hi guys it's Melanie and today we have none other but another okay that today we have a haul this is just a pretty basic haul I have a few of these coming my way because I been doing a lot of shopping so let's not talk about that but I've been getting a lot of cool stuff and I'm really excited to show you guys what I've been picking up so let's hop right into this of course this will be a Tryon and I'll have links to all the items below a lot of these items were sent to me by various companies but of course my honest opinions and you can totally see like the quality and everything in these videos and if you want to see what stuff looks like on follow me on my social medias haha yeah let's get started first off we're gonna be starting with this company that sent me some stuff it is a pretty small brand and it's a women's apparel shop that's actually like Korean style so it has really cool like kind of Asian style stuff I'll have the links of all the items in my description box and I'll also have a code for 15% off which you can check out the brand is called little hazel and they offer free worldwide shipping over $99 so other than that I'm just gonna show you guys well I picked out they have some cute things first to just get this out of the way I got one pair of shoes I've been trying to step it up with my shoe wear because I don't then know I do you see which is like college which is like you walk kind of a lot so my boots are pretty like high and super uncomfortable so I was looking for some new shoes with a shorter heel but still like pretty fashionable and stuff so I got these boots I think these look very high-end I'm not exactly sure how to style it they give me kind of like hippie like not hippy hipster like coffee Starbucks vibes I don't know like autumn fall all of that you know perfect for the season they're like Chelsea boots I think that's what they're called but they have a really small hill they have a really small keel so they're really comfortable to walk in which ya girl appreciates because I'm not a talented Walker my feet hurt easily I don't know and onto the apparel I got Oh first off I got this top this is just a really plain grey crop not really cropped but um gray top its ribbed and it's just a plain talk but I really like it if it's really well super soft super comfy I'm gonna be wearing this a lot perfect for layering I got this top which is like on the fancy side I don't know exactly how I'm gonna style this but it's just this like blush um blouse and it's really nice I have no clue how I'm gonna wear this because as I say in like every video I have fancy clothes that I have no occasion to wear on so we'll find something for this because too cute not to wear the other stuff is way more casual which is good for me I got this long sleeve top and it's just an interesting color I don't okay first artists I don't have much green stuff and then on top of it I don't have this tone of green I feel like it's a unique color it's like this muted almost I can't describe colors but it's just a really nice basic and I think this would look really nice tucked into some like light washed boyfriend jeans and then with like white shoes maybe or a band I'm not really sure yet this has been kind of like a trend it's just that like quarter zip and then it has the little like circle zipper thing I don't know what's called but this is what this looks like it's like a really thin material so you can still layer this if you want yeah it's pretty nice then the bottom also has this like scrunchie thing so you can make it like cropped and like tight around the waist which I really like don't know why I got this during this time of year because it's freaking cold and on top of that I don't wear skirts but I really bent a denim skirt and they have this one and it looks Li nice so I picked it up anyways I might have to crop it a little more just because I'm like the shortest person my legs are literally two inches long the last thing I got from them I really like this for some reason this is what this looks like and it's just a stripe chunky sweater these interesting colors I feel like you don't really see like orange red blue and cream like together a lot but I don't know I really like it and I feel like that's kind of a trend I don't know holding it up to me I feel like I kind of look like a grandfather or something so thank you so little hazel you should check them out have the info blow onto some other stuff I got oh my dear okay so I bought this about a freaking year not a year but I'm a little dramatic I bought it probably like three four months ago but ok first off Urban Outfitters you're a little sketchy I bought this like five months ago and they didn't ship it like it was on whatever it's called like a call back or something I don't know they didn't have an in stock but it took a really really long time so if I knew that before I purchase it which I didn't then I wouldn't have bought it but wait long story short whatever I got this hoodie I really liked the city so I'm up this an immense mall it's the plain champion hoodie but it was freaking xn so it was like so many books which freaking sucks but you know bonding it's fine okay cuz I love this color so much it's like the muted pink blush whatever it's probably