Are Hoodies ‘Thug’ Uniforms?

Are Hoodies ‘Thug’ Uniforms?

so there’s a lot made in the george
Zimmerman case about Trayvon Martin wearing a hoodie and youth probably seen now all the
people who call them aside for wearing a hoodie and over all
those mention it over and over on Fox News well if you wear a hoodie you know you
have to understand what’s going to come next ice interesting because when I was
growing up we used to call hoodie Sweatshirts now it might depend on when you’re up
and where in the country you grow up but I never for 22 as a hoodie until
much much later in life I use always called a sweatshirt it
happens have a good buds a sweatshirt nonetheless but I it might depend on your
perspective now for richer cone was an op-ed writer in The Washington Post he
thinks it is the uniform of thugs fascinating so me shares up there with
you said I don’t like wood doors amended I
and I hate and I hate to travel on Martin is dead
so that’s good that he starts that way but I also can understand why Zimmerman
was suspicious and why he thought Martin was wearing a
uniform we all wrecking nice random bag that
porn is saying we also said in the op-ed I’m tired of politicians and
others who have did donned hoodies in solidarity with Martin and who essentially suggest that for
recognizing the reality of urban crime in the United States I am a racist you
went on to say that its perfectly reasonable to suspect
black people are being criminals he says they are
disproportionately criminals doesn’t mean that they’re it’s their
fault he you know gave a little bit more nuanced answer
slavery Jim Crow et cetera et cetera these are the
reasons why we got into this what he calls a cultural problem but the reality is he thinks is
perfectly reasonable to suspect a black person especially one wearing the
uniform %uh the hoodie which is apparently the
uniform criminals fascinate so I wanna play a little game
with you guys wear your sweatshirt and look I need you to be trying to be
as honest as you can any and insert yourself as quickly as
you can when you see this person it are they
wearing a hoodie or sweatshirt let’s go to Ashley Tisdale now look
she’s got a call overhead a lot of people would would save money okay am but if we were
talking in this context the sea with a cute little dog you might say oceans 12 Swisher okay so it’s an open question let’s go to the
next person as P Diddy I don’t believe anyone in the world will
call that a Swisher okay at this point given our assumptions let’s go to ever love me now that’s a
hoodie okay it’s got a hoodie in the back my
guess is most people I don’t know I did I mean
your answer for yourself right when police gonna come and take your ass
is just be honest with yourself that saw I wanna
call that a sweatshirt okay I’m keeping it real with you that’s
would’ve been my god answer okay remember this is supposed to be the
uniform of criminal thugs and if you call it a
Honeywell okay is that the euro corps move criminals
and thugs the sea look like one and if you think she doesn’t look like
one why do you think that all right let’s go to the next one well thats
jay-z I does doesn’t have pulled over his head
I probably was a sweatshirt and we know him he’s a celebrity right
but again it causes fascinating as what your assumptions are and again as he’s sitting there it looks
like courtside at a fancy best ball game is that the uniform a criminal I don’t
know how about this uniform next door that right there is indisputably a sweatshirt also
indisputably a hoodie worn by the well-known side 10
Kardash if she’s walking in the neighborhood in Sanford Florida cut well there might
follower but do you believe he comes in with his
gun ready to use it chaser down thinking she’s a thug and
wearing the uniform of criminals I you begin to see how we
might make some assumptions base on not necessarily that outfit but
who’s wearing the outfit let’s go further that Jamie Foxx but if you a song really quickly didn’t
recognize him he fucks I my guess is the richard cohen’s have
the world was a hoodie body yeah thats outfit alright that’s a
far right there little different thinking about action
same outfit my guess is perceptions are a little different next yaar made a that is how r although Rivera wearing
that out sick of thugs and criminals I’m surprising am
so shocked they’re that is that indisputable hoodie in fact
go to the next picture I believe that’s where all the river
wearing the hoodie the actual hurt itself now to be fair it’s raining but remember
what they said about Ray Vaughan it was suspicious that he had a hoodie
on and that he was al while it was raining are you one more
from her although you might recognize the guy next to him also wearing sweatshirt hoodie
sweatshirt or hoodie would the people in that jury look at
those two and said 0 of course well the look what consumers think that guys
a fuck it’s obvious that he’s a thug look at the uniform is where my guess is a lot of them 10 said
especially about Bill O’Reilly oh no no that’s just a good guy wearing
a sweater walkin to his house probably go to watch the basketball game when I case the baseball game alright two more now there is a young kid named Justin
Bieber indisputably wearing a hoodie with the
hood up do you really believe george Zimmerman
would have hunted him down and that if you’d gotten shot by
Zimmerman black guy doesn’t really matter the Cubs go to come in and say well let
me see the kids were in a hoodie must’ve been a criminal Simran you’re
free to go and one interested in 444 days do you
really believe that one more hoodie or switcher

100 Replies to “Are Hoodies ‘Thug’ Uniforms?”

  1. Cow shit boots
    Tight ass wrangler jeans.
    Tacky stripe shirt tucked way in
    High ass tight wrangler jeans
    Bulky New balance shoes
    Binocular glasses.


