Artist Vs. Designer: DIY Prom Dress

Artist Vs. Designer: DIY Prom Dress

– From the Isles of Michaels
to your own home, fashion. I actually used to work in fashion before I started here at Buzzfeed. I went to FIDM, graduated as a designer, and then I went on to
work for Jeremy Scott, who is the creative
director at Moschino now. And then I had my own line and I would show in L.A. Fashion Week, and I would make all my
own stuff from scratch. – I am a long-time crafter and a long-time watcher of Project Runway, and I have no other
experience making clothes whatsoever, so I think I’ll do great. – Yes. Not bad, okay. – Okay, that’s a good spread. – Can I use that sofa? – Floor length.
– Floor length, okay. – [Curly] Oh, wow. – That’s a lot. – Somewhat formal? See, that’s where I’m like, aw man. – Okay. – Two and a half hours, okay. – Yay! – What! – How much? (upbeat music) – I like, I don’t know. – I’m gonna think of a color scheme. (gasps) – [Maggie Voiceover] So, for my dress, I wanna do something
that’s David Bowie inspired with a little Lady Gaga in it. – [Curly Voiceover]
When I saw the flowers, I immediately knew that
that’s where I wanted to go. Can I make something kind of halfway cool with the materials that we were given? – I feel like the person
that would wear my dress is someone who, of course,
doesn’t give a (bleep). Someone who marches to their own drumbeat is what I used to say. – The kind of person who would wear my dress is just a total badass. – You know how many proms I went to when I was in high school? I went to a total of six proms. So I just bought one suit and literally just wore the same suit to everything. – There was one prom I
went to, and it sucked. It was terrible. There was no dancing. As a lonely, insecure, horny teenager, I just wanted to dance with boys. (relaxing music) – Am I making something nice, or am I just gonna glue
everything on the table? Not that that’s what you’re doing, but I’m just saying like. (both laughing) ‘Cause we can do that. I can start gluing, you know what I mean? – Setting myself for a
lot of glue gun burns. – Should I be nervous? (both laughing) – Now I just wanna put everything on, but I know that’s a bad idea. (upbeat dance music) – If I had more time to really refine it, I bet you I could make
this look really dope, ’cause I’m not mad at this already. We got this, we got this. – [Maggie] Yeah, we can do it! We can make it work. ♪ Make it work ♪ If you all have Heidi Klum
waiting here, I’m gonna freak. I’m just gonna be like, take
me home with you, Heidi. ♪ 15 minutes left, 15 minutes left ♪ (lively orchestral music) (relaxing music) This was really fun. I had no idea where I was going with this. It is what it is. We made a dress out of things we found, so if anybody knows fashion at all, they’ll know that this is beautiful. – This was a lot of fun. I kind of lost track of time. – And now, some of our
co-workers are gonna come in and decide which of
us made the best dress. I feel like I’m gonna
get some coffee today. I can taste some coffee in the air. – Oh, right, ’cause of the Starbucks card. – The Starbucks card. (laughs) – This is insane. – These are incredible. – This one looks like really
(bleep) awesome 80’s vibe. – This one definitely is way more edgy and crafty and spacey. – This one has a lot of imagination to it. – Love you, love Curly, but if I was going to prom, I don’t know. – Madonna-esque, alien. – It’s giving me Lady Gaga vibes. – Ooh, yes! – What would Curly
wanna be in for a Grams? That dress. – There’s a bow! – So this one is definitely
more I love nature and I’m just effortlessly
cool at this prom. – This one is a little
bit more elegant to me. – I wanna try that one. – Yeah, you can have that
one and I’ll take this one. – This one’s just more my vibe. – I don’t like nature, so
I’m gonna go with this one. (laughs) – I gotta go with this one. – I think I would wear this one. – You know my ass would show
up in something like this. (upbeat drum music) (Curly cheers) – Oh my god! All the years of crafting really paid off. – Really paid off. Good job, Maggie. – Yes! – You owe me coffee girl. – I do. Let’s go coffee. – Let’s go get coffee.
– Yeah, right now. – Bye, guys. – Bye! (laughs) (relaxing music)

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  1. Damn usually I love the dark and or boho but Maggie dress is the one for me. It is slaying as a dress made for an space queen

  2. Why do they always vs the artist with a thing that their opponent is good at?!..just pls do a artist vs cake decorator drawing

  3. 😑 ok so artist=crafter and watcher of project runway ……your not taking artists seriously say "not designer vs designer"

  4. I used to have the same dress Maggie is wearing, so I knew she’d do great. I miss that dress. This was a fun challenge.

  5. They're both very talented and the dresses were creative but I wouldn't wear either lol. Maybe if they had longer i.e. a full day or a week, they could've made more prom worthy dresses.

  6. Can we have a video that talks about Curly’s backstory? If he is comfortable talking about leaving the fashion industry we would all love to know. 😍❤️

  7. The designer should win! He made a true work of art with that floral dress! While on the other hand these stupid judges chose some tasteless, trashy and something that a person undergoing drug abuse would wear! Yuck! NO CREDIBILITY!

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