Amazing Halloween Costumes — 54321 #25

Amazing Halloween Costumes — 54321 #25

Vsauce! 5 Classic Monster Makeups, 4 TV & Movie Costumes,
3 Video game Costumes, 2 Creepy Costumes and 1 Amazing Costume. It’s five, four, three, two… One Amazing Costume. This cemetery angel costume was submitted
by Tiffany from Virginia to Coolest Homemade Costumes dot com. She cut the wings by hand
out of foam board, used an old sheet and fabric paint for the dress, and yarn for the hair.  Two Creepy Costumes. Youtuber Dannylynnforever made this gruesome
makeup tutorial of a girl with her eye ripped out…. and sewn shut with safety pins. She
shows you how to make the prosthetic used in this video on her blog as well as all the
materials you need to recreate this gory makeup. And her channel has other gnarly makeup including
this slashed mouth makeup and this zombie. On her blog “Love thing” Sara creates this
creepy rendition of a nutcracker doll. Proving that for Halloween you don’t have to be gruesome
to be frightening. She did it all with makeup and didn’t use any special face paints. Three Video Game Costumes. These great Halo costumes of Master Chief
and Warrior were handmade by Charles from New Jersey. He used paper craft and foam and
the weapons of PVC pipe and EVA foam. Youtuber ohaple made a Bioshock splicer rabbit
mask and a Borderlands Psycho mask. He has tutorials on how to make these including how
to make the different types of LED lights used in the mask and the blood splatter. Emma Pickles has a great channel where she
creates makeup costumes like this Black Ops 2 Zombie. She used this as her reference photo
that you can check out if you’d like to try it yourself and the description of the video
lists all the materials she used and where to get them including the bald cap and even
the different types of brushes. Four TC and Movie Halloween Costumes. Lex from MadeYewLook made this great Jack
Nicholson version of the Joker with makeup and body paint. Her channel is filled with
fun movie character halloween costumes like the Pumpkin King Jack Skellington, Jessica
Rabbit and Jason Voorhees. Another amazing costume by Emma Pickles is
this Edward Scissorhands. She goes into step by step detail on recreating the Scissorhands
look and she has a bunch of other geeky makeups like Stahma Tarr from Defiance, Mystique from
X-Men, and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. SmashinBeauty becomes Heisenberg when she
transforms herself into Walter White’s alter ego from Breaking Bad. She also adds little
skits in the beginning of her tutorials for fun, like this one where she creates her own
version of the “blue meth” from Breaking Bad on a kiddie stove. Pete Mander at kre8fx production made this
incredible Broly costume from Dragon Ball Z. Mander builds costumes for private collectors
and his website has a ton of beautiful creations including many from the Alien movies and Predator. Five Classic Monster Makeups. Youtube Channel Extremesfx has a great tutorial
on becoming a Vampire. If you follow all the steps you should be able to make yourself
look something like this! They give you tips on applying the prosthetic, blending it in
and what type of contact lenses to use. A lot of people are scared of clowns because
of images like this one, created by Youtuber eRaness. In 11 minutes he shows you how to
go from normal to terrifying and his channel features other classic characters like this
skull and this alien. ReeRee creates this classic mummy look using
just face paint. The right amount of shading adds realism and depth. Try it yourself with
her help and check out her other great tutorials like Mortica Addams from the Addams family.  LetzMakeup is a great channel that has makeup
intricate and elaborate makeup tutorials like this skull. She also shows you two ways to
become the wicked witch! This way or this way. A few weeks ago Stan Winston Studios turned
me into a zombie. The entire process was documented from start to finish and being made into a
zombie is what inspired this video in the first place! Okay I hope that inspired you to make an awesome
costume for this Halloween. If you need your brain stimulated right now I made a brand
new riddle challenge over on WEsauce. While you’re there Jake has a new JAM or Just
Awesome Music playlist for you to listen to and if that’s not enough music – the first
ever YouTube Music Awards are going on right after Halloween on November 3rd. So have a
safe and fun Halloween. And as always – thanks for watching!

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  3. I don't know if you've going to continue this series or not, but I got an idea for a riddle.
    I can't be drawn or be seen on paper,
    I'm lots of fun in movie theatres,
    With me you can tell what's near and far
    And I make big things look bizarre.
    What am I?
    The third dimension.

  4. I wish he new but nice I did that weeping angel costume to. I scared the shit out of every one. One of them hire me with a golf club. I love that time of year I think I saw another weeping angel my self

  5. A guy with a gun walks into a store, buys something, shoots himself, but doesn't get hurt. How does this happen?

    Answer- He bought a camera and "shot" a picture of himself.

  6. HEY!! I need an idea!! I was born without my left hand and it ends at my elbow, I imagine I could be a killer model for a gruesome costume!!! ;D Please someone give me some ideas!!!!

  7. I feel like i should buy a plain wooden mask and paint an eyeless face on it and wear a black robe with a hope lined with red inside. Hopefully ill look like a cult memeber

  8. the first costume u show it actually a weeping angel from doctor who i know this coz she has her eyes covered in the pics

  9. Don't…… blink……. get them all to look at each other…. what are they called? Weeping Angels…

  10. SFX makeup artists​ are so kickass.
    I literally adore anyone who does this stuff. It's… I can't really describe how much I like it. I just do.
    I like it. I really, really like SFX makeup.


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