Apply Gel Top Coat to an Acrylic Nail Tutorial Video by Naio Nails

Apply Gel Top Coat to an Acrylic Nail Tutorial Video by Naio Nails

This nail’s now ready for a gel top coat. You’re going to apply it just like a polish
but making sure that you don’t touch any cuticle area or skin and also that the product doesn’t
touch natural nail. This particular gel top coat is not designed
to touch natural nail, It’s only actually designed to go on top of
an acrylic or gel product. That nail’s now been in the lamp for three
minutes. All we need to do is apply a little bit of
cuticle oil and massage it in. And that nail’s now done.

16 Replies to “Apply Gel Top Coat to an Acrylic Nail Tutorial Video by Naio Nails”

  1. could you do a video on how to keep your brushes clean during use and also cleaning them afterwards?xx
    Loving these videos 😀

  2. just found this video and i have a question… i got my nails done yesterday. refill, polish and gel topcoat. here i am today and my naild have little ripples. it looks like my nails are smudged. after the top coat the nail salon, my hand were under the uv light for about 5 minutes. why did this happen..?? by the way, after the nail salon i went straight home and relaxed; there was nothing that i could have done to mess my nails up.

  3. yeah, you can even use normal top coats but a lot of people prefer to use gel top coats for extra shine or strength

  4. how do you remove just the gel without ruining the acrylic nail? if i have acrylics with a gel polish on top and if i use acetone, the acrylic nail will deteriorate, so how can i remove the color while maintaining the integrity of the acrylic nail? filing it off? 

  5. do i have to use gel? it is expensive and i cant afford it right now. will any top coat work or can the gel dry naturally?

  6. I've heard that for gel nails, after they've been set you're supposed to remove the tacky layer? Do you skip that step with this top coat?

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