  2. I've never really thought about hoodie or sweatshirt, i'm a disabled 32year old women and there easy ,warm ,comfortable and mostly pink if I own them lol.
    I can honestly say I don't look at kids see them wearing a hoody and think Oh heavens there thugs, maybe because I have five nieces and nephews who all Love there hoodies/sweaters ect yet there straight A students, have represented wales/ Britain in sports ect. If there not acting bullish then there just wearing Clothes

  3. Why does it matter if he was right to suspect him or not, he was told to stay in his car. If some random guy runs up to me and is telling me to stay there, he's being aggressive, etc. I wouldn't be too damn friendly. Manslaughter. Easily. Zimmerman wasn't beaten to a pulp, he had scratches you can get from falling down. If the races were switched the shooter would be in prison. No question.

  4. Sorry, the only crime "gangstas" commit when they go into such neighbourhoods is to sell drugs. And of course Martin wasn't, he was in the "skittle trade".
    Car thefts, robberies, etc are WAY DOWN. The way criminals make money these days is in the narcotics business selling to people with jobs. Most of the violent crime is between drug dealers as they can't go to the police to protect their narcotics trade so they start shooting each other.

  5. I'm a grandmother and I've gone to the market in the rain and guess what I wear a hoody. I don't understand with all the inconsistency's and lies Zimmerman got away with murder.

  6. There was no child (person who has not reached puberty) and there was no murder (evidence has proven this repeatedly). Zimmerman's story adds up from the beginning because it matches the evidence and witnesses. That's why he wasn't arrested. Facts are facts no matter how much you want them not to be.

  7. You can put celebrities in ski masks…and it won't change your opinion of the guy entering the 7-11 wearing a ski mask.

    Watch some surveillance youtube vids of robberies….Hoodies everywhere.

  8. Hoodies are without question, the desired garb of criminals. Anyone who simply does just a little research will find that gangbangers and drug dealers don hoodies. And with gangbangers and drug dealers comes violence…shootings, murders, assaults, robberies etc…and what are many of them wearing? Hoodies! The 'hoodie' wearing thug is portrayed the same way on tv and in the movies. Society sees that piece of clothing that way for many reasons and none of them are racially motivated.

  9. No he didn't. He was visiting while on suspension from school…again. But George Zimmerman lived in that neighborhood which is about 65% black!

  10. That's because you listened to the media instead of following the facts of the case granny. How many hoodie wearing grannies are gangbanging, drug dealing, arm robbing, convicted criminals? That's what society sees and we see it that way for a reason. If you are young and black wearing a hoodie, many people associate them with criminals…right or wrong. It's simply the actual young black criminals and the media who portray them as such, who are responsible for why we view hoodies that way.

  11. next thing you know white people will be saying be aware of all blacks who wear jordans because if they got on Jordans they are going to rob someone please the hoodie never had nothing to do with it. It was the color of the skin of the person wearing the hoodie, and the biggest thugs in this country are not wearing hoodies. The biggest criminals are people wearing suits and ties

  12. If I may enter the discussion. I'm black and I'm not entirely comfortable with ANYONE wearing a Sweatshirt / "Hoodie" with the hood pulled up around me anywhere far less in a dark area at night when it's raining.

    And unfortunately given the fact that I was mugged twice by other black men I don't think it's racist or profiling to give those with hoodies or any other unknown factor increased scrutiny. I'm not agreeing with either side but I'm just sayin.

  13. This channel is representative of the race problem in America.

    The media incessantly parrots mealy-mouthed liberal mantras.

    This has led whites and others to a culture of underground crypto-racism: a tacit acceptance of black inferiority and presumption of black violence.

    Unless we can openly discuss race, without PC restrictions, blacks will become a permanent underclass.

  14. I think we should ban clothing of all kinds for the very obvious reason that almost all nefarious people, white, black, and otherwise, wear clothes during the commission of criminal acts. Ever seen a picture of Bernie Madoff? Was he wearing clothes? What about Charlie Manson? There are exceptions, of course, and any number of political figures come to mind on that point, but that is another discussion altogether.

