Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. The Kabuki Warriors – WWE Women’s Tag Title Match: Raw, Aug. 12, 2019

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. The Kabuki Warriors – WWE Women’s Tag Title Match: Raw, Aug. 12, 2019

>>Not paired up with somebody like Alexa Bliss, former
champion, three time Raw Women’s champ, two time SmackDown women’s champ.>>Also genius and goddess.>>Okay.>>And a roll through, tag. Here comes Asuka.>>Asuka once upon a time was
the most feared woman in WWE. Lately, Asuka hasn’t really been
as dominant as she once was. Boom! This could be pivotal night in
the career of the Empress of Tomorrow.>>Asuka’s dangerous as they come.>>Asuka knows every single opportunity
when they come, you gotta seize it.>>One of the most highly
skilled strikers and submission specialists in
sports entertainment, but.>>Asuka hasn’t had
the same luck recently.>>She also hasn’t had all
those opportunities, so this could be the change.>>All right,
there’s a tag made to Alexa Bliss. Nikki Cross remains in the ring but
Alexa is the legal competitor. Look at how smart that was.>>Face first,
Asuka planted by Alexa Bliss. Covered to retained the Tag Team gold and
the Pirate Princess, Kairi Sane, breaks things up.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The insane elbow.>>Top rope for Sane. Here it comes! Connected!>>There it is. We’re gonna have new champions.>>We’re gonna crown
new Tag Team Champions! Here’s the cover and
Bliss with a little payback!>>I like the safe from Alexa. [SOUND]
>>Whoa, now Bliss’s getting out of harm’s way and
Asuka goes out after Alexa Bliss.>>[SOUND]
>>My God!>>My God!>>My God, I think she broke her shin.>>[APPLAUSE] Come on Nikki.>>Asuka is out of the equation. And Bliss screaming to Cross,
get over here, make the tag! Bliss, get out of here
until you’re tagged.>>Well,
Alexa’s giving the assist to her partner.>>This is great teamwork.>>Go, get out of there, come on,
get out of the ring, one.>>The will of Alexa Bliss not enough,
Kairi Sane.>>God, a back fist dropped the goddess.>>But it allowed Nikki Cross to take
over with a swinging neckbreaker. Now the tag’s made. Now Bliss is legal.>>Come on Nikki, [INAUDIBLE].>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Twisted Bliss, cover! They retain the Women’s Tag Team titles. [MUSIC]>>Here are your winners and
still the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss! [MUSIC]>>Cross and Bliss continue to
dominate the women’s division, holding onto the Women’s Tag Team titles
here tonight on Monday Night Raw. [MUSIC]

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  1. For anyone that doesn’t know, the current storyline between Io Shirai and Candice Lerae In NXT was meant to be between Kairi and Io. I feel that could’ve been the female Gargano V. Ciampa feud, had WWE not called her up for seemingly no reason(but to job). They’re both Japanese too so that probably could’ve been a cool build since it’s NXT we’re talkin about here.

  2. You little fans complain about EVERYTHING. My goodness. First you guys say Nikki cross deserves better but yet when she’s tag team champions with Alexa you guys say how Vince is screwing Asuka and Kairi. Then you guys say how Vince screwed the IIconics in there tag team reign and now crying that Vince is screwing Asuka and Kairi?! WWE has the dumbest fan base. Bunch of hypocritical fans that never know what they want.

  3. Blah blah when last did alexa and Nikki was liked by the universe I luv alexa she has always been hated

  4. Why couldn't we get a feud between Mandy and Sonya vs Kairi and Asuka for the titles. I think these two teams are underused, even the IIconics have potential. Who is to blame for this? We all know it! It start's with a V!…..

  5. Bro i hate how they making them soft like i love asian women and culture i stopped watching when they started making askua go on a losing streaj

  6. Why are they defending their titles so much ?! The iconics have been champions a long time because they werent defending nothing… they already beat the iconics now the kabuki warriors ? Let alexa and nikki breath

  7. WWE logic: lets build up the tag team of asuka and sane then completely throw that out the window and throw the titles on a thrown together team of alexa and nikki.

  8. Booooo!!! They should just let the Kabuki Warriors win the titles. And stop misusing them like this. It irritates me when they keep doing this

  9. Kairi Sane can beat Shayna Baszler, and Shayna herself is likely capable of literally snapping Alexa in half, so how can Kairi beat her, but not Alexa?

