Are School Uniforms Good or Bad?

Are School Uniforms Good or Bad?

Are school uniforms good or bad? Well, you know who else wears uniforms? Prisoners. Welcome to CapOhTV, the channel where we know
school is a joke and you don’t want to to be the punchline. If you also think school is a joke and you
want to take back control of your education, then hit that subscribe button now. It’s funny to me that I haven’t covered the
school uniform topic earlier on this channel. I mean, after all, this is the perfect example
of the school system forcing everyone to conform to a single standard. So let’s play a little game of pros and cons:
are school uniforms good or bad? And I’m not going to go too far in depth on each
of the pros and each of the cons. I’m just going to kind of present the list
here to you—my list—and I want you to see what you think about it. Like I mentioned in the introduction, uniforms
put you one step closer to being a prisoner. Now, I know, there’s going to be some people
in the comments that disagree with me and say school is nothing like prison. Well, it kind of really is. The only big difference is that when you’re
in school you get to go sleep in your own bed at night. Otherwise, you’re forced to be in school for
a certain amount of time, you’re under the watchful of the prison guards, that is, the
teachers, you have your warden who’s the principal, you have the vice principals who are the managers
of the wardens. And you’re locked in rooms for extended periods
of time being told what to do. Add to that the uniforms? Yeah, you’re getting well-prepared to exist
inside of the prison system. I guess I said wasn’t going to go too far
in depth of each of these, but there you go. Let’s just go on to the next one. All right. My next one here is: with a uniform, you must
submit to yet another layer of conformity. Yes, I did just read that off of my little
notes here. But it should be obvious now that school seeks
to destroy the individual. And uniforms, what do they do? They make everyone the same, there’s no individuality
allowed in your dress. Adding to that, uniforms force you to give
up your creative expression. That is, if fashion is at all important to
you. I’m not saying that I want people running
around school with the F-word on their shirts. But I don’t think that forcing everyone to
dress in the same way is doing any good for anyone’s sense of creativity or expression. This is a big one: uniforms reduce a student’s
sense of responsibility. Do you know how big of a milestone it is for
a child to learn how to pick out his or her own clothes and to dress himself in the morning? That’s a big deal! And really, for a lot of kids, that is the
most responsibility that they will have until they’re 18 years old. Dressing yourself is just one way point on
the way to adulthood and uniform eliminates that. And the last con I’ve got is that uniforms
add nothing to the educational value of school. What does a uniform add to your education? Nothing, they’re just clothes! What does a uniform add to the profits of
the uniform companies? A Billion Dollars a year! The school uniform industry is a billion-dollar
industry and do you know what companies push the most for school uniforms? The school uniform manufacturers themselves! And for the sake of argument, let’s go through
some pros of school uniforms. School uniforms make it so you don’t have
to think about what you’re going to wear to school. It’s a very real thing that humans have a
limited amount of willpower on a daily basis. And people that stress about what they’re
going to wear on any particular day use up a lot of that willpower first thing in the
morning. So by the time you’re at lunch, you’re out
of juice, and you are angry, irritable, and no one wants to be around you because you
are snapping every time you hear a question. This is a big one that schools talk about:
uniforms help stop bullying because, in theory, no one should get picked on for what clothes
they’re wearing if everyone’s wearing the same thing. But getting picked on for the clothes you
wear is not the only way people are bullied. This is a good pro, though: no one should
get in trouble for wearing inappropriate clothing! The rule of being fingertip length or the
rule of no straps or no tank tops are gone, are eliminated, with uniforms and no one should
ever get in trouble ever again for what they’re wearing. Unless you’re wearing the uniform wrong. This pro is for the parents: uniforms make
back-to-school shopping easier. Usually. If you can find the right uniform pieces. Not everyone lives in an area where school
uniforms are readily available. But if you are in an area where there are
schools with uniforms, then you’ll probably have an easier time shopping during the summer. Adding to that, school uniforms can be cheaper
than buying regular clothes as long as your uniform is something simple like khakis and
a polo shirt. But then you’ve got to think, you’ve got to
buy two sets of clothes now. You’ve got to buy your school uniform and
you’ve got to buy your outside of school clothes. So now you’re doubling what you’re buying
which I don’t know if that really makes it cheaper. Now this one’s a good one: uniforms can prevent
the display of gang colors and reduce gang violence. Unless, of course, you choose a red polo or
a blue blazer as your school uniform. Now I’m asking you: Are school uniforms good
or bad? Let everyone know why in the comments down
below. And if this was your first time here to CapOhTV
and you want to help spread the message that school is a joke, hit that subscribe button
now. Thanks for watching, see you later, bye!