  15. A hoodie has a hood, a sweatshirt doesn't. Period.

    I dislike hoodies as I do not like my sight and hearing being impacted in any way. Sure hoods only really come up around the side, but I actually use my whole vision unlike most, rarely turning my head (if you think I'm looking at something I'm probably not, since I can see a good 250 degrees without turning my head, though the sides are a little blurry given I wear glasses).

  16. OK I don't watch TV news, nor do I regularly watch the young turks. I watched George Zimmerman's own videorecorded testimony to the police & listened to his unedited 911 call, & it is very clear to me that A/ he is guilty of second degree murder, & B/ any ordinary person in the same circumstances would have definitely been arrested that night and charged with multiple crimes, & if they had a record of violence involving alcohol would have been sampled. That none of this was done is VERY odd.

  17. a 17 year old victim is ALWAYS referred to as a child in the news. I personally tend to call most people under 30 kids, and am not unusual for a middle aged person in that regard.

  18. But if they are young, minority, and male, and keep the hoodie on while entering a store and keeping their head down…..I'm sure the are there to massage your grandma's feet.

  19. paranoid much? many people don't remove their hat inside. Many people don't like looking at others' faces. These are not criminal behaviors. If you're that afraid of people move to the desert and live by yourself.

  20. Uh, Zimmerman was arrested that night and the officers presented their case to the DA who rejected the charges because the evidence showed it was self-defense.

  21. To the contrary. The perception that if you're black and where a hoodie you are a criminal is not a white people judgment. This is a societal judgment based on actual things we see, hear and experience each day. Despite the fact that most young blacks who wear hoodies are NOT criminals, the reality is many are viewed that way by people of all races for the reasons I previously mentioned.

  22. "In an interview with ABC News, expert and veteran state attorney Angela Corey says that although Martin was only 17-years old in life, his stature (6-3,180 pounds) could qualify him as an adult in the courts." Angela Corey was the black prosecutor that had Zimmerman charged. Zimmerman was 5'8", 180lbs. So that makes the Martin 'child' 7 inches taller than Zimmerman at the same weight. Get your facts straight before you spew bullshit.

  23. Hmmm funny how you are the only source I've ever heard say Zimmerman was arrested that night. He was cuffed, certainly, but he was not arrested, and did not spend the night in jail, as arrested people do, before being able to call a lawyer or post bail. The evidence shows no such thing. The evidence shows clear second degree murder, and any ordinary citizen would have been charged with manslaughter as well, plus likely stalking/harassment & 2 counts of disorderly conduct, at minimum.

  24. wow, you sure slimmed Zimmerman down from his actual 200 to 230, and bulked Martin up a little, too. LOL What are you on, all Fox all day?

  25. That much is true, and the stupid baseless misperception is by no means limited to black hood wearers or even to N America.

  26. Clearly you need to research and learn the way the law works. Zimmerman was handcuffed and advised of his arrest. His freedom of movement was taken from him and he was brought to the police station where he was fingerprinted and photographed. The arresting officers contacted their State Attorney and sought charges. The SA declined to prosecute Zimmerman believing he was defending himself according to Florida law. Zimmerman was then released without being charged but clearly he was arrested.

  27. I didn't do anything of the sort. Research it and you'll find the details yourself. I know, Trayvon Martin was 5'3" and 110lbs like we saw posted all over the world and George Zimmerman was a monster MMA expert towering over the puny Martin standing 6'10" and 300lbs. (;

  28. The hoodie or act of wearing a hoodie while black was made into a huge part of this case when in reality it had no bearing whatsoever. If anything, it reinforced the perception that most young blacks wearing hoodies are viewed as criminals or thugs. Even Jesse Jackson himself has admitted to giving into to the notion that young blacks are to be feared. Right or wrong. I'll post the quote if you like.

  29. none of that is any of what I'd heard or read. What I'd read was that Martin while taller was around 150 lb while Zimmerman was I've read between 200 and 230. LOL

  30. Of course they are ON CALL, asshole. But they are NEVER called at night for ordinary people; only for special overpeople; my point exactly. George Zimmerman got the special hangs-out-with-cops, son-of-a-judge treatment. Another example of you trying to twist things. LOL

  31. LOL This remains the first time I've heard he was anything more than cuffed and released. But in any event, officially arrested or not is a small matter; he was not CHARGED, as any ordinary person would have been, as I originally said; he was not HELD overnight as any ordinary person would have been. Cops don't contact state attorneys at night seeking charges; they do it seeking to avoid charges.

  32. It had HUGE bearing; Zimmerman cited wearing a hood, walking in the rain, and looking at houses, all ordinary meaningless acts, as his evidence for why Martin was "suspicious" in his 911 call.

