Ahududu Modeli Örgü Ponçik Hırka

Ahududu Modeli Örgü Ponçik Hırka

Hello friends. Today we’ll work on a model that
we see a lot on the internet called pine cone or raspberry model. There’s a lot workshops for this cardigan
online but I had so many requests about this. That’s why I made this.
I used a thick rope. And my needle is no. 9. Now I knitted the back side. In the back, I started with
the stockinette stitch. I started out directly, the sides
seem to pucker a little. If you want, you can add a rubber
to the hem of the cardigan. I started off with 48 loops. Like this, I knitted the back side. As a whole. I didn’t leave an opening for
the arm but knitted until the shoulder. Let me show you with a template. I started off with 48 loops. I knitted upwards, making 55
stockinette rows. I knitted until the shoulders. Now we’ll make the shoulders. 19 for one side.. First we’ll go down
from one side then make the collar. And finally we’ll knit the
front side. For the 55 stockinette rows Count them 1 by 1 I made 55 rows. Now for the arm… I don’t want to sew the shoulders so the
piece will go from the back to the front. For the arm I make 19 stockinette stitches. 3,4 5,6 7,8 9,10 11,12 13,14 15,16 17,18, and 19. The 19 loops… is now for
one part of the front. Now I go back. Now I will only knit
these 19 loops. Just like I did with the back side,
I’ll knit these 19 loops as stockinettes until I make
55 rows. If you want, you can start with 19 loops
from the front and go upwards And then add the shoulders together
without sewing but I don’t want to do that for the shoulders. That’s why I just started from the back and knitted towards the front. Alright we go back again. And we knit this piece downwards until we’ve 55 rows. Alright guys I knitted these 19 loops until I’ve 55 rows like I did
at the back side. One part of the front side
is done. Now we’ll continue from where
we left off. For the collar we’ll set aside 10 loops. Later on we will use these while making the rubber part. 3,4 5,6 7,8 9 and 10. We set aside 10 loops
for the neck. We’ll knit this part later on while
making the rubber for the front side. Now I tie the rope to the remaining 19 loops here. This is the other front part. We set aside 10 loops in between. Now we’ll knit the 19 loops here as we did the other front part. I start doing so. I’ll anchor this rope
later on. 2,3,4 5,6,7 8,9,10 11,12,13 14,15,16 17,18, and 19 Now we’ll only knit these 19 loops as
stockinettes as we go back and forth like the other front part. So we’ll have 55 rows of stockinette
on the back and the front pieces. Let’s finish this and then do
the rubber for the front. Okay guys I finished both
pieces of the front. Now I’ll begin from the side of
the front rubber and go all the way to the other
side including the collar and pick loops. Now I tie my rope here. I’d advise you to use circular
knitting needle. If you don’t have one you can use on needle ’till
the middle of the neck and another for the front of the collar. It means you’ll do sewing
for the collar. I don’t have no. 9 circular needle
so I’ll use no. 10. Now, I take 1 from the side. Then I take one loop from each space like this and go around the collar. By taking 1 loop I’ll go in between these two stockinette loops. I gather the loops like this. I’ll go all around it by gathering loops on my curving needle. Then we’ll
knit the rubber by purl 1 and knit 1. I gathered the loops on the neck
back on my needle. Let me pick 1 more from in between. I pass by the 10 loops we left
on the neck by knitting. Now we’ll gather the loops on the other
front piece but as we go we’ll take loops from the connecting spots in between. Then we continue. You can pick loops with your crochet needle if you want. We’ll continue until the down-end. Alright guys we picked loops from all of the front pieces of the cardigan. We came here by picking loops. Look, like this. From now on We start knitting by purling 1
and knitting 1. We’ll make the rubber. For the rubber… 8 rows of it
should be enough. My rope is too thick so t’s a little hard.
The needle too… Purl 1 knit 1. Let’s go on like this. Once you reach the thickness you want
you can stop. The cardigan will have been finished.
We’ll move on to the arms. The front rubber of the cardigan is done. I knitted for 7 rows and finished
it off on the 8th row. I went all around the front pieces and the collar. If you don’t have
a curling needle you can use two different needles to
separate from the middle of the neck. Now after finishing the rubber we
move on to the arms. For the arm, we’ll start off with 26 loops,
knit by purl 1 knit 1 and increase the loops to 62. I went by purling 1 and knitting 1
for 26 loops. Now we’ll move on to the sample while
also increasing loops. I took my first loop. My 2nd loop is a knitting loop. From this loop.. I mean this one is a
purling loop but form the 2nd loop we’ll make 5 loops. I’m taking them from the opposite
side but you can de as you wish. 1, I wrap it. 2, I knitted, 3. I wrap it, 4. And I knit once more, 5. So we made 5 loops out of 1. Now, next to our sample there’ll
be 2 purl loops. We’ll take this loop and make
2 loops out of 1. I took the loop next to it. We increase at the same time. 1, I knit 1 more, 2. I carry the rope to the front.
1 knitting loop. I take the rope back to the back side. We knit every purl loop twice. I take this loop from 1 below. 1. I also knit the loop itself, 2. We’ve 2 purl loops. Now we increase loops from the
loop next to it. There’s 1 knitting loop in between. So basically the sample goes as
purl 2 knit1. But we skip the 1 knit loop,
we knit it as knit loop. When we reach the 2nd knit loop
