Ariel from The Little Mermaid Makeup Tutorial | Costume Makeup

Ariel from The Little Mermaid Makeup Tutorial | Costume Makeup

Hi everyone! I’m Sarah Ingel and today we
are going to learn how to do Arial makeup just like the real Arial does at
Disney World. This is one of my most requested
tutorial so I hope you enjoy it. Let’s get started! So we already have our foundation on. If
you don’t know how to do foundation for a princess, I have another video for that so
you can check it out. I’ll try and link it somewhere around here.
Assuming you have all of your foundation done, we are going to start with blush.
Ariel wears kind of like a coral-y color so it’s kind of orange kind of pink. I
have some theatrical makeup so you can do that with but I also have a really
handy palette that I’m going to and show you but, eh, I dropped it and it broke all over the
place so it’s really messy. This is the Smashbox Masterclass Palette 2. There’s a bunch of
stuff in it so I can tell you what each one is that I use. This one has a nice
one in it called warm apricot. That’s an option. Really any blush that has a coral-y
kind of mix of pink and orange. Think coral. She’s a little mermaid so find
something that’s coral color. Load up your brush with some coral colored blush and then
apply lightly like you do with any blush. Mostly on the apples of your cheeks because princesses
are nice and rosy and such. Blend it out. If you accidentally get a little heavy you
can blend it in nicely with a Beauty Blender. Especially if you’re putting a
wig on, you can go really heavy with it because something about putting a wig on
all of a sudden makes your whole face look less saturated so it works if you
go a little heavier than usual. There we go. We have some coral
colored blush on. The next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to get just a
matte light eyeshadow highlight. So inside this same messy palette that I
showed you from Smashbox there is a color called Bliss that works well I
think they make a matte Naked palette with the little “essentials basics.” I
don’t have it but I think it has a really good one in there would work. So
really just any really light light eyeshadow. So just take it under the brow
bone, and this is what you’re going to use to highlight your nice brow bone. You’ve got
your brow highlight on. So the inner corner is kind of like a yellowish gold
color. It’s a little bit shimmery so it’s kind of hard to find one that matches Ariel
exactly. I found some that are theatrical makeup but one that kind of
works not quite as shimmery is this Sephora just has this. It’s called banana split,
which sounds really yummy. It’s literally Sephora brand banana split.
And basically what I do is you’re going to take it and put it
in the inner corner. Blend it out and you can blend it most of the way across the lid. It’s
not ultimately going to be the thing on the outer corner, but I spread it out a lot
because when you leave it like super super bright yellow it can look kind of
scary. Like in my original Little Mermaid video with the lights I had, it looked almost
fluorescent. I did this makeup for both of my Little Mermaid videos I’ll link both
of them so you can see them and then just do the same for the other eye. Now I
have two yellow eyeballs and we’re ready to move to the next eyeshadow. There are a couple
options for this. If you find a really good like darker coral to use for your
cheeks then you can also use that on the outer corners. Where I a lot of times use
is this. It’s NARS and the color is Persia you can use this on the outer corner
of your eyes. I will show you that. Take your brush, load it up, and pat it
very lightly because again some of these get pretty pigmented and they’re like
bright colors you’re dealing with. Just kind of pat it on both of those to make
sure they’re blended together and I will probably take that other brush with
the yellow and smooth some of that yellow over top of it as, well. Make sure you
blend them together. Now take a clean fluffy brush and again blend in the crease
especially. You don’t want any hard lines or any like solid, “Ohh this half is
orange and this half is yellow.” And you can all just of blend together. For your crease, I’m gonna
find a nice whatever brush you usually use for your crease,
nothing fancy required. And just find a nice brown. Nothing super dark, buck in
The Naked palette works really well. If you’re using the Smashbox Masterclass
Palette I showed earlier there’s a color in there called
Sable. Any matte round have a war to fight so you load it up and you stick
it there and your creed push it back up full just give your eyes a little more
definition especially if you’re going to be and I’m in a lot of photos until we
help you do the other eye as well around and take another cream fluffy brush and
make sure you blend out those edges unbend go the eyeshadow it’s good to go
I’m pretty sure aerial at Disneyworld sometimes wearing eyelashes sometimes
doesn’t so here’s my trick with false eyelashes if you want to wear them I
don’t like the full long lashes I like a half lash let’s give it way more natural
from that way over this weird shadow that were more comfortable better all