100 Replies to “Are School Uniforms Good or Bad?”

  1. Can I just say that girls pants are the WORST. They have to be form fitting, you have to tuck your shirt and tie in, you will get your period and there hard to unzip, you will get cramps on your period and there already squeezing the life out of you so whats the point, overpriced and to expensive to get a new pair for another year so you will just not breathe in them. I MAKE MY FUCKING STATEMENT

  2. You're an idiot and loser. Kids, wear a uniform, do your work and listen to your parents. Or you'll end up being a Youtuber.

  3. Thanks for the video. Just a point about having a uniform it helps to separate you from work and relax mood i.e when you are in your uniform you are working and when you are in your own clothes you are relaxing. This I believe this sets you up for adulthood when you wear work clothes at your job and then wear your casual cloths at home or the weekend.

  4. lets look at this from an economical perspective school uniforms mean that companies loose money with meens they cant afford to pay workers wich means less jobs

  5. I think school uniforms are good . I didnt have them when was in school but if I had them I had less trouble of picking out something to wear in the morning. And also I think that the school uniforms looks nice but I think as a girl you should get the option to wear both pants or skirt.

  6. I'm a student in Korea, and at here, every middle and high schools have uniforms. Uniforms in Korea are like suits and are very strict, but I still think there should be uniforms.

  7. I hate uniforms, they are uncomfortable and awkward to wear. Also even though I’m underweight the top of my uniform is tight and it makes my face look fat and chubby. Sometimes people take pictures of me in uniform and it turns out horrible. Not to mention sometimes they spread these photos everywhere. I look completely different without uniform, I look better and taller in fact. I hate uniform. All the teachers say it will be a war zone because people will compete to wear better clothes. However, when I used to live in Poland this was not the case at all. People just did not care.

  8. At least in primary schools and special schools your allowed to wear shorts in the summer ( I know they still have to be a specific colour ). In many British secondary schools shorts are only worn for PE. I went to primary school and a special school ( I actually chose special school over home education ). In special schools even though you should wear the uniform and they are more rigid than ever about this, certainly when I was at the special school I went to the uniform was not even compulsory but I liked the uniform because it was red. In special schools they don't even specify colour of garments like skirts, shorts or trousers even though it seems to be common practice for learners to wear either dark grey, navy blue or black lower garments. Also when I went to school I just wore plain polo shirts and plain sweatshirts,that makes the clothing casual in a way, I hate school logos.

  9. He claims that he will just give an overview of the pros and cons without his opinion. As soon as he starts with the pros he adds his opinion. really objectively!

  10. Yo! School uniform is bad, I hate my uniform😡
    a) Toture, the top n bottom is jeans materials squeeze my balls.
    b) make everyone the same, I hate it because students don't even learn to accept each other differences in personality even one of the girl in my class have autism everyone always call her that way upsetting me.
    In simplest word: I want to be an entrepreuner not employee but school has been making me more of an employee rather than an entrepreuner. PRISON

  11. They're bad. I don't know or care what you say, I'm sick of wearing the same motherfucking clothes EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I fucking hate it!

  12. In my school, yeah guess what, we aren't even allowed watches. What the frick is wrong with watches? Or jewellery? Oh yeah, I have no idea why but in India all the school FORCE YOU TO WEAR TWO PLAITS FOR ALL GIRLS. How does this even relate? I don't know. How it helps us? I don't know. I understand if they have a problem with those really crazy hair styles, that I get. But we should be allowed to wear any hairstyle as long as its decent. Like all the boys have short hair, and tbh it's pretty ugly since it doesn't suit any of them. And girls all have the same hairstyle! Where is the sense of individuality?

  13. My friend her school uniform is basically impossible to chose a outfit here is what I remember: no jeans or athletic wear, no writing or logos on shirt bigger than your fist.