we increase. 1, I wrap it. 2. I knit it, 3. I wrap it again, 4. I knit it again, 5. We made(increased) 5 loops again. We’ll make a purl loop next to it. With the purl loops, we always
knit 1 loop twice. We only do this for the first row. Later on, we’ll knit them
as purl stitches. I knitted once more. Now I turn the rope around.
1 knit loop in between. I turn it again. I knit 1 loops twice as purl
loop again. We increase 5 times from
the loop next to it. 1, I wrap it, 2. 3, I wrap it 4. And I knit once, 5. So we increase the loops
while making the sample. I’ll make a purl loop again. I knit this 1 loop twice. I’ve 2 purl loops. I turn the rope. 1 knit loop. I turn the rope again. At every purl loop,
increase loops. 1. I knit once more, 2 purl loops. Now we increase again. 1, I wrap it, 2. 3, I wrap it, 4. And 5. Again we’ve 2 purl loops
in between. We knit 1 loop as 2 loops again. 1,2 I turn the rope, 1 knit loop. There’ll be 2 purl loops again.
I knit 1 loop twice. 1,2 Now we increase. We make 5 loops out of 1. 1,2 I knit it, 3. I wrap it ,4 . I knit once more, 5. Now again, I take this loop
from the root of it. 1,2 purl loops. I turn the rope. 1 knit loop. I turn the rope. Again, I knit 1 loop twice and
make 2 purl loops. After making 2 purl loops we make 5 loops out of 1. I wrap it, 2. 3 4 and 5. Again, we take a loop from
the root of it and make 2 purl loops. 1,2 I turn the rope. 1 knit loop. I turn the rope. Again I increase the purl loop. At the end we’ve 3 loops left. I knit my last loop as knit stitch. I go back. On the side of the arm if you make it a notch it’ll make it easier
for you to sew. Now I take my first loop. The loop next to it is a knit stitch. 1 We’ve 3 knit stitches. There’s 1
purl stitch in between. I made my purl stitch. Now I knit 1,2 3,4,5,6 7,8 and 9 knit stitches. 1 purl stitch then 9 knit stitches again. We’ll go on like this until the
end of the row. I made 1 purl stitch at the end
of the row. 1,2,3 4,5,6 7 and 8 loops. See, the places for the 5 loops
we made out of 1 started to show. Again This loop we increased. The 1 out of
which we made 5 We have 2 purl stitches next to
the knit stitch in between. I turn the rope. 1 knit stitch in between of
2 purl stitches. For 5 rows we’ll continue knitting
9 purl stitches and 1 knit stitch. We had 26 loops. When we build the sample up there
we have 62 loops. We continue like this with 61 loops without
doing anything else. Okay guys you can see the
sample clearer. This is where we made 5 loops out
of 1. There are 2 loops on the sides and 9 loops in the middle. And 1 knit stitch on the sides. Now when we have 1,2,3,4,5 purl
stitches showing we’ll gather these. And make 5 loops out of 1. How did we do it the first time?
I passed 1 loop and made 5 loops out of
the loop next to it. 2,4,5 I pass these 5 loops on my needle. And I cast off. I gathered 5 loops. I turn the rope. Sorry, there are 2 knit stitches in between. 1,2 See we reached the knit stitch. Now out of this 1 knit stitch,
we’ll make 5 loops. 1, I wrap it, 2. I knit it, 3. 4 And 5. See we made 5 loops
out of 1. We’ve 2 purl stitches in between. We’ll gather these 5 loops again. If you
want you can use a crochet needle. I take these 1,2,3 4,5 loops. I move them via the needle. And attach them to the loop. See the raspberry shape
started to show. Again, 2 purl stitches. We make 5 loops out of
this 1 again. Knit 2 purl stitches. And gather these 5 loops here. Until the end of the row, there
are 2 purl stitches on both sides of these 1
knit stitches. We continue until the end of the row
by making 5 loops out of 1 knit stitch. At the end of the row, I gathered
these 5 loops here I make 2 purl stitches. I make 5 loops out of this
1 knit stitch. 1, I wrap it 2. 5 At the end, I’ve
3 purl stitches left. I knitted 2 purl stitches. I’m knitting the last loop as a knit stitch
so that the notches on the sides will make it easier to sew later on. Now 1,2 3 In between these, knit 9 knit stitches
and 1 purl stitch. Continue by knitting 9 knit stitches
and 1 purl stitch for 5 more rows. Okay guys we made another 5 rows
of raspberry shape. Now we’ll gather these and make 5 loops
out of this knit stitch. The loop we make once we gather these
will show itself as knit stitch afterwards. See, like this. As we gather these we’ll also make 5 loops out of these 1 knit stitches. They’re all located in between. The raspberry keeps moving. Now we’re back at the 1st row. I pass 1 loop. I make 5 loops out of this
1 knit stitch. 1,2,3 4 and 5. I made 5 loops. There are 2 purl stitches in between. First we knit 2 purl stitches. Then we’ll gather these 5 loops. You can do it from whichever
direction you want. What matters is that you gather them
all the same way. I’m taking the 5 loops. I took all of them. Look it came down to 1 loop. I’ll knit this as a knit stitch. In the next row I’ll knit them,
as purl stitches. I knit 2 purl stitches again. I take 5 loops out of this knit stitch. The sample is always the same. 5 and 2 purl stitches. And we gather the 5 loops again. Like this. Now we made it here. After 5 rows, we’ll gather these and build
the sample again above this. The arm goes on like this. I built 1,2,3,4,5 6,7,8 samples. There are 8 raspberry shapes. You can make it 7. Then, I went back for 1-2 rows. So that we can sew easily. Now as you sew find the middle of the neck in the back. And then this arm.. I’ll sew it from the back. If you count 16 stockinettes from the
middle of the neck… I sew it to there and there. Like this. Then connect the remaining two sides. Since the cardigan is too big
it doesn’t fit the screen. But sew the arms as you line them
so the half of it is on the front and half is on the back.

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