 or less for all three items and this one was like only like 5 bucks I think but it's really cute like a sheer and it has off the shoulder part I think it's inside out now because I hung it up on your inside out but it kind of like is like just covers just above like your chest and then has this open shoulders and then this nice flowy sleeves the leg size box so if you just watch for 421 for really good sales and just know how to coordinate things that would normally not be Gossie like I think this was supposed to be like sporty raver section I don't know a party girl but if you don't have a quarter coughs then you can make it off just like that grey velvet skirt dress thing that I got it's not normally goth but you can pair it with a really cute pair of like fishnet leggings and some booths and feel like you're a 90s like goth spice girl like babies 5 pounds off you can do that it works so all the other things are from the same shop and I spent $90 I think to get 6 items so that's pretty good all those items ran from anywhere from like 10 dollars to I think 16 dollars was the highest price when I got but they do have items that are up in the higher prices but they weren't Styles are like they were more pinup or a little costumey ballgown looking for me so I just got things that I liked and they were all under $20 the first is this top it's a really cute off the shoulder top it's not exactly a crop top it actually goes down to about here it is perfect around my like mini Lolita skirts because they like just fit perfectly over it then paired it with a belt right now but it has kind of like a sheer like off the shoulder top and it still has this part if you have big boobs like me you always need this like extra like holding or else it just pops off so I'm glad it came with this and as you can see I have my bra like hidden but it's like a really flowy sheer kind of top I really like it I care about much this one was I think it might have been 14 for this top but I really like it and the material the nice stretchy it's like very form-fitting and it kind of sucks you in and a zipper on the side here is I just really like this top so I'm glad I got it because I was on the fence about this top for a while when I was picking out items so the next item from this shop and the shop is called Rosetta and their little tag says I myself and I can't do I myself am unusual so it's copying Lydia Deetz phrase but this is like a Chinese style dress with the Mandarin style collar and it's just got the form-fitting it's really really cute I love the style of this dress and it has really really really really pretty like flowy sleeves so this is actually really really really really well form-fitting and I was afraid because I really hate stuff that sleek is tight around my stomach right here because I have a bit of a pooch but it actually looks really good I'm surprised that and like you can still see my boots but it's a little bit bad I can deal and my butt looks really good in it and I like the little slip that it has on the side and yeah I just really really really like this it's really pretty and I already tried putting this under some of my lolita dresses to use kind of like as a blouse or an under dress and it looks great the next item is this more Renaissance e style dress and it kind of looked really costumey on the like website and I thought oh man maybe it's going to come and say oh my gosh cheap Halloween costume it's actually really nice soft velvet pretty nice quality the ribbon is just a little costumey but it looks good once it's on and this like these sleeves just like on the other one they're so soft like such a nice material it's amazing and I came really wrinkled but I was managed on light iron to iron it out and it was pretty simple and didn't burn I was really freaking out about that but it came out really well and this also looks amazing under Lolita these sleeves are just cool right and it's also just cute on as it is I really really really like this one it has that 90s kind of goth early 2005 that I was really going for and I'm so in love with right now then the next one is this dress which has a heart cut out boob and oh my god does it look different on me than it does on the mannequin I guess I just have a larger chest size as a mannequin oh my god model model mannequin you know what I mean yeah when I actually adjust my boobs if I'm not wearing a bra with this it's just like all boob right there but you don't really have to wear a bra with this one because the material it kind of reminds me of neoprene but it's not it's really stretchy it's really really really thick and heavy and just really hot so this is not a summer dress I'm going up to save this till the cooler month but it's super cute it has a slight better prayer at the bottom but it's still mostly form-fitting and the tree which is really nice and the stitching is all amazing like for the price for being under $20 like this I forever21 would have been like 30 plus so it's really nice the next one is I thought I was going to do a similar fabric and it is it's just a little bit thinner fabric than the last one and this one is kind of a weird open stomach kind of thing where it's like the skirt and the top or just sewing together on the back and I don't know how I feel about it still so I think I might like separate them and just use this as a top because I really like the cross detail I love the high collar and I love this kind of a good tank top and the darts are very very like what's it called they make me look good they make me look good I know there's a word for that but I can't think of it right now so yeah they're they're flattering that's it the darts are very flattering with my chest side all of these are in a size large and I wear a 36d sometimes double D 30 Forge like depending on the bra and I have pretty big hip area I haven't measured myself recently but yeah I usually in American sizes wear like medium to large and I got large in these made also very well they really one is actually too big for me so we're getting to that one right now this is the last dress and this one is supposed to be like a I kind of like when it's not on you show but it's exactly the kind of like the harness one that I was showing and it's a pentacle on the chest but it's too big only on the strap so I'm going to sew these straps in so that I can wear it better of and then it looks like amazing on me it's so good it came really wrinkled and it doesn't forever to iron out the wrinkles but once they're out it looks amazing this is a really pretty like cocktail dress I just need to get a bra that I can wear with it because I have to wear bras I've tried I tried I tried quitting bras for a while I was braless and I do lodge braless but again bra let's show because they're usually Lacy and pretty and I kind of want something that is like hidden but gives me some some lift with this dress because it just doesn't look good without a bra so that was all of the items and again for that set of six things this top and all those dresses it was only like around 90 dollars I can confirm down below but a pretty sure was like 90 bucks and that's like a super super good deal if you consider like a lot of the things at forever 21 and H&M these days run about forty dollars for the really cute dresses and it's like 25 dollars for sure at Hot Topic just like a band shirt it's $25 and for the things that I got on clearance is like a really good clearance at kill sorry in my last guys haul I got two t-shirts and a pin and it was $45 so $90 for six items six five really cute dresses and was like really cute top I was very skeptical like very very very skeptical when I was ordering these I was like am I like wasting ninety dollars right now and it's amazing so I hope you enjoyed this video and if you have any other videos that you'd like to request or anything that you're interested in or if you find any good funds on-line like cheap good finds please share them with everybody else who's watching this video down below feel free the link I will try to like unspin all the links because I know that links usually get put into the sample there's all watch if you guys have anything to share I'd like to find new items to purchase a new brands to like and so I know a lot of you are on the more frugal side when shopping for fashion so here's some good stuff I mean even if you're not for a goal because believe me I mean I wear Lolita fashion so I'm not the most frugal person but having frugal Sciences always get especially to pad your normal wardrobe it's a good thing I like it so yeah I hope you enjoyed this video don't forget to stay weird don't forget to thumbs up subscribe if you haven't already click the little bell so that you can become part of the I wanted like name it like like something I feel like Isabelle and we're bats and belfry like becoming like join the bats in the belfry there so like I don't know anyways goodbye little Bell becoming batty I don't know oh god please stop stop right now I'm stopping anyways I will see you later you know stay weird because I'm weird and I need other people to make me feel less weird I don't know okay bye you