  14. I go to an English school, where 90% of schools require uniform. It's ridiculous, uncomfortable and embarrassing. The rules state that you have to wear a navy shirt, optional navy jumper, blue skirt or navy trousers, plain black unripped tights or dark coloured socks and black shoes, no trainers. There are a ridiculous amount of side rules. No jewellery, a small amount of make up that should be faint, no nail varnish, no extreme hair styles and no hair dye. I have no idea why. It's stupid! If you agree and live in the UK, please sign

  15. School uniform is bad, pointless and a waste of money. Like if you agree and dislike if you disagree

  16. Kids without uniforms be like: I wish I had a uniform because I never know what to pick out to wear.
    like I’m not tryna wear some plunge neck top and some booty shorts. I’m just tryna wear some leggings and a sweatshirt bc uniforms are so uncomfortable. Like atleast make the uniform jeans and a T-shirt or something 😒

  17. The military, police, firefighters, all sports teams also wear uniforms and for good reasons. too. Ideally speaking, uniforms are meant to develop a sense of belonging and pride to the wearer, except in prisons where they are used as a means of control. Unfortunately many uniform designs fail to cultivate all the good things that they were originally meant for. But that's another matter… But comparing school uniforms to prisoners' suits is very misleading. They are intended for totally different purposes. If somebody does not like wearing school uniforms, they can always choose schools that do not require uniforms. Prisoners do not have that option.

  18. i don't think school uniforms are a good idea because it wont prevent bullying! a bully wont stop bullying just because of an outfit change! most likely they would bully others about more hurtful things like their weight and how pretty they are! also kids cant express themselves the same way! they are also SUPER expensive and kids won't touch them unless they have to! plus think of the weather! boys, do you want your legs to be burning in the hot seasons when you cant wear shorts? and girls, think of winter when that knee length skirt flaps in the wind, practically freezing your legs! i'm SO thankful that i don't have to wear them

  19. I realized today that it is utterly absurd to try to self-express with clothes.
    People are trying to fast food order relationships by self-expressing visually their personalities instead of conversing with people.
    But, the expressions are all either abstract, or shallow, and will not land you a good relationship.

    Why is it that people are always either trying to deceive as the basis of their relationships, or cut the chatter to keep things as shallow, and unclear as possible?
    Answer: People believe themselves to be unlovable.

    I think school, and work places should enforce uniforms, because clothing self-expression is a load of low self-esteem crap, and people need to CONVERSE to actually get to know eachother.

  20. I think at least in the UK the only people who hated uniform in school would be the loud ones who wore short sleeves, never wore their blazer and had their tie really short

  21. i wish i wasn't in academic prison right now cause then i would show my principal i mean warden about this video

  22. 5:13 Pfft simple?
    School uniforms suck, especially at my school
    Polo shirt
    (Optional: jumper, cardigan)

    Polo shirt
    (Optional: jumper)

    Plus there's no gender neutral clothing so that sucks :/

  23. Wrong, there’s uniforms at local stores but everyone shops at the same time so they’re always sold out

  24. I am doing a paper on school uniforms and I’m totally against them I hate school uniforms I know I’m not post to say the word hate but I really do I use have to wear them and they’re not comfortable

  25. my old school was terribly strict with the uniform sometimes id get detention for just wearing the wrong socks

  26. it👏🏼is👏🏼so👏🏼hard👏🏼to👏🏼find👏🏼school👏🏼uniforms👏🏼that👏🏼go👏🏼along👏🏼with👏🏼dress👏🏼code👏🏼

  27. I had to write a paragraph on why or why not school uniforms should exist and I was watching this to get more points for things I missed and I literally got everything he said lmao

  28. My childhood was ruined by fire and brimstone sermons at the age of 10. It gave me a negative association with wearing one. One dumb argument was that school uniforms stop people from becoming perverts, but I call bullshit on that one. Just have a look at Japan if you want to see how false that is.

  29. Bad, they are usually overpriced, cheap, bad looking, and uncomfortable. I had to wear a shirt and pants. No jacket, no sweatshirts, no windbreakers etc. the girls wore longer skirts under the knees. They also wore a dress up shirt. The skirt was plaid and a white shirt. Also still no jacket. The boys wore black pants and a white shirt. My mom would just buy me a much nicer white short though so I was comfy. I left that school when I was in third grade but it must have been awkward for the girls in 7th grade when they stared wearing bras because of how thin the shirt was. Thankfully my school never caught on to me wearing a non school shirt. During the summer it was a pair of tan shorts with a white shirt. The boys and girls wore the same thing. I’m higher grades like 6th and up you wore the same as the younger kids but got a jacket for once!! And I forgot what they wore during the summer tho.

