Angry Drill SGT Responds to guy in protest wearing a Navy Uniform

Angry Drill SGT Responds to guy in protest wearing a Navy Uniform

you a coward. You could be serving a way better purpose and you know it. i seen Somali Pirates look ate me like hey wanna kill me Now what really gets my goat about this whole video Is that it’s a navy dude. Makes me wannaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! what up Squid? you know what i love? when morons like you wear your uniform out to protests. it just means you want attention so let me give you some of that attention “how bout you serve something greater?!” he is serving something Stupid! he’s gonna spend 20 years trying to get a pension serving a community that he loves and lives in nice beard. you l=gotlined up but couldnt get that trimmed off when you put on your gosh dang duds? you stupid piece of trash you probably got dishonorably discharged from the freaking navy. tell him who he is! You a coward! did you just call this guy a coward?! you pathetic prepubesent puddle of piss. you had Somali pirates look at you?! I had somali Pirates look at me Look at me like they want to fucking kill me! LOOK AT YOU?!? im an Engineer and even i know that is some POG shit that just came out of your mouth. This guy is literally trapped among hundreds if not thousands of people. who hate each other, and you have the balls to call this guy a coward, and the best story you have is how 3 dude in a beat up fishing boat with a couple AK’s (motor boat sound) drove up past your naval ship and you looked at each other? Stupid Seamen what were you gonna do grab a rifle? oh wait i forgot! You had to go to the nearest Marine to protect you, didn’t ya? didn’t ya? you’re the type of guy that would probably claim that as PTSD. I bet the only time your boots touched the dirt is when you stopped off in Jbouti to get some gosh dang green bean. Speaking of Jbouti im about to get all up in yours son. you were in the horn of Africa its not even a combat zone. What kida ship were you on? the USS cant find a pair? The USS Gets scared alot? The Uss change my drawers The USS Scawdy Cat. The USS peed my pants But what realy gets my goat is the fact that you got the balls to go up to somebody two inches from their face, screaming obscenities, calling them a coward and make them feel like nothing because he has to practice restraint something you obviously don’t have, You’re a piece of trash.

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  1. As an FMF Corpsman who did Phatom Fury and Steel Curtain while attached to 1st MARDIV 1st Tanks BN I will say this……fuck that guy. Blue falcon mother fucker. Go get some real action and come see Ole' Doc, I will wear your ass out. Angry Cop ya done great. Fuck that POG ass.

  2. I'm going to join the navy as a corpsman and I'm going to run with the marines as long as I can so seeing this navy soldier hurts me smh

  3. Love the video but when you say he goes up to somebody 2 inches from their face and screams at them, isn’t that what you do? Either way your right in terms of the fact that this guy is a piece of rubbish.

  4. What i want know about is the drunk navy guy that operated the radar and let a Somalia pirate within 25-50 feet of a Warship…

  5. I've got $38 in unmarked bills that says that "navy vet" is full of shit as a Christmas goose. Never served…never took the oath.

  6. First as a future sailor. I'm embarrassed, second, we have a teams on each ship called VBSS that deals with the puddle pirates. But other than that great video. Fuck this sorry excuse of a sailor aka butt pirate.

  7. "I hate people who talk political matters while in uniform!!!"

    —The Guy Speaking About Political Matters in Uniform

    When will you guys realize your R. Lee Ermey impression doesn't work on anyone?

  8. There is no fucking way some Somali pirate got close enough to a US Navy death boat for shipmate supply bubba to get a look at him

  9. 2:05 the way Mike calms down suddenly to deliver a strong and reverberating message to take home really gets to the viewer. Way to go, Mike. That should be a lesson of respect to the assholes out there who play cheap and think they own the world

  10. Another former Navy SEAL? I think this is all bening orchestrated by Bejing ! Go out there and attack any one stands up for freedom in this country like there attacking freedom loving people in Tiawan and Hong Kong.

  11. Come on man really? I’m in the CAP (Civilian USAFA) and not even WE are this much of an embarrassment to our “mother” branch AND WE’RE A BUNCH OF 12-18 YEAR OLDS!!

  12. I recited half of this shit to my dad after he started shit talking me and talking about how great he was becuase he did 1 tour in the navy half of which he propbobly spent partying(his words not mine) and how I was piece of shit that did nothing with my life.

  13. That calm voice at the end sent a shiver down my spine. Drill sergeants always yell for everything, but when they speak to you in a manner like that… that’s true fear right there. Also there was no exiting cadence which was kinda scary

  14. I have a lot of respect for this YouTuber, especially now. I've had LE and Security in my family. We've grown so accustom to disrespect from the general public that our emotions literally become numbed over the years. I find it hard to even express emotion other than anxiety, even in my private life. The last time when I felt real emotion was when my USMC uncle, Vietnam vet, Sgt. Boswell passed away. God bless his soul. It's such a refreshing feeling to see Angry Cops defend this Officer.