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  1. I have the same issue with bras and boobs so it was really funny when I said lift at exactly the same time as you XD love your videos

  2. I'm a trans guy and I am goth. But it is hard to do so, because if I put makeup on it makes me feel sick to my stomach and it makes me look feminine. Chokers make me look feminine too, so I don't know how to look goth without making me look like a girl. So if u could help that would be amazing!

  3. Heyy! I really loved the Renaissance dress and the dress with the cross, but in not sure about the sizing, because when i look at the size chart i need An 3xl with my sizes, so i was wondering what are your sizes , like in Bust, waist and hips , would really help me out!

  4. I'm not trying to sound misogynistic or anything, but I just wanted to say your figure rocks with these pieces. You're also very easy on the eyes. <3

  5. Just ordered from rosetic hoping it was good and found this vid and I'm like ahhhh great now I can be excited instead of worrying

  6. Goth is consumerism now? Where's the music, where's the culture? This doesn't look like goth at all smh

  7. Dress like girly but not girly
    Love black hate pink
    Im both emo n' goth
    Can some tell me where to get the right clothes my meh
    To reveal myself to everyone
    Instead of shut down me

  8. Memorabelia & Vintage is my thing…
    If you look for something let me find it for you…….. E.g

    2010 CHER's One-of-a-Kind Black Velvet Gown Designed by BOB MACKIE Worn to the 2010 Golden Globe Awards! Comes with HANDWRITTEN NOTE on CHER'S PERSONAL NOTE CARD as COA! Exquisite and unbelievably special gown designed specifically for Cher by the iconic Bob Mackie to wear at the Golden Globe Awards.  Cher says this is "one of her favorites"! Think Morticia Addams!  It is a full length black velvet evening gown with blush silk open illusion panel at chest with black lace overlay accented with jet crystals. The front is designed to simulate a laced corset and is accented with jet stone buttons surrounded by rhinestones. This long sleeve full length gown terminates in a short train. Cher wore this gown as she walked the red carpet and appeared on stage with Christina Aguilera at the 67th annual Golden Globe awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills California on January 17, 2010. Cher wore a yellow, red and blue ribbon signifying support for the people of Haiti to the Golden Globes and this pin is still attached to the dress. Cher and Aguilera presented the award for Best Original song to Ryan Bingham for his work on Crazy Heart.  In addition to the gown, Cher has included a special handwritten note, on her personal note card, to insure the authenticity of the gown.   Note:  Another black outfit (the "Rock & Roll" Mackie costume… with very little material!) from the Cher auction in 2006 sold for $60,000!

    Measures for this gown: 34/35" bust, 27-29" waist (stretches), 60" long from shoulder to hem in front, 74" long in back.  NOTE:  LONG TORSO on the gown!! . FINAL SALE MEMORABILIA ITEM.
    Approx. – SIZE 6
    (check measurements above)

    Links about black gown:

    PRICE: $37,000

    Talk to me !

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  9. Pentagram. Pentacle is an upright-facing five-pointed star for use in Wiccanism, a Pentagram is the inversion of a Pentacle, facing downward as with that dress, used for Satanism. Pentacle represents the natural things of the universe and a Pentagram is the inversion of the natural order of the universe in reflection. The more you know!

  10. Can you add links for the dresses too? I can't seem to figure out how to search the website by seller/store…
    just now notices that this video is a year old…

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