  30. my uniform's shirt has this weird collar that feels like a leash on a dog
    it feels like it's choking your throat
    I wish they'd bring back the old uniform

  31. ok, so here's a list for back to school uniform shopping (from my school)-
    2 white shirts
    2 blue shirts
    1 house shirt
    2 pairs of blue socks (one thigh length and one knee length)
    1 pair of white socks
    1 pair of black ribbons (for the students above grade 4)
    1 pair of white sports shoes (has to look the same as the other students)
    1 pair of black shoes (needs to have a buckle and round edged)
    2 house brooches
    1 house belt
    1 blue skirt
    1 white skirt
    1 band uniform (I'm in the band)- white shirt, red skirt, bow tie and a hat
    1 scouts uniform (if you're in the scouts)-IDK
    1 singing uniform (I'm in the sining group)- white shirt, black pencil skirt, tights, and black ankle high shoes

    of course there are more uniforms for the different dance groups as well.
    And yes we have to buy these almost ever year.
    And yes the other uniforms are to be bought at their own respective stores.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, the cardigan, the coat, the muffler, gloves and stockings for the winter season.

    BTW 1 shirt costs more than 10 dollars
    no joke.

  32. My mum spent over $300 just on 6 school shirts and 2 pairs of school shorts

    It’s ridiculous

    School uniforms should be at least half the price

  33. I have no idea where some of these people are buying these "expensive" uniforms. I went through both junior high and high with some pretty cheap wardrobes, you only needed to have the right color (a pair of dickies or what not) and button down shirt or cheap polo. Spent 1 year in an inner city school as my parents were moving around at the time and saw with my own eyes how there were little clicks of students scrutinizing others based on either their attire or some other foolish observation. Pretty sure it's not like that for everyone yet i made the closest friends while i was in a uniform mandated school. I came from a poor family as my father was only a laborer yet no one at school knew anyone else's background, unless you were close friends. The student in question actually came from a very comfortable household with their own business. We became very close, along with a slew of other students from various backgrounds. The uniform was actually unimportant as daily interactions allowed students to better gauge their peers. I don't know, maybe i'm not making any sense or come from a different time yet i enjoyed those years.

  34. it's BAD Us Students with Uniforms Hate them! They don't tell us a lot of clothes and sometimes girls don't wear shorts under their skirts Boys Say Pants are hard to take off to do #1 you know what I mean AND Me They Really don't TEACH me how to Dress Myself Mix tops bottoms Shoes! I DRESS BAD

  35. Part 2 please!? Newark New Jersey Is too strict with uniforms and I feel as if you could start a whole petition to just let students wear anything that isn't innaprppiate in Newark, NJ. I already have a petition going so yeah, please make a part 2!, Please and thank you.

  36. Being from the UK, where 99% of school students where uniforms. I wouldn't change it for the world, not having to worry about what clothes to wear or looking cool, but instead looking smart in a blazer and nice shoes. As an adult male, what better feeling is there than dressing up in a nice suit? I'd much rather rock up to school looking slick af than in jeans and a hoodie

  37. I actually like uniforms, I don't have to think of what to wear in the morning, seriously I could be picking out my clothes in the morning and risk being late, but I have uniforms so that my morning routine is not only shorter but is also easier. If I wanted to dress casual, I can do it on the weekends thank you very much

  38. Your just wasting Money for something stupid your not finna wear every day it's just a big waste of money and also it don't help you with anything

  39. Arguments for uniforms debunked.

    They make you look smarter- Which is more important: my clothes or my education?
    They reduce bullying- No they don’t. If a kid is being bullied, it’s the schools responsibility to deal with it.
    They create a sense of equality- Again no. If a kid comes in wearing a dirty, ripped, small uniform, do they look equal?
    Kids don’t have to decide what to wear- What?! God forbid kids actually get to decide what they wear.
    They prepare you for when you need to wear a uniform for a job- Wearing a suit is not a skill. It’s not hard.
    They make it easier to identify intruders- What if an intruder comes in with a uniform?

  40. I dont wear uniform, I just wanted to see how bad this really was.

    I'm sorry for all you people who wear uniforms 😔😔

  41. I was 2 when I went to that ‘school’ it was the nursery part, and I had to wear a uniform and a tie….I could have choked on that! THAT IS SO DANGEROUS!

  42. You look so much like an older version of dean from Gilmore girls, you even sound like him lol in the first 10 seconds I was sure u were him but idk

  43. I have to wear uniforms in my school and the one thing I mostly hate about it is I can't were a hoodie over it 😓. Teacher: take that hoodie . Me: why . Teacher: it's nOt scHoOl uNiFoRm. I'm going to be wearing a uniform my whole entire life because when I go to high school because I'm being sending me to a high school in 2 years with a dress code 😫☹️😭😨😓😔

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