Arc’teryx – GORE-TEX Wash Tutorial

Arc’teryx – GORE-TEX Wash Tutorial

My name’s Devon and I’m the
senior warranty rep here at Arcteryx. I get asked all the
time, when you should wash your Gore-Tex pieces. And that’s a great question
because when you wash something properly, you’re going to
seriously increase performance and longevity of your items. But that all
depends on warranty. Some people can
keep their jackets going for years and years
if they wash them properly. It’s a really
common misconception that you shouldn’t wash
your jacket very often. But that’s sort of an
old school of thought. In fact, you want to
wash your jacket a lot because it’s going to increase
the performance of your jacket and it’s going to
increase the longevity. It’s going to last
for a lot longer. So there’s some really
obvious indicators that you can look out
for that’ll tell you when you have to wash your jacket. First is, it a wetting out? Remember when you first got
your jacket and the water would literally bead
off of it every time, it would bounce off. And then, after a
while, maybe you started noticing that it
would start to soak in every once in a while. Well, that’s the face
fabric absorbing the water and it means you have to
wash and regroup the pieces. There’s some other things. In the collar, you’ll
often notice signs of sweat and contamination. That’s really bad for
the Gore-Tex fabrics, and so is dirt. So in the cuffs and in
other high-wear areas, you notice dirt and stuff
getting ground in the material, this is often not so good. There are no rules
for when you have to wash your jacket exactly. But you want to
use common sense. If you’re using your jacket
for higher output activity, like ski touring
or hiking, you’re going to want to wash your
jacket more frequently. If you’re using it just
around town, really casually, you won’t have to
wash it as much. Keep an eye on the
indicators, the obvious signs that you need to wash it. OK. Before you wash
your jacket, there’s a couple of things
you need to do. Preparing your jacket by
doing up the main zipper, clothing your pit zippers,
making sure your pocket zippers are open,
and finishing it off by loosening your elastic
and opening your cuffs. To wash your Gore-Tex
piece, we recommend you use a proper washing liquid. Use Granger’s, or there’s
lots of other brands out there that you can buy at
your local outdoor retailer. For this one, we’re going to
use one cap for one piece. And just check the
bottle to find out the exact instructions. OK. Now, your wash settings. Your water level, in this
case can be set to small, you can use a warm to
cold water temperature, your speed can be set to
normal and your wash cycle, this can be normal as well,
or in this case, ultra clean. Now if you don’t
have a professional or a proper washing liquid, you
can use a regular detergent. Try to find something
that’s really gentle and make sure to
double rinse, that’s super important because it gets
rid of all the residue, which is left on the piece
after one wash. Now we wait. Your first step once
your jacket is clean is to shake it off, get all
the excess water off of there. Now you make a decision. If your jacket has
been performing well in terms of beading the
water off the face fabric, all you need to do is put
it straight into the dryer. That’s a super important step. If it hasn’t been
beading as well, then you’re going to need to
retreat it with the DWR spray before you put it in the dryer. OK. So if you’re put your putting
it right in the dryer, it’s really easy. Use the regular
temperature setting, probably choose
about 40 minutes. Depends on your dryer,
on your particular drier, sometimes will be a little
longer, a little shorter. Either way, you
want to make sure that it is dry to the
touch when you pull it out. You may be wondering what DWR
means, and that’s a good thing. That’s a really important part
of the overall performance of your jacket. It stands for durable
water repellent sealant. It’s actually a
coating, which goes onto the outside of the face
and back of your jacket. If you do need to retreat the
DWR coating on your jacket, it’s a really easy process. First step, hang it on a rack. Make sure all your zippers
and stuff are done up. Pull out your DWR
retreating spray. We’re using the Grange’s one
just like the wash we used. Now, when you
spraying it on, you can focus on critical
areas that have seen more abrasion than others. So the DWR coating comes
off due to washing it and also due to abrasion
in everyday wear. So your backpack’s
straps will often wear out the DWR
on your shoulders faster than other areas. So spray it on evenly. If you like, you can focus
on certain higher wear areas. Don’t worry too much about
this step in the process, it’s very easy. Once you’re all done there,
get ready to put it back in the dryer. The last step. First off, prep your Gore-Tex,
throw it in the wash, retreat it, if
necessary, and then always put it in the dryer. If you do this, you take proper
care of your Gore-Tex pieces, they’re going to
last a lot longer, the performance is
going to be stellar. So go out there, get it
dirty, and then wash it.

