Aged Perfection | Say Yes To The Dress Australia | Bride Day Fridays

Aged Perfection | Say Yes To The Dress Australia | Bride Day Fridays

Brides come in all shapes and sizes and ages. Whether it’s a first-time bride or second time round the post, marriage isn’t exclusively for the young. I’m Tess and I’m a photographer and I’m from Sydney. I really wanna look glamourous, I wanna look stunning, I just want to look beautiful. The couple of times that I have ventured into a store, the sales staff have mostly assumed that I’m the mother of the bride. Oh Tess, come darling. They’ve said “How old is the bride? What is she looking for?” And I’ve said “Actually it’s me.” And they’ve gone “Oh!” She gets very upset and down and kind of feels like “Why am I even bothering?” “Should I just go simple?” And I always just have to say to her don’t worry about it. Mom has to put herself first. This is her day, her time to shine and I’m really looking forward to seeing her all dressed up. I find older brides prsent a new set of challenges when I’m trying to find the perfect gown for them. Being older I have to think about some figure flaws I might have that are apparent to me, maybe not to other people. But have an impact on me when I look in the mirror. Wow. So sparkly. Tess! What’s wrong with the shoulders? I’m short in the torso. Oh so it’s a body issue? I’m self-conscious about not having a waist, not having a really flat tummy. Looking lumpy. Isn’t she beautiful? Yup yup yup yup. It’s a beautiful veil, love the colours. It’s kind of everything you said. It does feel very mom, very Tess. It’s the kind of thing I’d picture her wearing. I’m still not sure that it’s a 100% me though. Really? Yeah. Okay. I feel like it looks very classic bride.

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  1. I’ve been watching brides try on dresses for like 2 hours 😒 it’s 12am and I have school in the morning what am I doing here 😂

  2. A lot of the younger brides on this show are obese but call themselves "curvy" while this woman is older but thin for her age but hard on herself

  3. The daughter was a little unkind she knows her mom is body conscious so when mom comes out in the first dress she makes the comment "oh so it's a body issue" that's just what she shouldn't have said, at least not like that.

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