  15. Fuck what a loser. I'm a civilian EMT and I've seen more shit than he will see in his entire life. It's funny how some people wear their uniform and expect people to pity them but yet I walk around everyday with mental scares that nobody can see because I'm not an attention seeking whore like some of our bonehead servicemen.

  16. I bet he hasn't even seen a pirate cuz what dumb fucking idiot would drive up to a american navy ship that cost millions of dollars with high tech state of the ark weapons and equipment also the best navy in the world in a shitty little skiff with some ak's

    Even if he did I'm sure he wouldn't have a face to look at as a MK 45/5 inch cannon just blew his fucking boat up

  17. Do you get your hair trimmed in the army?
    Cause if a mf touch my hair im moving to another country and bombing my car

  18. As a Navy Vet, this so called “Vet” is all jacked up! It’s easy to buy a uniform and claim Vet status. Hell, he probably didn’t even finish Great Mistakes! (if you understand that Hoo Raw!) As for needing a Marine, let me educate you on Marines. They were created by the Navy in a bar; yes a bar because that’s what Navy does. We kick ass at sea, then pull into port to drink your alcohol and screw your women (it’s in our fight song). There is no Department of Marines, look at their CAC it says Department of Navy. Don’t miss understand, I love the Marines; I have family and friends that are Marines. But to say Navy personnel are sissies is wrong. The Navy created the Marines, the Navy created the UDT/SEALS, what did the Army create? (Oh yeah the Air Force whom left the Army and created their own Department). Let’s no bash each other though. 0.73% of the American population activity serve our Armed Forces every year and just 7.24% of the population have EVER SERVED!!!!! So thank you for your service and same to all my fellow Vets!

  19. Somewhere, off in the world, this protester guy's Recruit Division Commander from boot camp got the sudden urge to tear someone's head off.

  20. When was the last time the Commander in Cheif called on the Army for any type of special operations???
    Last time I checked, the "Squid" Navy SEALS were the best in business and are responsible for the most important special operations. The Marines are department of the Navy…. Oops. The Army is a bunch of egomaniacs that pride themselves on running and push ups and a football game once a year against the Branch that has the most boats, the most aircraft, the most guns, and the most employee's. Lol

  21. He probably was kicked out of the navy.. as for the marine to protect him. Naval ships have 50 cals and Vulcan phalanx falling guns refered to as R2D2s. No skiff would dare approach a us navy ship!!! If so they would be scent to Davy Jones locker arrrrrrr matie!!!!!!!

  22. The navy dude ain’t shit 😆Hey I respect all the military branches but this singular dude, I don’t think he’s even gone into a battlefield yet while that cop that’s staring back at him has gone to a persons home probably gotten shot at and is hated by everyone in the country…come on now Navy fella don’t disgrace the navies name.

  23. I hate how your hating on the navy and that's because my momma was a 20 year naval Intel and my pops did 14 as a navy diver…. navy ain't that bad bruhh but I get it

  24. Even though I'm in a Navy JROTC unit, this guy still brought discredit to anything sponsored by the Department of The Navy.

  25. Hmmm if and only if he actually saw any Somalia pirates was from the ships flir/video pod a hour later, shown in the galley after he was done scrubbing the shitters….

  26. Dude you have the best morals that i have ever seen anyone have, and for that iam greatful to know im not the only one who hates people that do this kinda shit, i got one of em in my family too, meaning someone who is a pog pos!!!

  27. Right. One thing to say. Imma request a letter to ask you to become a drill sgt in the Irish Defence Force. I need you😂

  28. I'm tired of navy and airforce members acting tough, acting like they seen some shit. Why dont you have a long convo with a ww2 marine or army vet and tell me how tuff you are again.

  29. It’s against the UCMJ to protest in uniform. Hope he got 45/45 and half months x2 from the captain if he was still in.

  30. “Pubescent puddle of piss!” 😂💀
    But seriously, when he spoke in a calm voice I dropped my phone and started doing push ups

  31. How dare that prick run to a marine for protection when that marine was probably in the middle of a delicious crayon lunch.

  32. Everyone’s tough when they against a guy who won’t touch em. I’d love to see the policeman just told “hey champ, next 10 minutes no rules apply, do you.” I bet the guy who had Somali pirates look at him would be fucken massacred if he didn’t shit himself. To death and humiliation first.

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