  33. No one but Zimmerman testified that Martin reached for his gun, and given their positions it is a ridiculous assertion that Martin would have even looked in that direction because, as he claims, his shirt rode up; if he did so at all, it could only have been to see what Zimmerman was reaching for. I live currently in and came originally from "99% white country" and people wear hoodies often and no one thinks anything of it. Stop lying.

  34. You couldn't be more wrong. Keep believing that if it helps you justify your delusional thoughts about this case…which, by the way, is over!

  35. You have not followed the case. That's apparent. Zimmerman lived here. Martin did not. He was visiting. The neighborhood is 65% black and Zimmerman is well known in his hood. A series of burglaries committed by young blacks in that hood. If you believe Zim targeted Martin because of what he was wearing and the perception associated with it, why hasn't anyone found a single person to tell us how Zim is racist. Not one single person in the entire neighborhood? Not one!

  36. Then you're hearing things and not doing enough research. It's likely because you don't want to know the truth.

  37. So you did learn about the black homeless man that was beat up by a bunch on men including the son of a Sanford Police lieutenant, didn't you? Did you learn that the only person to take a stance against what he saw was a cover-up was Zim, didn't you? Do you know that Zim alone went into the man's neighborhood to pass out fliers about the cover-up and injustice, didn't you? And you want us to believe the Sanford P.D. gave Zim the nod by calling the DA and trying to get him charged? Ha.

  38. Cenk probably doesnt get it besides its just it is sometimes used by street criminals, just that hoodie and people are only a thug when they choose to make bad decisions or behave like one.

  39. Who's paranoid? I just refuse to ignore reality in an attempt to be politically correct. I guess if three guys in ski masks came bursting through the door as you're in line at the bank, you'd just assume they were chilly.

    I'm not saying wearing a hoody makes you a criminal, just that a LOT of criminals wear them. It's all about context.

  40. In my part of the US, a hoodie typically refers to the zip-up style that is more a jacket whereas you would say sweatshirt if it pulls on over your head and you can more easily where it over clothes and also by itself.

  41. Well, I'm wearing a hoodie with my hood up. A hoodie for a girls middle school basketball team from many many years ago. It makes me feel that we need to discuss this. It is almost synonymous with saying most criminals wear pants.

  42. I mean this truly, Your life story would be lovely to hear.
    and of course, I'm not on the internet to be rude to anybody.
    Have a good day miss!

  43. when I see hoodie, I think, it's a bit cold outside, someone doesn't want their ears to freeze…not sure why it's somehow considered a racial thing, tons of non-blacks wear hoodies on a frequent basis, what's next, nike shoes are now gang uniforms? if we're talking "bling" like big gold chains and stuff, maybe you can make an argument, but a hoodie is just a sweatshirt with a hood, it's not a ski mask FFS.

  44. If hoodies are uniforms of thugs, then three-piece suits are the uniform white-collar thugs and personally i think we should focus more attention towards the latter then the former.

  45. Thugs wear black hoodies with the hoods drawn down to shade their face…there is no way to get around it. To deny it is to ask people to deny what they see with their own eyes. I see people in a gym or jogging wearing grey hoodies that are not shading theri face and they are exercisinf…not standing on a street corner in a group looking for truble.

  46. Hoodie on every single one. Growing up in the South there was almost never a need for a hoodie so I did not learn the term until later in life. Maybe that eliminates a bias I do not know.

  47. Hey Cenk, when we were kids we didn't walk around ALL the time with the hood up.  I for one wore a hooded sweatshirt religiously BUT the ONLY time I put the hood up was for its functional purpose of protecting me from the cold weather and wind chill.

  48. Seriously? Hoodies are sweatshirts with hoods. I wear a hoodie. It's pretty silly to say "it has hood in it therefore it must be a reference to gangs and thugs". I live in DC too so it's not like I'm not exposed to gangs and thugs either.

  49. To me a "hoody" or "Bunny hug" is a sweatshirt with hands pockets, a hood usually with strings, and no zigger

  50. Hoodies have.. hoods. That is literally my only criteria. To be honest I think more the uniform of a thug is sweat bottoms. Fine in your house, but they're…. pyjamas. I get a touch uncomfortable around people wearing both.

  51. I love HOODIES! They are so warm and fun! Just because you wear a HOODIE doesn't mean you are a criminal.

  52. This is an idiotic segment. A sweatshirt and a hoodie are two different things. I hoodie has a hood a sweatshirt does not. The words arent used interchangibly based on cultural perceptions

  53. I actually have called hoodies thug uniforms too in the past. If course not everyone who wears a hoodie is a criminal, but it does seem like a large number of criminals wear hoodies.

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