Anson Belt Review: Why These Are The Only Belts I Wear Now

Anson Belt Review: Why These Are The Only Belts I Wear Now

Hey gents! In this video I’m going to share my experience with Anson Belt and why their micro-adjustable hole-less belts are pretty much the only belts I wear now. [music] Hey there, I’m Kyle from The Distilled Man. So this channel is all about providing actionable advice for the everyday gentleman. So I’ll be honest, until a few years ago I never really thought about belts that much. Which is ironic, because it’s something that you wear almost every day. Just like most other guys I wore the standard kind of belt that you could find in any department store: you know, the holes, the pin. Nothing really super special about it. But my view on belts changed two years ago when I found out about the Anson Belt Micro-adjustable Hole-less belt. I was at the Menfluential Conference and I had a chance to meet David Ferree, who’s one of the owners of Anson Belt. David gave me a belt to try out, and immediately I loved it. In fact, not long after, I actually went and bought another Anson Belt for myself, and then I also ordered one for my dad for Father’s Day. And since then, I kid you not, I pretty much only wear Anson Belts these days. I do have one standard “beater” belt that I’ll wear if I’m out in the yard doing work or something, but otherwise pretty much these days I only wear Anson Belts. So in this video, I’m going to share four things I love about Anson Belt and why I think their micro-adjustable hole-less belts are better than standard belts. Real quick, I want to give a big thanks to Anson Belt for sponsoring this video and for supporting the channel. So the first thing I love about Anson Belt, is number one, the micro adjustable technology allows for a much more comfortable fit. So with a normal belt you basically select a belt that’s, you know, close to your waist size and then you have five holes about an inch apart to do any further tweaking, right? And that would be perfect if our bodies came in standard sizes and if they never changed at all. But I think we can all think about times in our lives when maybe we put on a few pounds, or we’ve gone the other way and maybe slimmed down a little bit and suddenly our belt doesn’t fit. At that point, we have to decide if we want to make the jump to the next belt hole. And at an inch apart, it actually is kind of a big jump, because it usually ends up being either way too tight or way too loose. Rather than having holes Anson’s micro adjustable belt has a track system on the back of the strap that allows you to make tiny adjustments in quarter inch increments. And you don’t just have five choices, you actually have thirty! What I love about this is you can make tiny adjustments on the fly. The truth is, our bodies expand and contract throughout the day, so it’s nice to be able to make little adjustments here and there to be more comfortable. And I know I’ve definitely taken advantage of this. You know, sometimes wanting to let my belt out just a little after a big meal, or if I’m on a long-haul flight and I just want to, you know, not feel so constricted in my seat. And the nice thing is you can adjust and readjust pretty discreetly. So I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but if you try to adjust a standard belt, it’s not the kind of thing that you want to do standing up in the middle of your office. You know, suddenly people think that you’ve lost your marbles and you’re just about to drop trou next to the copy machine or something. Number two, since it doesn’t have holes, your belt stays nicer longer. So if you look at any old standard belt that you’ve had for a while, chances are it’s probably showing some wear. Because the way that the pin interacts with the hole on a standard belt actually causes a lot of stress on the leather over time. And of course, that wear is never evenly distributed among the five holes. Usually it’s concentrated in on that one hole that you use day-in day-out, until the point where you sort of go up or go down a size. But even then, it’s usually just concentrated in one or two holes that look like they’d just been utterly brutalized, and they may even start to crack and and expand over time. The other thing that can really mess up standard belts over time, besides the fact that the wear is concentrated in just a few areas, is if you decide to go rogue. And I think you know what I’m talking about… When you’re so frustrated that your belt no longer fits, and you decide that no longer will you be forced to conform to this inch-by-inch system. And you, the Maverick, the Trailblazer, decide to poke your own hole. And for a week or so you’re pretty happy with your decision. You know, like “No one tells me where to put my belt holes!” But then you start to notice how janky that homemade belt hole looks, and and now it’s starting to crack and expand a little bit. So much for going rogue, huh? But Anson’s micro-adjustable belts don’t have any holes, so you never really deal with that. There’s no pin that’s stressing out the leather, there’s no holes that are getting stretched out and nasty, and you never have to go rogue and poke your own belt holes because you can make tiny adjustments along the way with the track system that isn’t even visible except on the inside of the strap. Number three, you can mix and match styles. So another thing I love is that Anton