probably probably my favorite II like ever I'm up this purse I really like this even adorable so it has a long okay it's a long little strap and a short little strap and it looks like this it's actually really spacious it has like two compartments and then a front one the front one is the perfect size for my phone which I keep there and then the other side like I can poke whatever the heck I want I just like how simple but it's also really nice and I like how it looks with a little pom-pom I took my thumb off right now but it looks really good with it this is the brand Angela Roy and they sent this to me so thanks to them I'll have links and stuff down below if you want to see like how I style it company and stuff but basically a vegan handbag company based in New York and they have a lot of different handbags and purses and pouches and all that stuff so you should check out their website I'll have links below all that next off I bought these leggings these are actually from Amazon but I've seen this brand like I've heard about it I know about it they sell this brand out like TJ Maxx and Marshalls a lot if you didn't know I'm an admin Marshall shopper so yeah 90 degrees by reflex so it's a really good like Lululemon high-end like athletic wear dupe because all their leggings range from like I don't know 16 to like $30 which is really good because Lululemon leggings are like $100 so yeah these are a great dupe these are the high-waisted something some things I don't remember but if you just look up 90 degrees by reflex or like honestly if you look up like athletic leggings on Amazon there's like the first one to come up because they have like 8000 views and like reviews and everything and everyone loves them cuz they're really good and they have like 20,000 different colors so I got them in this army green olive color and I've been into like colored leggings but I still want them to be a little bit like muted because I'm not going out there like neon leggings the next thing I got is this hoodie and this is from the Tommy jeans Explorer like brand whatever and they have a new app that just came out I have the app you guys should totally check it out I'll have the link and stuff down below basically all you have to do is wear the clothes and like with the app you can match the clothes with the app you can earn like points that buy you like physical like actual gifts so you can get rewards like going to concerts or like VIP events which is Super Bowls is a really nice hoodie so I'm definitely going to wearing this and marking it on the app you guys should totally download the app and check it out their last place as I went on my little rant earlier about I'm obsessed with Marshalls and t.j.maxx of course I want to see game acts 5 honestly go to like TJ Maxx and Marshalls at least like once a week which is terrible but these things were necessary so the first thing I got was two packs of fuzzy socks just pack I open there was like a blue pair and like stars but I already wore them and I think I might have lost them I don't know and then I bought this black and gray pair I wear fuzzy socks constantly because out of all my like everything like I'm always freezing right but then my feet are like extra cold so fuzzy socks are the solution I got good one thanks for PJ masks and my eyes these were a really good fine because like you know every once in a while you find like really good brands at TJ Maxx and you're just kind of like oh thanks thank you so I got the same thing in two different colors because you know me it's just this champion long-sleeve shirt I've been wanting this for a while but I wasn't trying to spend $30 on it and thanks to TV Max and I only spent $10 on each these are in the boys section I always make sure to look at like the boys the curls and the women's and the juniors I look literally everywhere and the men's it's great I want to in like a large or something so I got it Navy and then I also got in white and yeah I really like this I remember I wanted this so bad a while ago and then I stopped wanting it as bad and then I found it so when I was like well it makes sense to get it you know basically nothing so that's what I'm finishing up my hole with thank you guys so much for watching you want to check out any of the items I have it all linked below and yeah make sure to follow me on my social so that we can stay connected I've been pretty active so I'm proud and yeah thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video bye


  1. Ive been using for the last little bit for my online shopping – They have some great prices from time to time. On trend stuff. Not as big as other brands but well worth it. They have good discount codes often too

  2. Those brown boots Melanie has remind me of horse riding boots. That's just my inner equestrain coming out. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚Also, you have great taste in clothes, Melanie. ๐Ÿ˜

  3. does anyone wanna help me get to 500 subs by the end of the year๐Ÿ˜ญ? ik thats not a lot for some people but I'm tryiinngg

  4. I like a lot of clothes you showed in the video but I'm kinda scared of what people (and mostly girls) are going to think and say when they see me wearing a skirt ๐Ÿ™

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