American Textile Supplier and Manufacturer

American Textile Supplier and Manufacturer

I’m Amy Bircher President of MMI Textiles It began when I was 7 at National Dye Works in Chicago IL Then I went out on my own and founded MMITextiles Our customer base is an end product manufacturer of sewn products.

Whether they’re manufacturing blood pressure cuffs, hospital mattresses, tactical gear for soldiers.

Not only do we supply all of those components that go into making those products, we look for solutions to problems they are having with current products in the market. prints, knits, wovens, in the commercial, industrial, recreational markets They use all kinds of textiles The culture here at MMI is unbelieveable I’ve never seen anything like it we have an open office where everyone shares ideas and work together on everything I cant tell you how many people have called and told me “how do you find such great people?” That resonates thorough the entire industry We pride ourselves on working with the customer and being able to have them lean on us as much as possible The reason why I recommend MMI as a partner and source for textile manufacturing is because, beyond just the fabrics they produce, they are a one stop shop for multiple made in the usa textile options So not only do we provide all of those components that go into that product, we look for solutions to problems they are having with any product in the market And they can become our expert on multiple materials and allow us to focus on the sewing and the parts we do so well You have to have some kind of passion for ulitmately is the end game of the manufacturing process And when I’m out on the factory floor, I think that the fact that I know manufacturing lends the credibility to make the difference and relate to what it takes to help our customers succeed and get an end product out the door

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  1. I just started a line producing baby sheets. Do you sell fabric yo small US businesses? If so please let me know. Thank you!

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