Belt buckles and straps are really versatile. So first of all, because they share the same micro-adjustable track, they’re one size fits all. So that means you don’t have to do the crazy hunt in the department store to find your size anymore. But even more importantly, all the belt buckles are removable so as long as you stay with the same width of strap (they come in one and a quarter and one and a half inch) then you can actually interchange the belt buckles. Which is really handy because sometimes depending on how you want to coordinate with your outfit, you might want to wear like a black belt with a gunmetal grey buckle. Or other times if you want to wear that same color belt with a different color buckle, like a silver or a gold color. With regular belts, in order to do that you’d have to keep buying specific new belts for that exact combination you want. But with these, with each new belt you get you get more and more combinations. Because again, as long as the the width of the strap is the same, you can actually interchange the belt buckles. That’s why if you’re just starting out I highly recommend that you check out the Anson Belt Gift Box. Because for $99, I think and free shipping too, you get either three straps and two buckles or three buckles and two straps. So either way, you get six entirely different combinations for six different totally different outfits, and different situations. Then as you buy more belts, you just keep multiplying the possibilities. Apparently someone at Anson did the math, and if you look at all the straps and buckles on the site, there are actually fourteen hundred possible combinations. I mean, that’s like way too many options for one person even contemplate. But still, impressive. And finally, number four, Anson Belt is a family business and they act like one. So I think one of the things that really sets Anson Belt apart is the way they do business. So they’re a family-run company, run by a father and son, Frank and David Ferree. And I’ve met both of these guys, and they really really are passionate about what they’re doing, passionate about their product, and they really care about their customers. And if you can believe it, Frank and David still handled nearly all the customer service for the company. So if you dial the number that’s on the site you’ll reach Frank. If you reach out on social media or email, you’ll reach David. And you know it’s nice because it’s the kind of thing that they could have easily outsourced by now, but it’s something they choose to do themselves because they want to stay close to their customers. They also offer a lifetime guarantee on the functionality of all their belts plus a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Anson Belts are great if you want to upgrade your belt collection or if you just want to give them as a gift. Again, I gave one to my dad for Father’s Day. And it’s great too because you don’t even have to know the person’s size since they’re there one-size-fits-all. The belt strap comes in an extra-long length of 55 inches, and you essentially just trim off the excess and then put the buckle over the raw end so you don’t even see it. If you think about it, a belt is a pretty fundamental part of your wardrobe. It’s something that most of us guys wear nearly every day. So it makes it all the more crazy that, you know, we’ve been sort of putting up with this simplistic, unforgiving belt technology for so long. I highly recommend checking out Anton Belt. If you haven’t experienced the micro-adjustable hole-less technology I think you’ll be pretty impressed. So I want to hear from you guys. What do you think? Would you wear a belt like this or are you more of a die-hard standard belt kind of guy? Leave me a note in the comments below. If you liked this video, please do me a favor hit that like button. If you want to subscribe to the channel you can do that by clicking right here. If you want a free copy of my ebook “48-hour Gentleman” you can get that by clicking right here. And finally, if you want to just watch another Distilled Man video, you can do that by clicking right here. Thanks again for watching, and I’ll see you soon. [Music]

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  1. That looks fantastic & so clever. Thanks for sharing this product! I’m going to buy the gift set for my husband’s upcoming birthday. He’ll love the modern styling.

  2. I ran into these belts browsing Amazon looking for a odd colored belt I wanted for a costume. Thought'd it'd just be like those clamp/claw belts. Well, never went back to old style belts and bought them in more standard colors. They're also less bulky too because it sits flat instead of bulging at the socket from being bent by the buckle.

  3. These belts are by far the best quality and innovative belts I’ve bought. Forget about all the same old name brand belts!

  4. Ordered a set for myself today, for 15 extra bucks I got an extra buckle so nine different belt combinations… And only 15 dollars shipping to the UK! Can't wait to get my hands on them!

  5. Go F yourself, these belt buckles suck. Don't know what you were paid for this but that lock gets stuck all the time.

  6. I bought my first anson belt a few months ago and I love it!!!!! I will never go back to the old standard belt again. Once I make more money I will buy another of many anson belts.

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