  10. With Kairi Sane taking almost all the pinfall losses whenever the Kabuki Warriors challenge for the titles, it makes you wonder if Asuka will soon snap and turn heel by attacking Kairi, thus setting up a possible feud between the two of them. I'd rather see them feud anyways, with Kairi being the obvious babyface challenging the heel Asuka. This team just isn't working out for either of them, most specifically Asuka.

  11. Alexa doesn't have enough wrestling skills, that's why Kabuki had to lose and also Vince still likes " "DIVAS" match.
    They should leave and sign in AEW othewise they will always lose the match with like Alexa who has no wrestling skills.

  12. I Feel bad for Kabuki Warriors , I'm Sure very soon someday they will capture the titles.. it's just need build up and time for them …

  13. Hope they remain as a team and move to AEW, where they will get the opportunity and respect, and I can see and enjoy their work and talent.

  14. people are dissing Charlotte even knowing her in-ring capabilities are much better than Becky… And now same is happening with Asku, how much efforts she puts but Alexa gets the win, for what being a chiseler…

  15. Sigh,
    Burry the Japanese talent
    Push the untalented Diva
    Kill Nicky Cross's NXT character
    Thank you Vince and his stooges

  16. They won and without actually cheating. They assisted but did not cheat and that's what a team is all about! Good match!

  17. It sucks Kabuki Warriors lost but be happy for Nikki at least! It's her first title so she should keep it for a bit. The Warriors will win it one day but for now Alexa and Nikki are a good choice because they have some sort of history in WWE and aren't "randomly" put together like the Warriors. Bliss Cross will build the titles a bit and lose it to Asuka and Kairi.

  18. Looks like kairi herself wants to sell that neck breaker,twisted bliss She fought like a warrior at NXT fr championship with shyni(I dnt know her name properly) but she is losing like dis in main roster lol…

  19. So pathetic they buried Asuka & Kairi again I hate Alexa that overrated snitch she’s boring to watch and she’s the main reason I stopped watching WWE for weeks

  20. All four women have great talent but to be honest i wish that aska and the pirate queen would've won. Because they would be great tag team champs for the WWE because it would be more diverse then the same old same old.

  21. U know this really suxxxx!! Why is it these two women who cheat always win??? ASUKA AND PARTNER really have game.. And always loose… Come on VINCE!!! They really deserve better..

  22. I'm not the biggest fan of Bliss and Cross as Tag Team Champions, let alone tag team partners. I just doesn't feel right. Maybe they're better as single competitors or with different tag team partners. Cross and James would be an interesting tag team, putting two "crazies," together just makes sense no matter how you spin it. Not sure about who Bliss would team up with.

    I think we all would love to see Asuka and Sane as the tag team champions. They just have great chemistry, and are exciting to watch. They're what a dominant tag team should look like. The IIconics didn't really do much for their reign, and Bliss/Cross just doesn't make sense. Let's give the Kabuki Warriors a chance.

    I feel the tag team division could be more active than it is. Maybe those that aren't competing in singles competition could team up with a partner they have chemistry with (whether the character relationship is good or bad, depending on the story line) and be a part of the tag team division, until it makes sense for them to go back to singles competition… and vice versa. Or, maybe they can do both, if it fits the story line, and they can handle it. For example, Lynch and Flair. Now, that would be an entertaining tag team for many reasons. Plus… it would be another way for you to put another belt on Charlotte and Becky (and at the same time). Think about it.

    That also has me thinking… having belts on all 4 WWE Horsewomen (ie, Flair/Lynch: Tag Titles, Bayley: SD, and Banks: Raw (or vice versa), when the 4 MMA Horsewomen come around for the 4HW feud, would be legit.

  23. Go to a hair dressers this morning and fix it up as I leave Destiny latest song comes on guess nothing breaks like a heart correct Liam’s wife say G’Day to the mother in law for me

  24. They are actually doing things the right way by building up for Clash or Champions have heels beat faces until the faces come up top you people act is if doing things your way is better but wwe knows what it’s doing let them do their jobs y’all stick with your own jobs

  25. But at least Alexa Bliss and Nikki cross appear to be fighting Champions all the iconic's did was talk talk and talk some more.

  26. Like wtf you built the kabuki warriors since after WrestleMania like they were gonna take the titles and now we have two randoms with it

  27. Bliss and Cross have already defended more times than the Iconics did. pumping some life back into the women's division

  28. I remember getting off the boat when you wanted to act like you caught Jesus lol… ; Asuka lol. It came with
    "": If Asuka has 1 action token, Lightning Speed. When a character hit Asuka, remove their Asuka Lock " tokens."

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