around so I have this for a collection and these are called flutter and I use
this for almost everybody they just clean them off with soap and water when
I’m done with them I use them again so we’re going to put these on before we
put on the liner a lot of this helps to curl your eyelashes first so here to go eyelashes are cruel so now put on some
eyelashes I have a little trick for this eyelashes sometimes give people problems
I used to model and one of my very first photos to ever went on a makeup artist
taught me the coolest little trick it’s the simplest thing ever and other ways
to do this I just find it so handy you squirt a little bit of the glue on your
wrist then you take one of the lashes and you run it through the clue and you
get it all nice on there you’re not trying to squeeze it on then you just
place it there try and line it up nicely or you give that a minute to dry whoa
this one while I’m letting those guys dry I’m going to show you the eyebrows
so you can if you want cover your eyebrows first with foundation or
something especially if you have really dark eyebrows you can use a pencil this
time to places that with Auburn or red pencil but this NARS Kuro stuff you want
if you’re using that you might want to use this with it so it’s awesome
I’m just gonna take an angled brush here and put over my eye resin this stuff is
really super pigmented I’m not even using a pencil wear anything and it’s
like really it’s all so intense that sometimes I even take a little bit of
buck to Naked palette and blend it in there with it can I get a little bit
more of an auburn color now you’re both of your eyebrows done and by now your
eyelashes should be dry enough you can take your curler back and use
just squish them together make sure they both in there don’t press down all the
way it is kind of use it to lightly press them together keep there from
being a gap in between your real lashes and your false lashes just do it
together I’ve been to for the eyeliner you can use a liquid liner if you’re
really good with that I find this actually easier is a gel liner and good
for us there is a gel eyeliner in that Smashbox masterclass 2 palette
it’s called caviar it is a nice black liner and you lose black on the top just
take that and I try and keep it pretty in line I don’t like it super thick with
little tiny lines connecting guys what not just do it on the other eye for the
bottom just take any dark brown eyeliner pencil you have and lightly make a very
natural no hard line just soft brown underneath before I put mascara on I am going to
put in my blue contacts I don’t want to mess much here all these are the fresh
lip color blends in brilliant blue for the mascara you can use any black
mascara seal these big lashes and the real ones together as well on the bottom
some of my favorites is benefit they’re real let’s go
I know start on the top wiggle just a little bit and I fit a little more of
whatever lip liner you want a little bit on the edges there you are if you’re
watching put a little gloss on top too or some sugar rose tinted lip treatment
so good a little bit of shine there you go and now the last thing you’re going
to want to do is seal it all in so I have this Ben Nye final seal spray one
option they also I will show you here’s my rule anything in place not just your
head well also will do makeup in place so hold your raft close your eyes you
can really go crazy with it alright so there we are that is Ariel’s makeup let
me know what character you want to see next in the comments below I’m gonna
feel any thoughts any questions if you like that and don’t forget to subscribe
my channel I’ll see you next time thanks for watching
wouldn’t you think my collections complete let me let me try it out with
red hair I want to see it red hair I want to see lots and lots of redheaded
mermaid huh

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    With or without makeup.
    Seriously, wow.
    Those eyes are incredible.

    B: As a guy who just randomly somehow stumbled into this from another part of YouTube, I had no idea where this was going.

    C: As an artist who knows nothing about this…..medium, it was fascinating to see where this was going, and how it all worked out in the end.

    D: Worked out great once you bust out the red wig.
    I fully admit the orange and yellow had me pretty skeptical.
    Well played, mademoiselle.
    I am impressed.

  2. Loved it up until you used hairspray on your face!! Please stop!! Whilst it may help keep your makeup in place it's really not the best option for doing so. Hairspray contains a lot of alcohol and other ingredients that are simply not healthy for the skin and can cause it to become dehydrated and dry. But if you've never had any problems with your skin then go for it, but just be careful!! Xx

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    Absolutely the best brush so far and Its mix my make up perfectly, I bought for my sister one too, and the quality is exceptional! Anyway the cost is actually cost effective and the shipping is free.

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    What contacts do you use? I love the color but am having a hard time finding them online 🙂 Thanks!

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