Angels Tear Witch Bayonetta’s Dress Apart (Bayonetta 2 | Christmas Shopping)

Angels Tear Witch Bayonetta’s Dress Apart (Bayonetta 2 | Christmas Shopping)

disasters major unleashed contingent Applebee’s messages you know what I need some heels without guns you don’t mind if we make a quick stop do you do you know what day’s coming up here I was shopping minding my own business then you show up and turn me into a damn Porter seriously Bayonetta you still haven’t paid me back for the car hey whoa down is this any way to speak to an old friend besides I did that job food for free dad do I really have to tell everyone how you grabbed onto my leg sobbing like a schoolboy hey this is why I can’t have good things you are some piece of work you know that if you weren’t already lined up to go to Inferno you’ll be well on your way with all the shitty bull dressing up like a nun just so you can off some angels and keep the underworld happy hey I’m talking to you but if it’s that I get torn limb from limb for eternity whatever circle of inferno you witches go to a few great attract get a body height off the fucking wind bastards all day and day oh hey but what the fuck you wasting your time trying to send some these mutts off to the afterlife for dumb and dumb let’s go home hey way to shake it I ain’t done here if I don’t get what I came for I’m gonna be the biggest mutt in the city and what is it that you came to fetch my yeah real funny I know better than to tell you a damn thing I’ll never hit up you always know how to make an entrance John the rare sight to see you in the city just had something I hope into cereza you haven’t felt anything strange recently now that you mentioned I still haven’t quite figured out how a broke bumbling wiseguy managed to turn himself into a semi respectable family forget about it and what’s this sir ASA shit you’re about as sweet as my Nona’s grappa you know that some witch with amnesia goes around calling herself a weapon and it turns out she really got stuck with a kid’s nickname that shit’s rich I tell you what our friends in Paradiso are far too quiet I’m sure you’ve noticed but they aren’t the only ones pray tell our friends down south seem to be a bit upset as well and now the enemy is being held today city police have closed off roads to prepare for the Macedon but the merrymakers expected to take in this year’s festivities set to be headlined by alcohol on the military’s aerial acrobatics oh shit the Platinum Stars crap we need to hurry up and get Ed and Edna’s presents where I’m gonna get it we’ll talk later I’ll see you back home don’t forget to pick up the things for the party what’s the matter with you I told you what a man our jet I want a toy jet you know the kind with wings rise in the sky no I’m not playing any damned angels yellow blue I don’t care what color they are I learned my lesson with those bastards you hear me just normal damn Jack please you hear that I want one of those the things flying in the air right now the one that’s the biggest one you got in the store right wrap it up nicely it’s a pleasant we got six just hurry up the box you know I try to avoid doing this in my Sunday best at least your lot still knows how to make it in ha hmm this is why I never bought it would say

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  1. Since this video got quite a discussion about Bayonetta & Smash added a poll to video: What do you think about Bayonetta being part of the Smash? Just click "i" button in the top right corner of the video and make your vote. You can write your own version here in comments as well…. My official 📄 Bayonetta 1&2 Playlist: (74 videos). Have fun. All videos with Jeanne 💃:

  2. I lov u Cereza.
    She for some reson reminds me that I need to have more self-love and keep more calm about problems.

  3. Isn't Bayonetta a try hard copy of Devil May Cry? But you know reserves Bayonetta is Vergil and Dante is… No one you can't copy the demon god.

  4. Nintendo in 1991 : Gonna change the color for those blood puddles in Super Castlevania IV, too violent. Oh, and cover the breasts of the statues in the background.
    Nintendo in 2011 : No, we won't have The Binding of Isaac for the 3DS, too religious.
    Nintendo in 2014 : wHat aBoUt a sCeNe wHeN sHe's likE NAKED iN tHe aiR 🤤

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