– Ollie, you better be
cleaning your play room. – Okay Momma. (upbeat music) – That looks good. A wand! (wand booming) I cleaned my play room! ♫ This is our life this is our fun ♫ This is who we are ♫ This is our dream this is our team ♫ Shine among the stars ♫ Tae the shooting stars take
this hand and watch it shine ♫ This is our life let’s live it ♫ Living for your fam – [Both] Good morning! – Hey guys, so what did you
think, the new intro babe? – It’s pretty cool. – I’m so excited. – It’s super different but
yet still our same style. – It’s short and sweet and
to the point too, which a lot of you wanted. And a new song and a new
animation, I think it’s cool. – I really like intros, I
know people have different opinions on them and
personally I think it’s cool that people can watch our
show or watch our videos and know who we are
and what our names are. – Before it technically starts. – So I’m not offended if
you guys skip it but I love the intro and I think it’s
important for us to have. – No we worked hard on
that intro and you need to watch it every single time! – Yes watch it every time! – Every single time! Anyway what’s up guys? Today we got the whole damn
fam over, oops I did it again. I Brittany’d it’. – But Auntie is not here and Ollie was pretty upset about it. – Alright Mimi what are we doing today? – Alright we’re gonna do some
carne asada, kind of fajita, kind of asada, I don’t
know, what’s the difference? I don’t know, tell us in the comments. – [Dad] We have some veggies to stir fry, we’ve got meats. – Avocado! – [Mimi] We’ve got some rice. (meoowing) – Oh no I changed my head! Let’s change it back! I got it back! I think little Finn! (laughing) (upbeat music) It’s Uncle! He’s such a good swimmer! (laughing) – These dental bills are gonna be so high I’m gonna have to get a loan shark. – Got you! That’s Mimi! – Ollie what are you doing over there? Oh, am I a rabbit!? – Got you Mimi! – How did I become a rabbit! (laughing) Oliver, did you do this? – Hey man, no it’s all
good we just have family over we’re just hanging out and stuff. – Dad is supposed to be a cute teddy bear. – Yeah I know. Yeah so what are you guys doing today? What, I can’t– – Dad is a teddy bear haha! – Oh I can hear you now, are my ears, are my ears up here,
Ollie what did you do!? – You’re cute Daddy. – You turned me into a teddy bear?! – Can I cuddle you tonight? – Hang on, I gotta go. (vacuuming) – Mama’s cleaning! Can I see a panda clean? (laughing) – Am I a panda!? – Haha got you! – Oliver James! – Papa’s fixing something! – Oliver! – I changed your head! – You changed my head didn’t you!? (laughing) I’m trying to fix the sink Oliver! – Fix the sink now Papa! – Okay you guys, this is the
last straw, Ollie has been pranking us all day with
his magic wand turning our heads into animal
heads, and that’s not right and we’re angry, huh (growling) So let’s go get him! – I’m in so much trouble! (shouting) – [Dad] You change my head back Ollie! – Oliver, Oliver James you
get back over here right now, where are you, Ollie!? – Ollie, Ollie, Ollie wake up! Ollie wake up, you’re dreaming,
you’re just dreaming, hi! – [Mom] What were you doing? – What happened? – What were you doing, are you dreaming? He must have had a crazy drea. We heard him yelling! – [Mom] Wake up Ollie! – Say “good morning Ollie!” Ollie what did you dream about? – I turned all your heads into animals. – [Dad] You did? – What was I? – A panda! – And what was Daddy? – A teddy bear! – What? – So what was I? – A bunny! – What abut me, I don’t remember this? – A shark! – [Mom] A shark? – What, what was I? – A swap! – What, a sloth? – So you changed all
our heads, even Finn’s? – [Mom] What was Finn? – A kitty cat. – That’s kinda cute. – That’s a crazy dream. – You had a silly dream. – You were just dreaming so don’t worry. – It’s okay. Mimi and Papa and everyone
are here, we’re gonna eat dinner and hang out, okay. – Let’s do this! – Woo! – Alright let’s see it. What are we working with, oh yeah! We got carne asada and veggies
and look at, we’re even using the outdoor burner. Cooking up some grub for tonight’s dinner. Hey Finny, were you just now a kitty cat? – No! – Yeah! Ollie turned you into
a kitty cat didn’t he? Oh it’s been a long hard day! This teddy bear is full of food, you guys. Good dinner tonight, we
had so much fun hanging out with family this Sunday,
hope you guys did too and I hope you guys enjoyed the new
intro because that has been a work in progress for quite a while. It has been quite a ride
and I’m super glad that’s finally done, so yay new
intro, peep our new channel art as well on, make sure you subscribe to our channel,
we put out new videos every single day! But anyway I think I’m
gonna go ahead and end this vlog, so if you guys
enjoyed be sure to give it a thumbs up, check out that
icart for more fun videos and skits we like to do on this channel. Thank you guys so much
for watching and remember you can go get our new family fun track, link down below in the
description, it’s also in the icart up there, I think. I’m just a teddy bear, not
sure how YouTube works. Thank you for watching
guys, give this video a thumbs up, we’ll see
you manana, bye boop! (gentle music)


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