affordable summer try-on clothing haul!

affordable summer try-on clothing haul!

25 Replies to “affordable summer try-on clothing haul!”

  1. literally shein sucks. Maybe they are affordable, but I ordered something 2 months ago, and it hasn't arrived yet. They just keep saying it's on the way. Also it's fast fashion, so i'm NOT ordering again.

  2. Please do your research before going to “Israel”. You have a lot of Mediterranean followers and it’s sad to see that you’re going and supporting a group of people that are murdering innocent people. Turkey stands with the Palestinians, please show that. We raise their flag when we raise ours❤️🇵🇸

  3. Half of these comments are about how cute the outfits are. Sure, if slave labor, child labor, and toxins that hurt people, animals, and the planet were cute. Please don't support fast fashion! I don't mean to be so harsh, but you just made a video about being eco friendly!

  4. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, I know you have to make money somehow, but don't you understand that Shein is a Fast fashion brand? Stop telling your subscribers to save the planet and support a fast fashion company. Fast Fashion companies are in the top 5 most polluting industries, so it would be great if you had embodied the things you said in your last video. I'm not trying to hate, but it's really upsetting when influencers don't stand by a good message.

  5. Please don't travel to Israel, i love the Jews, many friends, but it's deplorable & heartbreaking the Israeli's atrocious maltreatment towards the Palestinian's. God bless you all, please pray for peace in Palestine♥️ thanks Hailey🙏

  6. Hailey I love your videos but I feel that you shouldn’t be using your platform to support fast fashion

  7. I love your hauls because you try on the things and talk about them while wearing them!👗 who agrees?😊

  8. Hi hailey! Are you still selling your jewelry line or are there going to be any restocks any time soon?

  9. honestly think hailey is so cute and has such nice style but it’s kind annoying that sis really promotes these brands to get a check and then posts all the clothes on depop cause she doesn’t even wear them lmfaoooooo like girl what
    + this brand ain’t saving the environment luv

  10. Haliey when are you going to post that workout video which you showed in your instagram ?

    Like if you also can’t wait to watch that out like me

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