Annie Sloan – Fabric Tutorial No.3 – a Swedish blind

Annie Sloan – Fabric Tutorial No.3 – a Swedish blind

I’d like to introduce you to my fabrics. There’s a lovely collection of them… A bit of boho chic… a little bit of French… a bit of country… And this is a collection I think works really well with my paints. Now I don’t have time to do what I used to do which is I used to make my own… …curtains a lot. I used to hand sew them. And I now work with Julie… who is… just totally on my wavelength. She understands how I work. She’s terrific. So she’s going to demonstrate how to do a simple blind so you can do it… for yourself. So Julie, what we’re going to here is this wonderful Swedish blind. I think Swedish blinds are absolutely wonderful because they look really complicated but they’re really simple. J: Yes.
A: It’s two panels of fabric. And I think we should do it… …with… …the Paris Noir.
J: Perfect. A: And the Charcoal Pastorale. So one underneath and one on top, so you see… …that one at the top. Then we’ll put… …the ribbon. We’ll make a ribbon I think out of this one… and just do it with the black… …so it just comes down. So you make it out of that bit there… I mean we could use other things but I think… this makes it all one.
J: Yeah, happy with that. We’ll give that a go.
A: Yes, I think that’s lovely… …and then you have to do a beautiful bow!
J: Fine. Two pieces of fabric… …with the right sides together. And we’re going to machine them together. We’ve machined… …all the way around the outside. Cut off the… …corners. And turn it inside out. Push the corners out. Put the rod… …in the bottom. Then you need to… …sew your rod in. So, your rod’s sewn in the bottom. And we’re going to attach the Velcro… …to the top, so that it can be attached to the batten on the top of the wall. So that… the machining doesn’t show on the front… …turn down… …the top. Pin it. And then… …sew… …the edge of the Velcro. So it’s now sewn… …to the top of the blind. And we’re going to make the… …batten that goes at the top. This is the sticky… …hook… …part of the Velcro. You just stick over the staples so you can’t see them. And then for your ribbons. And there’s the finished blind. What do you think? A: That is so gorgeous! I love the way you put that in the middle there. Really, really nice! Thank you so much, Julie.
J: You’re very welcome. A lovely combination of… fabric, I think.
A: Yes, I think so too.

11 Replies to “Annie Sloan – Fabric Tutorial No.3 – a Swedish blind”

  1. Perfect solution to my back door window ! Easy installation for my purpose uses top tunnel for use on slim profile rod used on French doors

  2. Hello there Annie what an amazing video stunning blinds, just wondering if i was to make these for a larger window would this be possible and how would i go about it? Thanks xx

  3. It is very easy to make but it does not show any way to fix to the wall or window frame, I can't see how this can be done without screwing through the fabric. Perhaps you can show us this in another video?

  4. you'd have to attach the 'baton' part to the wall, which would mean drilling through the fabric, but this wouldn't be seen when you attached the piece of fabric 'blind' with the velcro.

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