thanks mate five stars had given out today your yeah yeah I think you take my sack please thank fat grabber come in hey welcome to Berlin meeting up with an instagramer it's going a little photo shoot with a guy called J n on Instagram this is crew morning crew it's very early my name is there bad my juice' Morgan on that car parking ticket game so we don't get to oh look it's just a bit Jacob over there northern Jacob okay everybody yeah it's an amazing Instagram hi Eden's funny Steve olden time relatives are already night Susie official behind-the-scenes of the filming of the series TV stuff with Ben in it but miss me it's a brisk early morning but it's 8:12 right now it's cold and I figure out gloves and cold okay what's up Steve together together Ben are your hands Hans it's cold isn't it should have wore gloves like me we're having a great time lots of symmetry is what we like I like that yeah check been lagging behind come on Ben we got warm hands now surprise again a cozy that's how you roll taking place down that mine thank you yes large back of me thank you Cheers dankeschon did you just say you don't like coffee I don't think we can be friends anymore cheers oh yeah this place and Australia north back to this really cool place we've been shooting loads around this area that JM has been showing us around I gotta say this has been a fantastic day considering the Sun has disappeared we have been taking so many fun shots there's so much symmetry I've been really getting into my urban exploring nights during her best thanks is like when you go and explore like we did yesterday just this is just street photography isn't it I'm not used to that I'm used to landscapes we're getting a thumbnail for this series right now Steve and I are chilling here okay we're going again we're gonna get a place of approval right we always look cool I think I did too so I think that's all so much I'll back up the apartment of destiny thank you so much sir J M for coming and hanging out the showing us of the awesome places to take pros today if you want to check out JN is over a half a million on Instagram not the Batman and he's very established he was one of the first 60,000 people to sign up it's around birthday links in the description cool I did that whole thing in manual focus so it probably wasn't in focus gift that somebody gift that Steve we're going who's that was Adrian happy nuts Asian is ruin pack yeah Adrian heal a sick scan that QR code right see fine Scanner Darkly what is that look at that hog you said yoke isn't it I think you guys are right is everyone okay are you guys alright is everyone okay you're right different okay is Evan okay is everyone all right that took me down you're right yeah yeah yeah I'm fine I'm fine police yeah so this just happened and this thing went off right in my ear and your that was loud you guys are right shots shocked a car just went just carried on through and luckily it caught the back of us just mashed us through I think that's probably the worst car accident I've been in luckily enough luckily everybody's going pretty slowly but look at my jacket when Jackie got melted by the airbags that's the worst that's happened to me in three angles really that was the most documented car crash today for relief always wear your seat belt kids it was actually a relatively slow incident as well and how much was that like I mean it felt a lot worse than it looks feels like someone's bumped their truck their shopping trolley into the car I mean it's sent us spinning 180 the ambulance I'm guessing is here just out of proportion nobody's actually her never never said when I saw her there with the car not man sick look this is the last time I use Thompson all of this there's a blue flashing light for added drama a little pull focus here and that's the other guy seeing as nobody's injured and nobody is in shock we decided to crack on and check out this tower I don't think we're gonna be filming anything for mission selfie but we thought while we're here we're only two minutes away whoa guys yeah this is crazy look at this guy this is some serious graffiti going on here whoa that is amazing it is painted isn't it his detailed bro that is painting yeah basically we can go literally all around to the top oh you guys the constants not that how many floors up are we just tell him I stopped you can hear yourself before you've even said anything that's weird okay successful flight with mr. Zhu me I'm glad we got it done I'm glad we came up here it has been a weird day have a cold beer do some photo editing you guys ready to go yeah this place is awesome weird weird day very good in a lot of ways I feel very grateful that we didn't let nobody hurt themselves but it's today's been pretty hectic congratulations on everybody surviving there's a weird day I think the lesson to be learned is to always wear your seatbelt that's pretty solid one takeaway from today's vlog I think tomorrow we are flying to the Canary Islands it's gonna be pretty savage to make another episode of the series so I will see you then in the meantime remember to work hard be nice to people try not to get lost or killed okay I love you guys goodbye alright frankly I've had enough bench today so putting up with his northern banter I'm sick of it he's not a nice guy he's a fraud nothing we come to this station Oberst oldest Carver and it's actually disgusting because there was clearly a murder here and the police have forgotten to remove the chalk outline of the victim's body I think we're Spongebob Squarepants


  1. Your lucky I was in 1 and I BROCK my are and leg man your so lucky in a 4 way a car hit us in the did 1 more hit is in the other side and 1 from the back

  2. Same thing happened to me but some one hit me and then went spinning out heading straight for a telephone pole hit the telephone pole then whole front is damaged

  3. thats why you slow down when approching junctions and prepare to give way to the right, we all learn from our mistakes tho, glad youre all okay

  4. Although this is about 2 years old they’re still really good high quality videos, new sub 😬

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