Agnes & Dora Styles – Relaxed Ruffle, Frill Sleeve Top and Joplin Dress!

Agnes & Dora Styles – Relaxed Ruffle, Frill Sleeve Top and Joplin Dress!

ESTHER: Hi everyone! I’m Esther from the Style Sisters. (SARA: and I’m Sara.) and we are here today to show you 3 new styles that Agnes and Dora launched just last week. So I’m going to start… This is called the Relaxed Ruffle. I love this top. I wasn’t sure if I was going to love it but I got it and I absolutely do! I’m a little bit curvier, I’m about a size 12, And I feel like for me, with my curvy shape It’s a really flattering style for all of
you curvy girls out there.. (SARA: Don’t be afraid of it.) with a little bit of tummy… don’t be afraid! So I’ll just come up a little closer here
and show you. So around the middle there is a seam with a little teeny tiny ruffle that comes up and then of course it ruffles at the bottom. So what I like about this is its kind of between a Ruffle Tunic and a Muse, which I love both
of those tops. But the ruffle’s just in a different place
on this. Also it’s a little bit shorter, so it comes
just almost to the bottom of my butt, but not quite so it’s just your comfort level, whether
or not you feel comfortable wearing this with leggings
or not but with jeans it looks really really cute. It looks good with a Pencil skirt, with dress
pants, you can wear it to work… so it’s very
versatile, very flattering. You could definitely belt it too. One other thing I’ll show you there’s kind of this perfect spot here between your bust and where the ruffle is where you could put a nice thick belt or a little tiny thin one, and I feel that
it would be really flattering and it’s kind of perfect
for belting. (SARA: Yes.) So it’s very versatile. SARA: Agreed… And this gorgeous dress is called the Joplin. I’m going to back up just a little bit so you guys can see all the way down to the bottom, but this is called the Joplin Dress, and it’s RIDICULOUSLY soft… I kind of want to just keep it on forever. But it’s got short sleeves and it has a nice high neck for those of you
prefer that. And then the top is a little more fitted and
then it just flows out into this beautiful, comfy,
amazing, wonderfulness! The sides are a little bit longer so the front
curves up a little bit like that, and then the back
and the sides are about the same length, but this is just a really great piece for any season. It’s a great transitional piece, if you’re
going to wear it in the spring and the fall… you could throw a little cardigan on and some leggings or tights and then boots. Today, I am wearing leggings with it the cute Coffee Cup leggings…and so that
looks great too but again, it’s really cute, and it’s
long enough where most people would feel comfortable wearing it by itself without leggings underneath. And it’s really cute with roman sandals,
or flip flops or like I said boots of kind of anything in
between. ESTHER: Yeah! So then the third style that we’re going to show you today is called
the Frill Sleeve Top. I love this one too! So this comes down to a similar length… I would say it’s little bit shorter than the other one. The other one is actually …and I didn’t really mention this… is slightly longer in the back. This one is even all the way around. There’s a nice little slit in the side here. So even though it is a more fitted style, It’s not tight… because I don’t like
things really tight I mean I have a mom tummy.. I’m sure a lot of you do too! (SARA: Yep.) So I don’t like it tight but I do like to show my shape, and this really accentuates my natural shape, and I think
it looks great on Sara too. It looks really great on all sizes so don’t be self-conscious about that when purchasing this top, because I really
feel like they did a really great job of making it to be flattering on everyone. So my favorite part about this top, other
than the print, is this Frill Sleeve. And that’s why they call it that. It has too layers. The top layer has a little bit more fabric so it kind of ruffles. It’s very cute, and it’s also professional and it’s fashion forward, but not trendy so that you can’t wear it in 5 years. So this is the black and white, it’s called the One Fine Day, I think, in black and white. And this is another one where you can wear
this to the mall, or out to dinner, or to a wedding with dress pants. It’s very versatile, and it’s very comfortable. The fabric is just deliciously soft! (SARA: Yes it is!!) Like, I really don’t want to take it off
ever! So yeah, those are the three new styles, and we hope that you will give them a try. If you don’t have a consultant and you want to shop with us, we will put our
shop link in the comments box below, and have a wonderful day! (SARA: Thanks ladies!) Thanks for watching!

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  1. I have put in a request to shop with you. Looking forward to learning about the Agnes and Dora clothes, and adding them to
    my wardrobe. Sounds awesome.  I have a lot of Lularoe cloths, and Agnes and Dora sound like they will fit my taste much better. thank you for your videos.

  2. I have never heard of Agnes and Dora, and I'm in love with both of the shirts Ester was wearing and the leggings Sara has on! I've requested to join your group! Thank you for introducing me to something new!

  3. I need these clothing pieces how do the prices compare to lu la roe? I’m a broke college students so a $55 t shirt isn’t in my budget

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