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  1. Good question. You can re-apply DWR on any piece that originally has it. For example, have a look at the "Features" tab of the Atom LT page. We wouldn't recommend applying DWR to a jacket like the Hyllus.

  2. wait…i dunno if this is a stupid question im confused do i dry it first then spray it with the DWR then put it back in the dryer or do i just shake the water off then spray it then put it in the dryer?

  3. Not a stupid question at all. Apply the DWR once you take the jacket out of the washer and it's still wet. Then put it in the dryer so that the heat can help the DWR set into the fabric.

  4. So if i was using nikwax, would i wash it with the tech wash, then wash it with the tx direct washin in, then put it in the dryer. what are the benefits of using a spray on vs a wash in?

  5. Hi Brett. We don't recommend using wash-in treatments on our jackets, and instead prefer spray-on reproofers because they give you more control, and can set into the fabric nicely in the dryer.

  6. That shouldn't happen Brett. If a piece does tighten slightly straight out of the dryer, it will loosen right back up with a bit of wear. A hot dryer on GORE-TEX fabrics, in fact, will help revive their water resistance.

  7. arcteryx this video is a little confusing i must say. i know how to wash my stuff but somebody that doesn't know and has a low iq then this will confuse them.

  8. It's pretty straightforward, just follow the instructions in the CARE section on this page:

  9. If you're not reapplying DWR, you can just hang your jacket to dry. The DWR spray needs a heat source to set in, so a hairdryer will do if you don't have a clothes dryer.

  10. I have never washed or treated my gore-tex shells and can still roll around in the muck.
    I have 3 layered gore-tex outers and asumme this is why they have held out the weather so well?

  11. We just choose to work with excellent materials – and if you wash your jackets on a regular basis, they'll last even longer.

  12. If goretex is so waterproof, why does the outer fabric need DWR? If the outer fabric wets, shouldn't the gore layer prevent that moisture from getting on the inside? It makes it seem like the DWR is the key element that keeps one waterproof not the goretex…just curious.

  13. Great questions, thanks. GORE-TEX is a 3-layer fabric with a membrane between the face and the back layers. This membrane is the waterproof aspect of all GORE-TEX fabrics, and it facilitates the breathability of the garment. This membrane, though, is not abrasion resistant and needs a durable face fabric for protection. Without the DWR coating, the face fabric would absorb water, thus limiting breathability. Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any follow-up questions.

  14. How i remove bad odor from my gore tex jacket?, i´ve already wash it with regular liquid detergent and made all the steps from the video but the odor keeps in!

  15. Ha! I got my Alpha dirty but I didn't want to wash it, scared to loose life time on the jacket. Good to know that is the other way!

  16. Great more question..if I have a goretex jacket with its insulation, for ex. Primaloft, can I still put my jacket in the dryer?

  17. Good! May I have another question. If my wash machine does not support the warm wash. Does granger's clearner still work ? thanks.

  18. what if I don't have a dryer? Can I just leave the gore-tex jacket hanged in my room  to dry after wash ? And when to use the DWR spray? After or before it gets dry or during the drying process when not using the dryer?

  19. This video says to keep your pocket zippers open, but the video by Gore-Tex says to close them.  Which is the right way, or does it even make a big difference?

  20. any idea how to clean permanent marker from inside of my british army gore-tex pants anyone?or i`m gonna have to rename myself to siarkiewicz

  21. I have jut come to wash my new arcteryx jacket as covered in muck. Thought a simple rinse in the shower may be ok, but has dried mucky. I do not have a tumble dryer, any other way to treat jacket after wash? Thanks Dan

  22. Hello Arc'teryx,

    I saw this video: Arc'teryx – GORE-TEX Wash Tutorial
    And I was wondering which kind of jacket that is?
    Can you please tell me? Because I love the color!!


  23. What is DWR composition, wax dissolved in fast evaporating solvent? Maybe that stuff can be homemade.

  24. This stuff has become more of a status symbol than actual quality gear that your company will stand behind. Its super unfortunate that your department wont stand behind practically that exact jacket when it starts to fall apart. Some of your stuff is bombproof, but when it costs $450 you would hope that all of it would be. Go with companies that stand behind their gear and avoid the companies that solely cater to the spoiled ass-hats on the ski hills and national parks. Thanks for the tip on not needing to wash it as much walking around in the city, that was super helpful!!!

  25. RE: Tumble Drying after reapplying DWR. 1. Should one apply spray-on DWR when jacket is dripping or just damp? 2. Do you wait for spray-on DWR to absorb into face of fabric before tumble drying or throw it in the dryer immediately while it's still wet to the touch? Will the DWR affect other clothing that's placed in the dryer after the jacket is complete?

