1. Love only! Glad you don’t let the haters get to you! You have a lovely and refreshing personality! Go girl!

  2. New subscriber here! Came from the last Amazon video. My life is on Amazon Prime so these videos are perf. 😂

  3. First, I can’t figure what mean comments people can say about you. You are stunning and you look perfect in those bikinis! People are so childish. The ones that leave mean comments are usually the ones that are insecure and have been picked on for their imperfections. They shouldn’t do it to other people because it’s been done to them. LOVE the bikinis the most, I need more support up top too and definitely hard to find cute stuff to hold up my girls. Great Haul!

  4. It's funny that you mention reading the reviews before buying something off of some place like Amazon, because that's what I ALWAYS do before buying. 1st, I look at where it's coming from, since Amazon deals with many China-based companies, I look at both the china sizing & the US sizing, because sizing in China is at least 2 sizes smaller than our sizing in the US, sometimes 3. I always read the reviews from customers & try to find products with many reviews, I look at the dates of the reviews too, because if a review is 3-4 yrs old, it may not hold true to what the reviews says by the time I'm reading it, so I always try to find the latest reviews I can. People buying will most times be really honest about how the product fits & feels on and a lot of people even upload pictures of them wearing the products, so you can actually see what it looks like on a real person, not just a model, that's super helpful. And then based on how customers feel, I buy or not buy. You got some really cute stuff, thx for sharing 🙂

  5. Hi! Just stumbled upon your channel and
    I love your videos! I subscribed already. Thanks for doing the amazon clothing haul i really liked it and ended up
    Buying a couple of items! 😊

  6. Always love your videos !!! Great haul , where did u get the bralette your wearing ?? I also am a big cheated gal and it is always so hard finding ones that fit great

  7. I just ordered the hat! This is always been such an issue to me. One-size-fits-all does not. Thanks for turning me onto this.

  8. LOVE EVERYTHING YOU DO! 🙂 I'm way older but your style appeals to me and I love your positive outlook. 🙂

  9. What size do you wear in the free people bralette? I struggle to find cute ones that actually fit, I’m a DD natural with a 32-34” band. The size chart doesn’t look like it would work.

  10. Do you get workout clothes off of Amazon?? I’m a little hesitant due to not knowing the quality of fabric and sizing but would totally love if you have come across any good items!

  11. Already grabbed the romper and the paper bag shorts! I've been wanting a pair but have made the leap. They look so cute on you I did!!

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