19 Replies to “Alchemy Cardigan Crochet Along Part 3 – How to Crochet a Modern Sweater”

  1. in the written pattern of the sleeves for row 20 _30 is written: "as row 3" !! did you mean continue with no decrease? i.e the same number of spaces in row 19? what's written in the pattern is little confusing because the number of spaces listed in row 3 is different!!

  2. I dont know about everyone else, but it's a pain to keep going to the written pattern. Why cant she just take two secs to say how many rows or how many chains? I'm on the sleeves now and ugh.

  3. Is anyone making the medium size . Please could you let me know how often to increase and how many rows i need in total for mesh part of the arms. Thank you

  4. Part 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMOM47Ngm84&list=PLDIkHZQPy5osbwCoKM_lOy2z1abimVI9d&index=2

  5. Part 4 can be found on the Love Crochet website: https://www.lovecrochet.com/alchemy-cardigan-cal?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=28052018_calgroup_part4

  6. What happened to part 4 will you be doing it? I bought your pattern, it would be nice if I could see how you put it all together. Thank you

  7. I just found your tutorial for the Alchemy cardigan.  I have bought the written pattern, and have requested to join the Facebook group, but as of right now, I am still waiting to be approved to join.  I do have a question about the written pattern.  On page 14 of the pattern, which is the sleeve section, I see the size 1X listed, and on all the other pages, it is listed as XL. I am taking it to be that 1X and XL are the same size.  Am I correct on this?  Thank you for doing these tutorials.  They are very helpful.

  8. I am doing this sweater in a Caron Big Cake yarn in the colorway of mint fudge, for my oldest daughter for Christmas. I hope she likes it.

  9. I can not get the free written part of this tutorial for part 3. Says page not found. Anyone else having this problem?

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