9 Replies to “April 2019 Fabric Haul and Sewing Plans”

  1. Hi Kealy, great fabrics as usual 👌💕. I think the Blackwood with the grey marl…it will look fab 👍. The viscose twill looks gorgeous too 💝. Enjoy your sewing Kealy 😁😘

  2. I agree with the York! (Cord fab.) A few of the dani's I have seen seem to pull a little at the bottom of the V. Maybe for those off us who are a bit fuller busted? So I have not tried it yet. If you choose it I will look forward to seeing how it turns out. Maybe an FBA is needed? It is really cute however. Still pondering it…I might try it and just add a wedge to the inside of the V.

  3. Hi Kealy, I had that exact same fabric (the lightweight blue marl jersey knit) and I made a Blackwood cardi and it works really well in it. I've found that I've actually worn it probably every week since I've made it and that was a year ago now. It goes with so much! Take a look at my Instagram grid, you'll see it on there a few times. Love the fairy fabric, I'd make it into a Frankie and probably wear it as nightwear. I do have a nightwear pattern which is McCalls 7061, which might work for you? Look forward to hearing how you get on with the Ness skirt as this is one I'm looking to make soon. Xx

  4. Hi. I'm considering buying the opal 690 q. I've taken it for a test drive and liked it a lot, but I haven't sewn a garment. Would you buy it if you were in the market for a new power tool? Loved all your fabrics. Thank you.

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