  26. Is this process unique to Arc'teryx Jackets? Can I follow these instructions for non Arc'teryx Gore-Tex jackets? Thanks!

  27. Is there a video for synthetic insulated pieces? MY Atom LT is getting filthy – black marks appearing at hems and cuffs, but Tech Wash seems to do nothing.

  28. I accidentally paint my jacket with a oil-based pen, can I use normal rubbing alcohol on it and wash it(I afraid gore tex layer will be dissolved/destroyed)? Thank you for answering it.

  29. The Gore-Tex site says to close all the zippers:

    "Before laundering your garment, zip the front closure, pockets and pit zips completely,"

  30. 0:26 "It's a common misconception that you shouldn't wash your jacket very often but that is sort of an old-school thought"

    0:31 "You want to wash your jacket a lot because its going to increase the performance of your jacket and it's going to increase the longevity of your jacket"… That just seems like a legal nightmare. You're essentially saying that the more you wash an item the stronger it becomes, regardless of its existing condition.

    0:44 "(when you should wash your jacket).. 'is it wetting out'"

    4:32 "The DWR coating comes off due to washing it"

    lol. You guys need cue cards and an editor before you publish many more of these..

  31. I have a new pair of Arcteryx sentinel pants – only worn half a dozen or so times and they wet right through the first layer the first time I wore them in snow. These pants were over $500 and I was shocked I called the store in Vail and they felt there was definitely a problem with the goretex outer shell. I called Arcteryx customer service and got a very unsatisfying response. They accepted no responsibility for the problem and just said I needed to wash and dry them. I haven't even worn them enough to have to wash them. I will fill out a warranty claim but have to say – although I love the fit of these pants -I don't think I would buy another Arcteryx item. I can't imagine Patagonia customer service responding the way Arcteryx did.

  32. Question: I have an Arc'teryx down jacket AND a regular shell jacket that I need to wash/treat. Can I safely use the down formula Grangers solution on the non-down Arc'teryx jacket?

  33. Hi! How should I remove blood stains from a goretex jacket?
    I tried some stain remover but they didn’t work and made the stains even more noticeable.

  34. Careful! The tumble dryer has the potential to ruin a lot of clothing, especially GoreTex jackets. Based on a similar video, I put my $400 GTX snowboard jacket in the tumble dryer on the lowest setting, inside a cotton laundry sack for added protection, and it came out deformed/shrunken. It was Burton, and their customer service was AMAZING enough to give me a full replacement even though the jacket was 2 years old, because their website advised to use the tumble dryer in their care instructions.

  35. My lad is in the British army infantry and i work in construction outside. We agree washing fucks up goretex. I never wash my goretex jackets and get 2 – 3 years from them. My lad has to wash his and gets a few weeks water repellency. Believe what you want but this is my experience of many years.

  36. Not a word about how to try the damn stuff if there's no dryer in the house. Did anyone notice that if we need to spray the damn thing again, the membrane is dysfunctional, doesn't work anymore? And he calls himself senior…

  37. Go out and enjoy nature, then destroy it by running a tumble dryer for 40 mins. I thought Arcteryx was cooler than this.

  38. I knew there was a catch to it….the "coating" wears off….you left out in the cold again….Used these jackets for yrs during my deployments in bolivia (12 deployments) …the rain always ended up seeping through the jacket….want true waterproof and cheap? …vinyl (PVC?) is the way to go…

  39. Thanks for the info! I'd suggest explaining the idea that "washing rarely" was thought to be good, from an assumption of wear and tear happening mostly from washing. Whereas now I think it's assumed the layers get damaged from the dirt itself (and product use with that dirt on it), and removing the dirt is important to keeping those layers from getting damaged.

  40. Such an important point to maintain your gear. Doesn’t get as much coverage as it should. Thank you for the excellent video

  41. hi! Good video! I love my atom but it has some stains in the flap that covers the zipper under the chin. I already washed it with cold water and it didnt come out. Should I hand wash it again before mashine-Washing?

  42. It appears his boss forced him to do this commercial. He has this dirty grundgy look on him. For a very expensive clothing wear, you guys need to do better commercial like what Columbia is doing (alot less than your products).

  43. The fabric should be wet before you retreat your gore Tex or any other waterproof breathable garment. Applying DWR treatment to a dry fabric will have minimal impact.

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