All 166 Costumes Origins EXPLAINED – Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition (Switch)

All 166 Costumes Origins EXPLAINED – Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition (Switch)

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  1. I know this is from a long time ago, but I think the yellow link from twilight princess is a reference to Link when he is jacked up on fairy tears.

  2. The yellow tunic could also be a reference to whenever drinking a special yellow potion from thre chu's in twilight princess. Getting a yellow tunic and double defense for a short period.

  3. I guess Volga uses the Giant's Mask because he is the one character that frequently shapeshifts into a giantic creature… and there's nothing dragon-y enough in the masks, so I guess that's the closest fit.

  4. There has to be a better explanation for 6:15 Why does everyone else get a wind waker themed costume, but Agitha gets "a costume to match one of her weapons"?

  5. Thanks, even though I'm on Wii U, this helps a lot of trying to get the costumes.
    Because I literally want to death the Fierce Deity.
    Same with Red and Blue Tunic

    Also you probably know this but it's actually pronounced. "Fee"

  6. They should have made link's eyes red in his HMS costume. (Get it? Like that theory of HMS being a sheikah?)

  7. 27:27 Could also be a Goron Tunic which in OoT as a child talking to a goron and coming back when you're an adult will give you a free tunic but that might be the broken Biggoron Sword

    Either way both of them reference a Red Tunic from a Zelda game so it won't really matter

  8. "why is zelda wearing the bunny hood?" answer: she is, in most appearances, running from ganondorf (or other big bad) far longer than peach would. in Oot, she ran for 7 straight years before adult link showed, and add the time of adult link's adventure on top of that.

  9. 24:27 seems like you might have missed one interpretation – much like the skull kid, cia yearns for companionship (skull kid wants friends, cia wants link), was manipulated by a darker power (skull kid – the mask, cia – ganondorf) and ends up more sympathetic in the end.

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