40 Replies to “Amazon Summer Clothing Haul 2019 | Affordable Summer Outfit Ideas”

  1. The white flows top overwhelms you. I think you just get lost in it, although it’s a beautiful top in many ways. You found some great pieces that are flattering and comfortable.

  2. I like your videos but you really make me dizzy by moving back and forth so much, unfortunately it is distracting

  3. I love your videos! So many great recommendations.
    I was wondering if you got you Valentino dupes sandals with Prime shipping? When you click your link, it shows prime, but as soon as you choose a size it adds 10+ dollars shipping.

  4. Loved the white top with the flowy sleeves, it looks great on, just maybe for dressier skirt or slacks. Great try on again!!

  5. Ok, you are just so cute! I love watching your videos. And your voice/personality are so calming to me 😊 btw, I thought that white top looked great on you!! But, the black and white romper, hands down, was my favorite on you!! Cute cute β™₯ 😘

  6. I love the earrings! I just created a shopping list on Amazon with all the items I like that you recommended. I need some recommendations for affordable comfortable & lightweight capris for summer. 😊

  7. Gr8 video Lee, thank you 😊 so much. I love ❀️ the bracelet – gives me major Janis Joplin vibes- just need a fringe faux or vegan 🌱 leather jacket πŸ§₯ to match it. Oh and the BOGO sale helped. I also love ❀️ the hat. Going to try and get the Pink Floyd tank next. Btw, Quay is available on Nordstrom rack for 24.99, and they recently had the clear the rack event going on. Hugs πŸ€—, Amy

  8. I just ordered my 2nd pair of Tory Burch sandals. I got the cognac brown this time. I have the colbalt blue and i bought them 3 years ago and i have to say they have been my most worn sandal! I love them and they are so comfortable and really worth the price! You found so many cute clothes!!

  9. Omg!! I'm in love with the Pink Floyd shirt!! Have you tried or do you already use Amazon Prime Wardrobe? If so, what are your thoughts? I would like to see you try some of those websites that are advertised through Pinterest that advertise dresses, etc., for cheap prices. I love that we go to your blog post to find where to go and purchase what you have shown us on here. I get in so much trouble after watching you because I end up spending too much money (husband says too much, haha) getting so many cute clothes, but they are all good quality and cheaper than some places or paying full price for name brand. I so want some Tory Burch sandals and wear the same size as you do, but I don't know that I will be able to afford them; I wish I would've won a pair when you were doing the giveaway. I don't think you could look bad in anything. 😁

  10. Can you please let us know if you are 5’8 or 5’9 bc I’m 5’9 and have stuff in my cart from amazon and wallmart and I wanna make sure the dresses will fit. And then you’ll know how tall you are LOL! Thank you!!! Xo

  11. Love the black and white romper; what size were you wearing just for reference and were those Tory Burch sandal dupe true to size for you and thanks for sharing

  12. I've never been a fan of the bell sleeve…maybe I feel like I will drag my sleeve in my food or something? I don't know, but I have the same reaction you did whenever I try one on. Love the assymetric black t, though!

  13. Thank you so much! I am a mom of 2 and before I find your channel I would literally dress the same everyday. Here's my REQUEST I would love to see what you can find for MEN!!! My husband needs your help too! thank you again!

  14. Amazon Queen!πŸ™ŒπŸΌ I love these videos so much and I’ve purchased so many things that I love based on your recommendations. Keep em coming!πŸ’›

  15. OMG I love the weave straw earrings! I really wish I can wear statement earrings like those but my ears are so sensitive I cannot. I tried looking on amazon for some but cannot locate any. Any suggestion? And I love that yellow mustard short sleeve blouse. Somehow that has been one of my favorite colors. All your outfits look comfy and great on you like always! : )

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