Amazon Fail or Nailed?! What Should Lancengi Wear for a Halloween Costume Party!

Amazon Fail or Nailed?! What Should Lancengi Wear for a Halloween Costume Party!

what i would do to take away this fear of being loved Angie I’m GL here was a very special guest / you want to introduce yourself hi my name is able he on his best friend picking out a halloween costume i purchased five across the internet because i have a halloween costume party coming up on the 26 and I’m freaking out my costume perfect out from amazon amazon prime is amazing you have been what you need yeah i was amazing but now i need to make some decisions they got a free returns and they don’t work out and hopefully it’ll inspire you guys do if you’re still lost on what to wear for halloween so we’re going to go through all five costumes today and then in a separate video we’re going to do one nails hair and makeup but feel free to also brainstorm with us with comments down below so we get into it yes let’s do it starting off with costume number y know when I was searching on amazon i came across this DC comic hero i purchase it for almost twenty dollars and found it dropped in price two weeks later crazy right I’m 54 and normally wear a size six so i went with the medium is a hundred percent polyester and apparently you can hand wash it and apply trying on the superhero costume it was soft comfortable and form-fitting i love the attached wings and I felt super cool in this 80-degree October florida weather do you think I should soar into action as that woman for halloween or do you think I should move on to Las number two up next I found this super cute ship breath pirate dress i purchased it for thirty dollars and found out the price increase to $45 the reason reviews on Amazon set it ran a little bit large so I went with the size of small oh my god it’s time I can go outside and show you what this looks like and it won’t even up into that and it’s way too short way too short to short though I promised my butt is hanging i never did see through it yeah oh yeah look each one of these things see through it is cute though if you guys like it just go up the sides it took cell i also found a costume for Wiggles but i did not get this from amazon i actually got from canine costume number three is an Egyptian goddess i purchased it for thirty-six dollars and increased 238 i went with the size medium because it’s made out of polyester and based on the reviews i should get a medium it comes in six pieces it comes with a dress glove felt crown and caller also purchase the sandals separately or $22 i have to admit i felt like the Queen of the Nile in this but the collar in the neck does not lay flat the gloves are little itchy sandals are comfortable but they take forever to put on and off there is for chuckles personal does this Egyptian goddess when your vote or should I move on to boston number four we added DC comic hero so of course i had to be a supervillain plus my husband adores margot robbie and for $34 i had to give this a try after looking at the reviews i went with the size medium it’s a blend of almost seventy-five percent polyester and there’s five pieces included top pants choker gloves and belt i want to put these on I want to put the top on and I couldn’t even get it over my head so it was going to model this for you and she’s normally a size small ok pop artist cute if you like it you gotta go up a size though I like the happening I don’t have any complaints about those are like how they’re making yeah those are really cute ok and then the pants pants are like kinda coming down a lot like they pulled so they they may be a reason to go home precise to but overall they fit well like similar to leggings just hard on the waist and then the belt the belt the real problem yeah the belt show them what’s going on with about their yes so it’s like super big yeah it’s really big off the right size for the banned from the Friends looks ok but I definitely gotta definitely do you think I should go with this love obsessive super villain or should I move on loading onto this tinkerbell fairy costume i purchased this for $23 and it increased a dollar for whatever reason based on the reviews i went with the size medium it’s a hundred percent polyester and there is five pieces included a dress with a course at front a skirt sleeves very wings and a headpiece ok so what do you like about this one I love the color beautiful i love the glitter on this I think it’s so nice i love that the dress not hot which is really nice whoo-hoo these are little changed now you can who but they’re cute they do look cute yeah right yeah the way our local few things like yeah what do you think of my they do not stay they kind of wobble all-around maybe two if they stayed I never liked having this yeah but other than that I think it’s cute it is and the color looks great on you to do a lot of fun gold make gold eyeshadow keep little pixie dust letter on the nail polish you could ok so it has to leave like 10 minutes ago what were your thoughts first thing is you got to be careful when you order online yeah was weird with the sizes definitely would have been nice if they all fit but I didn’t tried one on is yeah yeah we’re gonna have her do the other one to the little pirate costume if you’re thinking about like your costumes don’t wait until the last minute yeah yeah but we did get a couple does it’s free returns I’m going to return the ones i don’t like and if you like them enough i’m going to actually go ahead and get them in the next size up or the video we do like the nail-art the hair and the makeup vote down below which costume is your favorite but if you don’t want to order anything you just want to pull something from your closet because you did wait to the last minute I actually have a video where we do 30 and putting together last minute Halloween costumes action lot of fun to do that video and you can actually click somewhere here and also the link to that video down in the description below well don’t hit subscribe to never you don’t miss any of the halloween videos that we have planned we want to know what kind of nail art ideas you guys think for all the costumes their ideas and Baker really good that I a storm with us and then we’ll put all together at the end october 26 is my big event so until we can make it after all right fine ales Halloween everyone

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  1. The tinker bell costume…..nails I would go with a glittery green and gold polish that looks similar to the costume….hair I would do a either a messy bun or wavy beach curls down, make up I would do gold eyes with a hint of green and lips something pink in the lips

  2. My favorite one is the bat man one because it looks SO CUTE ON YOU plus it seems super easy to wear! My second choice would be the Egyptian costume! For the Batman nails you can do any black and yellow themed mani! Happy Halloween! 馃檪

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