13 Replies to “Amanda Rheaume – Red Dress feat. Chantal Kreviazuk”

  1. Great video. And remember that in order to support gender equality (feminism) that we must help those in need. 80% of missing and murdered indigenous people are male.

  2. Indigenous women matter. You matter. This song, it matters. Thank you for sharing your gift so these stories too can be shared in healing ways. #musicmatters

  3. "i am a woman with no worth"….. that line made me cry……indigenous women are,well for that matter, all women are full of worth.they have what half the planets humans don't have and that's the ability to bear children.we need to honor who we are.if we are female we need to honor and respect the feminine and if we are male we need to honor and respect the masculine……it's yin and yang(the teachings of the yellow race)one needs the other for balance..that's the nature of life.that's the nature of all life and we (humans) have disrupted the natural essence of life by our greed for one's self.

    " there were 4 races of peoples that were at the beginning. they were appointed guardianship. each had their own. white people had the fire. the brown people had the land ,black people had the water and the yellow people had the air….we were granted by The Creator to do whatever we wanted but were also given teachings to go along with these gifts. the weaker peoples took what they were given and did exactly that,which is whatever they wanted to do with it…..and as history shows us,it is where we are now……you don't have to be super smart or geniuses to know,all you do is open your eyes and ears.The Creator granted us these gifts and also granted us a very beautiful planet to live on. we have destroyed ourselves and our lives,we disrupted the very fabric of life,we take things without gratitude and offer nothing. we think we know more then what Created us and for that reason there will be consequences.and like i said before,all you have to do is open your eyes to see and listen with your ears, cause its happening now…
    so what do we do?…….personally i know nothing except what The Creator allows me to know….. we need to allow The Creator back into our lives(btw i use the word "Creator" use whatever you were taught)?"

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